Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Zee Avi" "Sophie Madeleine" "Ingrid Michaelson"

So lately I have had a hunch for just girls playing beautiful love jams with beautiful voices. Damnit you mark my words one day even I kenton will find a lover!!! anyway, on that note, here are some jams that shall show you what i mean.

So for the first artist "Zee Avi" i have to give the credit to my friend justin chirstopher nickle for the splended fine. He would listen to her all the time in hawaii and I always loved it, so yeah. This video was debatabley the best 11 minutes of my life. All 4 songs are SICKKKK. the last one me and justin heard for the first time today whilest sitting in my room listening to music (like i said.... we dont really get a lot of girls...). So here it is, "Zee Avi" I think justin said she was from micronesia? i dont know. I guess she recorded on brushfire reccords which alone makes her sick... and one day my future wife. I wont post the songs names it mentions them in little thought bubbles on the corner. The third song i love and would always get justin to play. Wow this video is truely so amazing... wow.

Ok so this next one is a girl i stumbled apon named "Sophie Madeleine". She did a '30 days 30 covers' thing where she covered one song a day for thirty days... super solid on all of them (i have listened to almost all of them... :) she is so cute and sings so well!!!) anyway give here a few tries on any of the cover songs she did... im sure you will know a few. The few that caught me were "Moon river"- how cool is a chic who covered sinatra?? and "A kiss to build a dream on". A kiss to build a dream on... i sang this the entire day at work today... no joke.
"A kiss to build a dream on"
"Moon River"

Ok so this next girl is not a rare gem, she is famous i think ( i dont listen to the radio much so im super out of the loop) but the reason i post this one was because i met a girl at BYU who had her ukulele on her and played this for me and sung it so well and it was awesome... so i snagged her number, and of course, she hits me with the "im with my boyfriend" text... classic. well on the bright side im sure hes probaly a happy dude :) haha. The artist is "Ingrid Michaelson"
"You and I"

This last one is random and doesent fit but on the tagent of justin here is another gem he showed me. "Noah and the whale" with "Five years time"

Gotta love me some good happy love jams :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


"Machito"... yeah this guy is awesome. He is kind of an old school cuban, but he has put out some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet jazz... like probably some of my favorite ever. So I have been listening to the album "Kenya" he did (which is sickk... a must have...) and one of the tracks i think is so cool is "Congo Mulence". First few times wasnt like that big of a fan... but about after three hot dang!! this track is cool. Here it is.

The next one is called "Guaglione". Mark lanham said this was on the movie "get smart"? which i dont think it was... but yeah. Sweeeet track... like SOOO GOOD. well... enough said. What i like so much about these tracks... is how it will like go dead for a second or two, then it will come back in with the sweetest transitions... like on the congo one, the first time it drops back in is so sick. So here is "Guaglione" dont watch the video it just detracts from the song, just open it in a different tab. ENJOY!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Jurassic 5" "Atmosphere" (repeat)

Im sure at some point i have done a Jurassic 5 post, they are one of my favorite hip hop groups ever probably top 3. But anyway i got home tongith and have been listening to a couple of jams. ITs kind of weird my hole life i have never been a fan of "angry" hip hop (even though it snot really "angry") but as you seen with the new G list i kind of like those happier sounds. But anyway lately this not so happy vibe is starting to make a lot more sense to me. To be honest i have to be in the right mood, 9/10 times i like a good happy jam but sometimes... nah. Sometimes it just doesnt fit for how i feel. Anyway try listenign to some of these jams when your in the right mood which i guess isnt the happiest.

So one song is "little man" by "atmosphere". If you scroll down you will see i have already posted it but i figured i would again since i listened to it probably like three times tongight haha. well there it is. If your a follower sorry for the reapeat.

The next one is a j5 song, called "Thin Line". Really good song. First few times thru tho didnt really like it. But dang if there is one song that has lyrics that jump out at me it would be this jam. So yeah give it a shot the lyrics are pretty sweet.

Yeah anyway ill just leave it at those two songs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Les Baxter"

So i have been going thru another Les Baxter album today. This one is called "Around the world with Les Baxter". prettty solid album (thus far atleast). Ill post one from that album as well as another album by him called "African Jazz". So yeah solid, kind of older but like i mentioned in my last post about him when he was on the "Thievery Corporation" mix tape "DJ kicks" he is strangely applicable to alot of music you hear these days. He has a unique almost disonate sound.
"Venezuela" from "Around the world with Les Baxter"
This album is pretty cool i think what he did was travel around or at least try to "capture" each country in a song. You will see what i mean if you snag the album.
"Rain" on "African Jazz"
Ok im finding a hard time finding this song. Dang youtube!!!! but anyway i foundt he first like minute and a half of it on some weird video. Groove shark it for the rest it gets goooood.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Mr. Scruff" "FC Kahuna"

So today i will just do a quick post. I have been getting more and more into "trip hop"/ acid jazz / elctric style music. Its pretty sweet and there is a ton of it out there. Anyway, here is a track from a mix tape i picked up done by "Fila Brazil" called "Another Late Night". the song is done by "Mr. Scruff" and its pretty cool. Keep in mind the first few times thru i didnt really care for this track and i thougth it was boringa and repetitave. Make sure you give this kind of music a fair chance at first i thought it was so gay and repetitave. I think thats the biggest battle with this style is figuring its very changing. The song is "Get a move on"
Here is the original version
Here is the mixed version i have
and crap i cant find it. anyway both sweet versions the original not as cool but yeah groove shark it!! groove shark the album "another late night" by "Flia Brazil"

Im sure i have already posted these songs at some point but i just have to again especially since we have a new follower!! wooooooooo. Its "FC Kahuna" the songs are "Machine says yes" and "Hayling". I wrote a hole post about teh song hayling. Yeah that song introduced me to a hole bunch of good tunes! They are both from the album "Machine says yes". (also the name of one of the songs... someone told me this song was on the twilight vampire movie? please confirm if so... cuz that would ruin it).

"Machine Says Yes"

These songs may sound familiar to some I put them on my "Under Water" Cd. Again if you want one just comment.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Giant Panda" "Junk Science" "People Under the Stairs"

Alright So i got a sweet new album about 4 days ago. The aritst/group is "Giant Panda". They are pretty sweet. The album is "Fly School Reunion". Super sweet album I would get it. Its cool, kind of that new old school west coast sound with the oldschool drum kicks. there are 3 of them, two are white and one is Japanese hahaha i think its funny. He usualyl goes in jap but on one of the tracks i will put up called "racist" he goes in English and i htink its pretty funny. Not super deep hip hop but im enjoying these guys.
Wowwwwwwwwwwww so gay i cant find the racist song.
Anyway here is another two jams one is called "TKO" that one made it to the New G List and the other is with it. With it i think is one of there bigger tracks... if any are even big.
"With It"
My fav, TKO

OH SHOOTS!!! i forgot you can hit up any song on groove shark haha i just discovered that website a few weeks ago ha im sure they have it.

The other album that you need to get i also got like 4 days ago is "Feeding Einstein" By "Junk Science". Super sweet hip hop very simmilar to Giant Pandas style hence they are in the same post. So yeah here is on of there tracks. This one also made it to the "New G List"

Enjoy keep in mind these are just a few of the songs from the albums.. get the hole thing.

Ok another gropu i actually picked up from the wake up show.. The one that is on "Back spin" on satalite radio if any of you know it... done by sway and tech. Sickest hip hop show ever and they are basically the kings of hip hop. Any artist that is any good has been interviewed on that show as well as tons of underground stuff. Anyway that is where i heard of these guys. Really good stuff 'groove shark them' hahaha.
This one is called acid rain drops

This one is also really good. I think these two are there more known songs (again if you could consider them "well known" but yeah its "San Fransico Knights"

Oh ha and neither of these are on the New G List ha they dont really fit but yeah.

New G List

Well got sent home from the mission!! so im back!!! I have found some new jams lately. For a while this summer i was getting really bored with the music I had been listening to and its frustrating cuz im getting to where I can listen to an album once thru and if i hear it again in the next few months im already sick of it. But im starting to kick back up in my musical listening to passion ha. Anyway, here are some jams.

Im going to give you a new cd im putting together named "New G List" and I making an effort to use only new more chill just strait sick hip hop. If you want a copy hit me up with a comment. So yeah here are a few from that.

This one took me a bit of searching to find it with the (what i think...) the original beet. I like this one way better than the one that is the one you may have heard. The song is "Back in the day" Its by "Ahmad". Super solid jam didnt really appreciate it til about the 6th time thru. stick with this one its so sick. Love the flow as well as the beat and the lyrics are cool love reminissent jams.

This one is one i have known for a while but i like the jam and it fits on the CD. You may have heard this one, its "Hey young world" by "Slick rick" (got to love slick rick... one of the first hip hop artists i ever liked). From his album "the great adventrues of slick rick". Sweet.

This one is by "public enemy" another classic name from original hip hop. The song is "he got game". I put the music video for this one because its edited... it drops the eff bomb a couple times in the real version.

This one by RZA ( or released by them) its called Grits.

Wow another song i have on here i cant find anywhere...

Well anyway there is a few i have like 13 songs on the list its coming along nicely. Those are like the first 5.

Enjoy and plz comment

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Nikkfurie" "Piero Umiliani" "Ornella Vanoni"

K so these were the songs that led to my last random post. I was just messin around lookin for french funk and brazilian and japanese 'jazz funk' music. French was the only good stuff.

Anyway, this song im going to post by "Nikkfurie" is SO SICK. like so sick. If anyone can tell me what movie this is from... without watching the you tube video.. that would be sick.
the song is "The A La Menthe"

Another great one from the film "Crepuscolo sul mare".. this was the one i was looking for. Great track. I just downloaded (bought :) im a good boy) all three soundtracks from the Oceans films. They are some of my favorite. by "Piero umiliani"

This song is really cool dont wathc the video tho its just some kid who is obsessed with himself. kind of fits this though

This song is amazing. the song is "L'appuntamento". I hope you enjoy this one as much as i do. Also from Oceans 12. All of these have been except for the french funk jazz one. (the one right above this)
I apoogise.. this was the only version i could find. there are random background noises and its not the full version but great song none the less i would suggeset buying it. its is by "Ornella Vanoni"


Here are just some random posts. not much of any reason or ryhme today. wont talk to much either.

... these guys JAM. Grandpa Elliot is his name

"Fooka Mainty Band" this ssong is pretty cool

"Black Monday" doing "Ride your bike"

"Jerry Malekani"

This one might be a bit weird at first. give it a 2nd listen ha its sweet. "Jean Jacques"

I stumbled on this... It just had to be posted... haha. I dont know what the F it is its like some like old school video game theme or something haaha... classic. I love the picture

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Pink Floyd" "Led Zeplin"

So as you all know "Pink Floyd" is a total classic artist. So forgive me if i do not do them justice. I never really listened to them that much, but i have been starting to lately. They reminded me a lot of "Led Zeppelin" so i figured i would do a post of these guys.
forgive me if I am simply repeating music to you that you already know- but yeah it is always good to revive artists anyway so enjoy.

So the album i have been listening to from floyd is "Dark Side of the Moon"- you guys have all probably heard this one and know it. but anyway, some good tracks from my breif listening are...

This one is "Time". This one is sick kind of has a long introduction but stick around it is good.

This next one is one that really stuck out to me and i really like. you may find it kind of repetitave or a "little much", but i thik it is really good. I really like the emotion and power they put into this track. This one is called "The great gig in the sky". The intro and when the vocals come in is amazing.

There are some other classics on that album but i would suggest getting it for sure. Its the last song "the great gig in the sky" that led me to posting led zepplin next to pink floyd. Led zepplin of course is one of the most classic artists of all time. You cant say you know a think about music until you know zepplen at least a little bit.
The reason im going to post the songs by zepplin i will is again to keep the feel of the song you just heard. This one is one of there bigger ones called "Battle for Evermore". Its a good one i remember listening to this one wile driving to and form Logan to my sisters house.

okkk so this one you ALL know but on the tangent we are on it must be posted. "Stairway to heaven"

Anyway there are about a billion more tracks by zeppelin that deserve posting but there oyu go.

Friday, May 13, 2011


So today wile doing my musical ritual- that is i slide the scroller down on my itunes and randomly stop, i stopped in the D's today, and landed on dashboard confessional. These guys were like the ultimate "indy" rock if you will ever for a long time. When i was in like jr high these guys were big. I have a cd with them that had 16 tracks and it was there old stuff, and it was and is an alltime classic album to me. I think it was just a mix my brother made, but it was their older stuff, which in my opinion is WAY better.
Anyway, you all probably know this one, but i have to post it purely because of how much i lvoed this one. It- like all love music- of corse brings back tons of memories and feelings. Ha so yeah. I have to post both the acoustic version and the full version- i honestly cant decide which i like better.
firts, the acoustic, this song is called "Hands Down". Classic in my books.
the full version

well turns out my car has a flat tire. so i got to go ha. enjoy these two.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"B.B. KIng" "The Posse" "Big Daddy Kane" "Biz Markie"

K so i feel bad youtubing music and not posting it on the blog. So in my random tubing i will keep the links coming.

I really like the recorder version of this song its a bit different but here is a cool live version.
its "no one loves me but my mother" by B.B. King

"Paying the cost to be the boss" i would actually suggest wathing the video (usually i dont) on these

I remember listening to this one in high school "The Posse" song "shoot em up"

This one is an artist i hope you know named "Big Daddy Kane". He was is a total classic. I picked up my first track by him (which i will post next) on my satalite radio when i was probably 15.

This was the first song I heard by him, and it was when i was really starting to get into hip hop. Strange that this song I thought was so sick- this kind of hip hop was really what got me into all of the toher kinds, its just funny the old school sound caught my ear first. I used to listen to this song over and over again (i recorded it on my radio)

I have to give a shout out to "Biz Markie", who i aslo first heard on my satalite radio. This song i will post called "Vapors" was when i finally found the sound I liked and it hit me that there was good flowing hip hop out there that appealed to me.. and the rest is history haha.

Dang there is another sweeet track i want to post but in light of the mission it swears to much... :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


are you freakin serious.
i just spent an hour on one post making it super long and some how the tab got deleted. FML

"Zero 7" "Musiq Soulchild" "De la soul" "Atmosphere"

I think i have posted about Zero 7 a few times but never with links. They are pretty sweet and on the modern end of music, i really like them. I would suggest snagging an album or two by them... i think the OP has a few of there albums actually, but when i checked about 2 years ago, they couldnt find them. but they probably have them now ha.

this song is called "Look up". its a solid jam i love it when they go long. this one is from the album "when it falls"

this one is called "Red Dust". both of these tracks have made it onto my acid jazz trip hop list. This one from the ablum "Simple things"

Also on the album "Simple Things" there is antother classic track that i will post- im pretty sure if you happend to snag my "Underwater" cd you will know this one, and i think i may have posted about it before, but for any newcomers (which there seems to be none of) this one is called "In the waiting line"

So kind of a random swithc. but here are a bunch of random rap and hip hop tracks. hahaha do enjoy.

This one is by "Musiq Soulchild" he has done some other stuff and was on the "Susan" cd i made for.. susan. anyway here is a song (this was not the one on the cd) but i like this song. Again i dont ever listen to the radio or follow pop music (at least not on purpose) so please let me know if you have heard this before. Thsi one is called 'Caught up"

That song leads me to another track, this one is by "De la soul". I think this is one of De la's later tracks. SOme info on them, truth is, i dont know them super well, i have a few of there albums, but almost every classic hip hop artist and all of the greats ALWAYS mention de la as an influence. so this one is from the "Stakes is high" album. I really like this track it is called "Sunshine"

this one is also by de la and it is called "Stakes is High". keep in mind this is NOT the original version, but i like this one the best.

The things i do for you guys. this song took me a while to find the right version. This one is called "All good". solid song. Also from "De La soul"

I dont know why im on a random hip hop tangent i found an old playlist so im just pulling random ones off. I dont know why i like this song so much, this is a track by "Atmosphere" called "Little man". I listen to this song on the bus a lot, its pretty sick. i dont know why i like this song so much. I think quite simply its the high quality of this song- the raps really flow and thy lyrics actually mean a lot. He flows with a unique style and quite simply is just pretty good. idk i guess you wouldnt expect such a solid track that no one really knows.

real fast some other tracks from him

"Get fly"
this one was on the cd I made called "Drew Cat" i like the little ending song to

this one is called "pour me another". this is maybe more of one of there well known songs. this one was on the "susan" cd.

by the way atmosphere is white haha

Monday, May 9, 2011

"John Denver" "Joe Bonamassa"

Dont ask me how i ended up in the J's but i started with C's today... ha actually now i know i started with jimmy cliff but it was listed as Cliff, Jimmy in my itunes then i changed it withc brought me to the J's. I have already done a post for "Jimmy Cliff" so yeah get his anthologies they are really good i have been listening to him more. anyway...

K this song is called "Dreamland Express" by John Denver. I got this song off of the album i barrowed from the orem public library.. or the OP. Anyway i think the tune to this song is used in Dumb and Dumber. John devner was a classic artist... haha my mom laughs when i listen to him he is old. by the way this video is super funky i dont know what random youtuber made this so heads up ha

If I am going to talk about John Denver of course I have to post "Leaving on a Jet Plane" you all know this one its a total classic

Im not sure if i have ever metnioned "Joe Bonamassa", but he is certainly worht posting. I think there are like 3 of his ablums at the OP. Go get them for sure. Speaking of the OP if you dont have a library card and you live in orem you are an idiot- there is so much music there. anyway...
yeah so his fav album of mine is "a new day yesterday" he is kind of an artist simmilar to John Mayer, obviously different in so many ways, but like in a sense the Genre is sort of simmilar, like blues with tons of rock influence. he is an outstanidng artist. I turned my brother in law to this artist about 2 years ago and he absolutely loves him- and my brother is super picky about his music. anyway, this son is called "Walk in my shadows" he seems like an artist that would be just bomb to see live

I think i like the album version of this song better but i wanted to snag a live one for yalllll. so yeah. this one is "if heartaches were nickles"

do enjoy please comment and share your musical findings and interests with me PLEASE
i get so excited when people comment
please please please tell me what you dont like and what you want to hear more of.. right now im just kind of covering more known artists but please give me a lead as to what to go off of
as for kaylee, you asked for a honduras playlists.. haha.. i actually have been listening to tons of southern jazz and latin jazz and brazilian jazz and lots of salsa i just kind find the songs online cuz they are in different languages

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Starting line"

oh i forgot to do this artist. They were also in the "S's". so yeah. I dont know them well be there classic main song is "Best of me" so yeah to be quick that is all i will post i like the acoustic versoin this reminds me of a chic i used to dig in jr. high who moved for a while.


SO today i was cruising through the "S's" on my itunes.

Stix- im not sure i ihave done a post on these guys but they are an all time classic as you probably know. I will try not to yap to much and post some solid classic tracks.

This one is called "Babe" the intro to this song is seriously so beautiful i really like it like when it is just the vocals so sweet

This one is called "Renegade" I remember this one from when i was in like elementary school. This was one of there bigger ones but its a classic

This next one everyone knows its called "sail away". total classic reminds me of my younger years

This one is "Grand illusion" i dont know why but i remember listening to this one in the mall parking lot in Orem.

this one is "loreli" man its songs like these that really show off styx abilities they are awesome. Also check out "lady" im to lazy to find the URL.

Please comment!
also these are all from the album "Stix best of" which is a MUST have all classics so many i wanted to post but i did not. Absolutely classic artist, went to see them live, but most of them are dead and i showed up to late. curse my bro and sis.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bob Marley" "Peter Tosh"

K so I have been listening to Marley for like 2 weeks strait and cant get enough. Just when you think you love an artist you can somehow always find an even deeper appreciation.
So what I have been taking a specific liking to is some of versions of his songs where the are mixed to where its like instramental as well as vocals.
There is an album where the took just the instramentals from his regualr album songs he did in the studio- i think the studio version because if you turn it up really loud you can hear him singing really faint in the back ground. The album is "Soul Revolution" I think there are two parts. it has so many of his classic tracks (at least what i think were his classics) but just instramental. Suprisingly an AWESOME album and a must have.

I will post the version of "One Love" from the Songs Of Freedom compilation. BTW if you do not have the songs of freedom disc set this blog is not even worht your time. That is hands down in my opinion the number 1 collection of CD's every breathing soul should own. It is suprising to me when the chorus hits and they kill the vocals you can almost feel it more. REally good stuff. Maybe even my fav version of this song. YOu may have to watch an add before the music starts. It in German by the way hahah.

dang. I couldnt find the other song i was looking for. I was looking for Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown" song remixed by "DJ Spooky". DJ Spooky's album is at the Orem Library I would go get it. The song is pretty cool. Its the one with the brown green cover. Anyway I will just post the original version.

K so here is some "Peter Tosh". If you didnt know he was one of the Wailers and did a lot of the stuff for them and probably wrote a good amount of the songs. This song has always got me i like this one a lot. Its called "Go tell it on the Mountain"

I really like Peter Tosh's acoustic songs he has such a pure sound its nice to find it just in its rawest form on the acoustic. Im not sure what this one is called or made from. but here.

Here are some more acoustic tracks. Simply beautiful.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Bob Marley"

Just some classics im feelin after a gnarly water fight and a 2 liter pepsi.

"rastaman live up" kind of bummed I cant find the album version.

"one drop" gotta love it. Mmmmm good times love Hawaii :)

"babylon system" this song is a classic

mmmmmm good night :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Just some songs from the Pharcyde album "Bizzar ride II" Super stoked on this album it is really good.

First song is Officer. Awesome song. Favorite verse of the song starts with "away, to our destination..." you will hear it its sick.

Second is "Otha fish" sick song. Sorry im trying not to talk ot much anymore and just post the music

This song is sick. There are some other really good ones from this album that really are amazing- if you dont have this album (bizzar ride II) get it. but because I got my mission call im trying not to post music that swears.
"On The DL" has some of the sickest flows I have heard in a wile but they are just terrible what they are about but SO SICK.
The album was released 1992 (the same year as Das EFX's "dead serious" album) and its crazy how even for 90's rap how far ahead of there time they were. Solid album easy top 10 albums of the 90's for hip hop.

Hey and does anyone know why it posts just one giant paragraph instead of how I format it?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Im back! "Bee Gees"

I apologize for being gone for forever but ya im back. Finals and brake are finally over so I hope I can keep posting. There is no signifigance for todays post its just kind of random. Im going to pull some songs off of te LoVe CD i made that Nick Toland has. The first song is "I gotta get a message to you" a lot of you might recognize this one especially if you are old. This was one of the first songs that I liked of the Bee Gees. I heard it on the radio when I was in elementary school I think with my mom. I really like the lyrics is a cool song. This is another by the Bee Gees that I like. I really like the way the vocals are done on this song. Its called "To love somebody" This one I just have to post on the note of the Bee Gees. This is one of their more famous songs it was the first on the CD. all three of these were on the CD. "How deep is your love"- you know this one :) MMMM baby this next one is a classic. You all know this one reminds me of 94.1 (in utah). Its Leo Sayer with "you make me feel like dancin" this was track 2 on the cd. classic. K for this next one i snagged a clip from what a seems to be a movie. YOu ALL know this one its "Just my imagination" by the temptations. I used this clip because even tho its not the full song i love watching how they all do it. Wile in the mood Ben E. King with "Stand by me". Sorry to keep sending you guys songs you probably already know but they are just solid and its hard not to post them. Enjoy please comment so I know you are still there!

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" "Di Mealo, De Lucia..." "Seis Cuerdas"

So I will do a quick post so I can keep my mind on all of my finals. Been swimmen through some sweet music lately so I will post a few. These ones you probably know, they are from the film "Oh brother where art thou" which is an epic film that you need to see if for some reason you have not. The first song is the typical classic from the film you all know, "In constant sorrow". This next one took a little while to grow on me- at first it was just a simple nice melody but it has been growing on me like mad and im really starting to see more of the value in this song. Its "Fly Away" also from the film. I was playin around with it on my uke today. The vocals are what really make this song Also a good one you know this one to I wasnt going to post it but this song is probably the best know from the film and is epic. My cousin sang this once at a campfire and it was epic. "Down to the river to pray" you just cant leave this one out. This next one is by a few artist you will see them in the title im not going to write them down its hard to spell. This song is like a 15 minute just south of the border Jazz jam and dang its sick. Its called "Mediterainian sundacne" this is the best version I could find I wish I could find the hole 11 min of it its a super sweet song T-Money aka Trevor came into my room while I was listening ot this song and said if you like this than listen to this. He showed me a song by "Seis Cuerdas" that is freakin sweet. He said his aunt found it? anyway here is the link Do enjoy if you like this I have lots more please comment

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The "Fugees" are pretty sweet. There are a few songs that were in the top 500 rap songs of all times as well as top 90's rap songs. Here are a few that are really cool. I havent heard these songs in a wile. I wont lie, I usually dont like it when girls rap but theese ones are throwin down and its sick.
This first one is "Oh La La La". If you are familiar with 90's rap you will know these. Please let me know if this is not the kind of hip hop you like. For the most part I know all of my listeners and im not sure who it is who apreciates good hip hop so please let me know and be honest. And also share the love hit me up with some artists. I listen to different hip hop than most people what I listen to is "Underground" although I hardly would classify it as that but that is what I have heard people call it. This stuff however is certainly not underground (although the style is kind of the same-the fugees were more famous- to my understanding). So please if you like a different style of rap or hip hop let me know and give me some names and I will mathc you with some other names or something.
Anyway here is the song "oh lalala"

Im not sure who the artists are but Im pretty sure Wyclef Jean is one of them cuz he calls it out. He (if its him) obviously had to brake away at some point to persue a single career I would imagine. He has some of his own albums. This next one is "Here I come". You will probably know this one. K so my internet is going super slow so on this video I snagged its probably the same version but it looks like the music video and I havent seen it so who knows what your in for. I always find it best to not watch the video cuz it changes the music and gives it a different feel.

K same goes for this next one. This one is called "Killing me softly" and this is wyclef for sure. I really like the way they did this song- its super unique. Its weird how they start off singing then drop into a simple beat and then kind of do the same singing thing with just a drum beat then the bass comes in really cool how this one is set up. Again you will probably recognize this one.
Also I have not seen the video on this one so heads up.

Also thankyou for the letters! Ill be sure to post about them next time some time soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give me a letter!

Please post a comment of one letter from the alphabet. For example, the lettter K. Please do this to help me with me next post!!
PLEASE COMMENT A LETTER! It can be any letter.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Im sure you all know Coldplay they are pretty big and got even bigger when they released the "Viva La Vida" album. Anyway Im just going to post a few of my favs they are all really good though so yeah. My favorite album by Coldplay is "A Rush of Blood to the Head". This is in my opinion hands down there most honest and legit work they have ever done. If you dont have that album its really a must for any music collection. Also another album I dig is "A Piano Tribute to Coldplay" which is just a piano instramental to quite a few of there songs. Also really cool. Anyway I will try to post a song for each album.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
Because this is my favorite album I get to post 3 for it.
the song is the album title "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
This next one I know is a bit trendy but I absolutely love this song. You know it- its the "Scientist" Love it when the bass line comes in.
This one is called "Warning Sign" I really like the ending to this one.

From Viva La Vida
Sadly with all of the hype Viva La Vida was probably my least favortie coldplay album. But one song (well its kinda two songs) is "Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love" I really like this song and the one that follows it. Im not sure why they have the tracks like that on the album but it is what it is. I remember I was in new york when this came out and there was a huge sign in time square.

From "X & Y"
There are two I will post from this one. One is in honor of my brother Jake who used to listen to this song all the time. The song is "Swallowed in the Sea".
Also this song which is my personal favorite from the album its called "Kingdom Come". You have probably heard this one before.

From Parachutes
I will aslo do two for this one cuz I have a funny story about one of them. So my friend Mike Rife who is leaving on a mission this wendsday told me when he was reading the last harry potter- or at least I think- it was either the last one or the one that dumbledor dies- and said he would listen to this song and it was all sad and intense. So I had to post it. Its called "Spies". Just imagine pore dumbledore when you listen to this one.
Anyway this one is my favorite on the ablum its called "Everythings not lost". Coolio song.

From "A Piano Tribute to Coldplay"
This one is called "In my Place" originally from a Rush of Blood to the Head." You have to listen to the regualr song to its great.

Please comment! Let me know what your fav one is (it does not have to be one I posted)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Brett Dennen"

Im not sure how famous he is last I remember he as picking up fame pretty quick. The fist time I heard Brett Dennen he was opeing for Colbie Callet who was opening for John Mayer. I was with 2 of my brothers and neither of them liked him but I really did. They later ate there words when the music began to grow on them. I knew a few friends in high school who knew him and I think he is pretty popular now. Anyway here are a few of his songs. This one is "Shes Mine" - one of his more popular ones but I really like this one.

K keep in mind he is kind of a weird looking chubby redhead with really long hair ha so heads up. Ha this one I actually posted the music video. This is probably he most famous song called "Aint no reason"

This next one he played at his concert and it was pretty good I liked the way he did it at the concert better but here is the recorded version.

This one is called "heaven" its prett cool.
Here is the acoustic version I found next to it its pretty cool

THis one we used to listen to wile we hot tubbed and made it onto me and Justins "Chill Tunes" you tube playlist. ITs called "Blessed"

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I found the edited version of this song online. The group is the "Beatnuts" I used to listen to them as one of my first hip hop groups ever. I think it was Mike Rife who I got some of the songs from. Im in a huge rush so I will post just three links. The fist one is so sick I love the lyrics and the flow and the way they hit the ryhmes. I used to listen to this driving to Milo's every night for work.

Well turns out justin has to poo so I have a little more time. This one is "Watch out now" this one has a sweet beat. I pulled this video because the other one is a bunch of girls dancing and them just being G's. This one is a cool song

This one is "No escapin this". Again pretty cool beat cool song. Thankyou Mike Rife.

Anyway these songs are best if you have a car with a hecka loud sondsystem and subs. You need to get your friends and get into your car crank up the subs and just go cruisen fast to these songs. Thats when I found them best and most fitting at least ha

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Puccini" "B.B. King" "U2"

This one is an opera piece from "Puccinie's" "Johnny sciki". I have no idea how to spell ha so you may want to double check that one ha. Anyway we watched this opera in a music class I took a little while back and we watched this opera. Im pretty sure if you know opera at all you will know this one I think this one is on the pop end in the opera world. Please im not huge into opera if you know some good names please comment.

Speaking of poster child songs for all you blues fans out there this one is a classic and im sure you know it. Done by "B.B. King" of course its the "Thrill is gone". Awesome song. Listened to this one when I woke up in honor of my new harmonica's arrival. This one is a solid! The guitar is so simple yet mind blowing. BB king had a live concert when I was in Utah but I missed it and I was so bummed. Picked up my first King album when I was in Jr. High. I saw it at borders book store and grabbed it on a whim- and thats when I started to listen to the blues.

Here is "3 o clock". This one is a live version- and its really goood watch the video on this one. MMM and just let it out.

I was in one of my classes and I realized I dont think I have ever done a U2 post. Anyway U2 is one of my all time favorite band and they truely are a musically amazing group. I have a hard time just listening to them because I always used to listen to them when I went snowboarding so its super hard to live on an an Island and listen to them. But anyway this song is from there "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" (debatably in my top 5 albums) WHICH IS AN AWESOME album and you should all own- if not go get one. Truely amazing stuff. Anyway the song is "Miracle Drug" I really like the dreamyness of this one. Just imagine your in the snow and the mountains...

This next one was one of my favorite songs ever (at the time) and is from the same album. The song is called "Crumbs from your table"

Gosh its so hard to swift through these songs I want to post them all by U2... but that would be a lot of links and I need to get going on my papers. PLEASE if you want more u2 classics I will post them here are a few others im just going to do the links quick
and so many more

ok this one is from there rattle and hum movie they did. You can get it at the OP the song is Van Diemens land. truely beautiful watch the video on this one

ANYWAY now that we have talked about B.B. king and u2 we will play one of my all time favorite songs they did together- you probably know this one its "When love comes to town" just a classic

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Peter Tosh" "Bob Marley"

Just thought I would post some of these. This morning I woke up to this song it is by "Peter Tosh" and its a pretty cool song. I found it on an album at the OP. I like the part when he says "Father of jesus". Really cool song listened to this while I got dressed. If you didnt know Peter Tosh was one of the original 3 wailers (bunny is the only one alive now.. I think). The song is called "Equal rights" Cool song cool lyrics

This next song is done by Bob Marley like all of his songs there is quite a few versions. The song is "Keep on moving". Cool song I remember listening to this walking home from Michael Rifes house at night when I was a youngster and started listening to Bob Marley when I got my first brick Ipod (rest in piece old Ipod).

To the beach!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Buju Banton"

In honor of Mike Rife.. A departing homie to Korea...
I think I have already mentioned this artist but it was before anyone actually read my blog and it didnt have the links. Buju Banton is a very unique artist and has some sweet stuff. For the most part he is suprisingly consistant with his music... At least on some of his albums ha. Any way here are a few favs I remember Mike Rife had his cd in high school and that was the first time I heard him back when I was like 15. My friend Justin just said on the news he just barely went to prison for drug trafficing which isnt to much of a suprise.
This one is murderer. Cool song really like the intro.

This one is champion. It has fallen out of fashon in my eyes nonetheless I liked it in high school so ill post it.

This one is one of my favs from him and was one of Mikes to. Really cool song called "Untold Stories".

This one is "Not any easy Road" another favoriet of his.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Years Around The Sun" "Jack Johnson"

I would like to thank and give credit to Justin Nickle- AKA the surf music and movie guru, for finding this song. It is a group called "Years around the Sun" Have not given them to much listening but from there other stuff I think im just more of a fan of this song. Really beautiful piece It is on the Surf movie "Castles in the Sky". Really good piece. This is the acoustic version I like this one the best.

You know in light of the fact I live in Hawaii and we just did one surf song, lets do another. This next song is one my all time favorties. Its "Home" by Jack Johnson. For a long time no one really new about this song and im not sure he ever really released it but its a favorite of mine. With this one I would suggest actually watching the video. I found this about my jr. year of high school and it was amazing. Heard it first live by JJ himself at a concert... that blew my mind. He playe this with a siloute of stars in the background. Really like the Lyrics to this one. means a lot to me. I live in Hawaii- but there is no beating home. Its now where you live but who you are with.

This next one is more of a vedio than just a song but it has a good piece. It is from the movie "Thicker Than Water" I would suggest watching thsi its a great movie done by Jack Johnson. In the begining is the song "moonshine" and its really cool. Then it plays some like indian song in the middle but it ends with "My Guru" which is a really cool song. Cool vid check it out if you get bored no biggie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Jazz "Billy Taylor" "Ella Fitzgerald" "Stan Getz"

Im doing a Jazz post in light of the requests of the readers.

This piece is a really cool one done by "Billy Taylor". Take not of the name- "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free". I really like the name because once I heard the name it actually shed some light on the song even though there are no words. It really captures that though or daydream really well. I really like in this song when he brakes free and just starts jammin. Its at about 32 seconds in my itunes not sure when it will be on the video but you will see. Great piece really jams. Just let the piano talk to you on this one.

This one has some vocals. Not really sure this is pure jazz none the less a solid track and it came from a "smooth jazz" album (although like half the songs arent really jazz.) This one is by "Ella Fitzgerald". I couldnt find the version i wanted but here is one

This song is AWESOME. You will know this one but its debatably a favorite of mine. Super sweet song with vocals. The song is done by Stan Getz (and obviously some other features).
You know this one :)

I have to go but I will post some more jazz for sure!
Thanks and please comment

Quick post- some Latin Jazz

Here is the post I mentioned in my comment. I listened to this today and its a jazz track with some obvious Latin influence but I really liked it. Here it is I will do a more full jazz post soon enough.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This post will contain no such music just quesitions! Please comment on what you think.

Im just wondering what you guys are liking and want more of. Am I posting to much of just one genre?
What Genre are you guys wishing I would post more of?
Do you have any music that would be new to me?

Its time for the readers to give back! haha but please tell me about what your fav music is and what you want more of and/or less of.
Please comment!

HOT DANG! (edited) "Chuck Berry"

On the topic of Tom Petty im scrounging up downloads of his "buried treasure show" and its hard to find. But A song he played on his show was this one and its really good. About my jr. year in high school I had a feddish for old songs like these with just a jamming piano and the "Deep Tracks" radio station which hosts the "Buried Treasure Show" done by Tom Petty was just the place to get it. Here it is

If you would like the Buried Treasure show please comment and I will post the link! Believe me it is well worth downloading (not illegaly...) and listening to.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Tom Petty"


I hope you are all familiar with Tom Petty he is a classic and a legend. His greatest hits alubm is amazing. Rarely do you ever find an album that you can play EVERY track and its as good as the next one. Its like 20 songs to really probably the most consistantly good album of all time. Anyway here is one that I was listening to today because it was stuck in my head for some reasong. Used to listen to Tom Petty growing up (as in like age 9) thanks to my older sister Kiera. This one is called "Into the great wide open"

This one "American Girl". Really good song. Seriously some of the first music I started listening to ever and still amazing to me even now.

"Dont Do me like that"

Love the lyrics to this song. "Even the loosers"

"I wont back down"

"Free Falling". Of course you know this song. And shame on you if you dont know the real version. This is the best. John Mayer did and awesome cover but doesnt even come close. This song is forever a classic and a favortie. Take a special note to the background vocals in this song. There is some really cool stuff right around 2:30 ish.

"Mary Janes Last Dance". Only my mom honestly thought Mary Jane was a girl that he was singing about. This song is a classic. I remeber my brother Jake would sing this song the part about her in her underwear and my mom would get really mad. Granted he was in elementary school.

"Something in the Air" I remember singing this one on the blacktop and Northridge Elementary school. Go nighthawks. Being a youngter I though they were saying "bring out the instant gator."

Anyway a lot of songs but I seriously tried not to post that many. Just so many greats I couldnt help it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A little while back I picked up a song on my satalite radio by "Domino". The song was called "Sweet Potato Pie". It was a really good song I heard it on the way to Idaho to go snowbaord when I was probably a sophmore in high school? I have no idea why that matters but anyway I finally found an album by him and I was SUPER stoked to get it. Horay! Here is the song.
The video is a bit thuggish so heads up if your a youngster.

In the effort to find Domino I was searching on a website that I used to buy music from and I stumbled across some stuff by a "Domino" and im not sure if it is the same one. The song I picked up was called "Tropical Moonlight". Funny story when I first got this song I didnt really like ti but then it grew on me. I remember playing it in my room with Justin and Suzy and they both thought it sucked. I put it on the end of the "Susan" cd (made for suzy...) and it turns out it was one of her favorite tracks. So I guess it has to grow on you so be patient. Again not sure if its the same "Domino".
WOOOOWWWW I really just spent 15 minutes trying to find it online to listen to.
TAKE NOTE the website is in Asian. Yeah thats how hard it was to find... really suprising.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top 3 Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Now this isnt official so dont like quote me on this but debatably my favorite 3 rap songs of all times are as follows.

No. 1 "Get up Get out" by Outkast
I heard this for the first time on my satalite radio a few years back. This song has always been a classic to me and although I like Outkast he isnt like my favorite artist so its weird he (and the features on the track) take first place. This song to me just has such a pure sound with pure flows and raps. Just unreal the sound and flow and the style they pulled off on this track.
Favorite lines- Cuz every job I get is cruel and deminin', sick of taking trash out and toliet bowl cleanin'. "But im also sick and tired of struggilin, never ever thought I would resort to drug smuggilin."
"But in the middle school, I was a bigger fool, I wore a tanktop to show off my tatoo thought it was cool"
"Graduation rolled around like rolly pollies, da** thats ****** up I should have listened when my mama told me"
And so many more

No. 2 "Drop" by the Pharcyde
This song was a little more popular (in its time obviously) and is fairly new to me (probably about half a year?) none the less its still so sick. Again its the style and flow that make this song so sick. My only complain is at the end they have a hole bunch of the beat playing with some useless voice talking. Sick song.. again kind of new to me but thats why I said this is not my official top 3.
Fav lines "...wonderin why, why man? It was the fame that they tried to get now they walkin around talkin about represent, and keep it real"
"Got them mad and trembiln, cuz ive been up in my lab assemblin"
really weird yet rad how the beat comes in on this one.

No. 3 "Ghetto Diplomat" by Chali 2na
Not sure if this makes no 3 but yeah. This song im suer I have mentioned before sick song great beat done by Numark and just a sick song love the way they set up the verses and drop back in when you think he is done.
fav line "Yo, Tuna the smoke jumper, packin' my oral cannon, bustin from Okinawa Japan to Laurel Canyon" I love this its the first line but I love how it shows how the beat matches the lyrics and how the beat slowly climbs down towards the end really solid entry
also I love the "Im tuna fish nigga..." when he drops in for the last verse.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

60 gig mile mark

I would just like to inform you of a momentus occasion I have been waiting for for quite some time. With the addition of my oriental relaxation mix I have now hit 60 gigs of music. This is a good moment for me! Kind of a useless post but it was a legit event for me.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Freestyle: The Art of Ryhme" "Chali 2na"

I recently watched the film "Freestyle: The Art of Ryhme". I would suggest to anyone who likes hip hop or even just wants to like it to watch this film. Its truely an epic film in my eyes because this is the first documentary that covers all areas of freestyle hip hop and really gives you the roots of hip hop and a small taste of the real deal. I guess my favorite part of this movie was it was not just a bunch of random names they wanted to glorify they took the best in the business. Sway and King Tech (the guys who do "The Wake Up Show" I highley suggest you check out their radio show), they cover a lot of the Supernatural vs Juice battle, they do the supernatrual and Craig G (both battles) and they have some of Biggies raps from when he was younger and again just a bunch of great names you even see my fav 2na do a little talking It has a dope scene with both Cut Chemist and DJ Numark at the same time spinning a song. Great documentary its worth getting and watching forsure if you like hip hop.

Afterward I was youtubing around and pulled a bunch of Chali 2na feature tracks. I will just post a few of my favs (of the ones I pulled last night about 3 A.M.)
On this track I really dig the beat- not so much the beat but the sounds that are going on with it. Really cool

This next one is pretty cool to

Here is another! this one moves a little more. This one he does with "Planet Asia"- aslo featured in the documentary.

This one he does with "Fatlip". I havent heard him before but I picked up an album by him ill be sure to check it out. This sounds a LOT like what 2na and Dj Format did together.
This is one he did with Dj Format. This song reminds me alot of work thats when I used to listen to it ha.

Well there is a few if you want more ask that is only the surface. Please let me know which are your favs or if you werent such a fan. Thanks and please watch that movie its pretty cool its a little over an hour.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Alan Silverstri" and Amazing Grace

Im not sure if I have posted this one I dont think I have its a really good piece a bit slower than most and kind of a sad nastalgic feeling one its a piece done by "Alan Silverstri" from the film "Cast Away." (awesome movie). The video I found also has another track done by Silverstri from the "Forest Gump" soundtrack. Both of which are really cool. I really like the Cast Away piece though but I chose this video with the other one on it because it has the good part of the Cast Away score. (Kaylee the Forest Gump piece at the end I see fitting for your "sleeping" cd request tell me if that sound about right? or do you want more music with words)

Lately I have been studying up and learning about my family roots and name. So in the spirit of Scotland here is a absolutely beautiful song that im sure you are all familiar with. My favorite version I have on a cd but here is a version I found on line. "Amazing Grace" played on the bagpipes.

Hey my mom just called so im going to talk to her enjoy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

"Dennis Kamakani"- Wile im at it

I have to present tommorrow morning in my slack key guitar (a Hawaiin style of guitar playing) class a presentation on "Dennis Kamakani" so I figured wile I was at it I would post up some of his songs. I youtubed him and the first one that popped up is one he did for the Lilo and Stitch movie. This is simpley beautiful piece not super slack key style but nonetheless a nice pleasent song that reminds me of Hawaii... where I live :)

This one is the typical Hawaiin jam sesh done by the pros really cool sorry the quality is not the best

I think this next one is the one I will use in my presentation tommorrow.

I would strongly suggest you look into slack key guitar a little more its Hawaiis clame to fame in the guitar world. I really think this would mix extremely well with Folk music, I would love to see Kamakani do a few tracks with Normon Blake.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barbershop Music

My memory has been fired back up due to a video we watched in my English class. Randomly my professor showed us a video of a barbershop music competition he was in. Then I remembered a type of music I have completely forgotten about!
In Jr. High school we had an assembly and one of the opening acts 3 or 4 teachers did a barbershop song and I remember loving it. Strange enough that is what I was into in jr. high but I wasnt really that into music then (or at least I didnt realize it) so I didnt pay much attention and its taken til now to rembemer.
I dont have any of this kind of music in my library and I have no leads really to go off of either to find any so I have just been messing around on you tube. Im finding it a bit hard considering either its a really old crappy recording or its just supposed to humorus. But I have been searching around for about 45 and I have found this one that I think is a pretty good taste of it I think its just 4 high school kids but its really good. The second song is awesome- the bass did a great job!
Horay for my sister teaching me how to "hyperlink" ha no more copy and paste problems.

Barbershop is typically a quartet but I have heard some choirs do it as well. Here is another video I found (not a choir though ha).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Burt Bacharach" "Collie Buddz"

I have been feelin a little more jazzy lately so I cracked into some new soundtracks I figure would give that vibe. Im currently listening to a song for the first time that I like from the "Casino Royale" (James Bond) soundtrack titled the "Look of Love". If you notice there are voices so obviously it needed more than just the film score producer so this one (as it states on the album cover) was done and or helped by a guy named Dusty Springfield. Keep in mind this is the Casion Royale from 1967

Wow I apologise I just got carried away listening to different music for probably an hour haha so yeah im on a bit of a different page now. This next artist has nothing to do with the one before but their a solid group you have probably heard of called the "Collie Buddz." If you guys followed the blog earlier you would have heard these guys on the Kya Bamba mix tapes. Here is a pretty dope song by them it always reminds me of Andrew Harris he liked these guys. They have a bit more of the reggae hip hop fusion deep beat sound. Try em out this one is one of their more famous one called come around.

Here is another one called "Blind to you". Another one of their more pop songs.

This one popped up on the Kya Bamba mix tapes I almost like the Kya Bambas mix sounds better but here is the original.

WOW I cant get the Link to copy does anyone know why it wont let you copy and paste sometimes?!

any way the song is called "Hustle" look it up.

Sorry about the random genre switch haha. But anyway enjoy I cant finish this post sorry but I have just been asked to go play water polo...

Please comment and let me know what you liked and didnt and what you want to hear more of PLEASE

Monday, February 14, 2011

I could use a lover. "Bob Marley"

Here are some love songs- one of which me and Justin are listening to this very moment as we sit on his bead... both lover-less.
This was one of the few songs that got me into Bob Marley. This is one called "Mellow Mood" by Bob Marley. On my uke I have carved into the side Mellow Mood Has Got Me. I really like this song it has always been a favorite- the one on the released version (or at least on the songs of freedom compilation) is not my favorite version this one is.

I think im actually going to put up a few more Marley classics. Stir it up- this version is really good I like this one a lot. I have always been more of a fan of his older sound but obviously his later sound was still awesome!

This song is really good im not sure why he never reccorded it later when the technology was a little better. The chorus isnt my favorite in this song but the verses are beautiful. I wish someone would make a good acoustic version.

This song really sums up my valentines day :) I hope you like it infact in sums up my take on women. They ruin just about everyting except for a good meal.

Sorry I had many more songs I wanted to post but my homies are going to play basketball so I must! Maybe I will post later but enjoy these classics and find a lover!


Friday, February 11, 2011

"Khumbula" "Insingizi"

Here is a taste of some more modern African music- however its as clear as day it comes from obviousl older African roots. This is a pretty good song I really like what has been done here- they made a more modern day song with the typical verse then chorus setup (like any rock song) and they used pretty regular sounding instraments and style but when they start to sing the chorus and the back ups come in its typical African which I think is really cool. I couldnt find the song on YouTube so I pulled it off of a different website- you have to click on the little pink album thing to play the song. Sorry about that

Here is another one that is pretty cool I like this one especially toward the end. I have no idea whats on the video but listen to the song haha.

On the topic of African Jams here lets get some more of the choir sound. This music may be a little strange to you at first but its so beautiful some of the best I think. "Insingizi" is the Artist. I love how it kind of switches thing up a little bit at like 1:20. Really great piece I remember listening to this among other things before class started at 7:45 my Jr. year of high school sitting in my car freezing but the music was to good to get out.
Here is another one by "Insingizi". I have one of his albums that I got in a box set of African music that was really the first of it. This is by the same guy but not of the album I have. However this track is balling. Truely beautiful makes me want to go to Africa and just sing and chill with some giraffes.
Here is another one of my favorites. This one is called "Jerusalem" and you can pick out the words in the song. I love how the prenounce hallelujah.

Please comment and tell me what you think. If you like either style please let me know I have more.

"Tony Bennnett" "Frank Sinatra" "John Mayer-where the light is"

As I turned on my pod today and wondered what to listen to I went on my most played playlist and number 1 on the list is still "New York State Of Mind" by Billy Joel done by him and Tony Bennett. I found this on the Tony Bennett "Playing with my friends" album. I suggest you get this one you can get it at the OP. AWESOME ALBUM some really great names on that cd with Tony Bennett. Anyway here is the song. I hope you chose to get on my blog right as I post this because it will be later at night and when batter to enjoy some bluesie jazzy style music?
WOW Im so sorry but I cant find the recording of the song on youtube.
Here is the album version but its on a different website. Just pus play!

Yeah this one was a little difficult to find to so dont mind the video just listen to the music like I said before just open it in a different tab and it will automatically start playing. This one I got from a different ablum I did not rip into my computer wich was a mistake because it was great. This was the first track and it truely is amazing.

Here of course a classic from Frank Sinatra. Just figured we would I would throw it in here in the mood! A more popular track from him nonetheless wonderful. Me and Justin sing this song together probably like 3 times a day. We sang this in the bathroom wile taking a team crap and someone else was in there to. It was epic.

So lets move a little bit away from the jazzy end and hit up a little more blues and rock sound. Lets jump to some John Mayer. Now let me just say now seeing as how I usually hate pop artists John Mayer is AMAZING. He is very talented and has a LOT of good music. The stuff on the radio is a little dry I will give you that but when you get into his real stuff especially with the trio its unreal (steve jordan and Pino Palideno). Here are some from his "Where the Light Is" Video. An amazing concert video I would suggest getting if you like John Mayer at all. Even if you dont- still get it. Do actually watch the vedio of this one. This one is a Ray Charles cover of "I dont need no doctor". Get a load of the solos and brakedowns!

Here is another good one one of my favorites

MMM and enjoy some sweet smooth lovin.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An easier way to listen to the music

I realized today while going through my blog that its annoying to click on a link or URL and have it pull you away from the blog page. So I would suggest clicking on it with the scroller of your mouse (the little black wheel thing you use to scroll) and it will pull it up on a different tab that way you dont have to watch the video which is usually just a picture of the album cover and you can keep reading and looking at other stuff. That way all you have to do is listen. If you dont have a mouse just right click it and choose open in a differnt tab.


Ok so I heard this live on my satalite radio and was blown away and at first I didnt believe this was a free style rap (they make it up as they go). This is seriously the sickest freestly rap I have ever heard I havent heard anything that comes close to this yet. Notice through the hole thing he does not swear once that is incredible that would be so hard a solid 99% of hip hop artists could not go this long without accidentaly swearing once.
My favorite lines are "I command the crowd..." that line
The neanderthal verse and the Pythagorean theorem are both unreal. Its crazy on such a hard topic as neandrethals he could come up with so much especially that relates to him and then when he hits the Pytag therom he had no idea what that even was but still made the SICKEST verse ever. I have listened to this rap so many times and im so lucky I found this. When you say freestyle rap these days the first name that comes to peoples minds is "eminem". Oh please. Sure he came out with the movie 8 mile and everyone thinks he is just so sick but watch some of his battles and you will realize hes not anywhere near that and not even CLOSE to this. Ill post a video of him battleing MC juice (super sick rapper) that is pretty good that eminen looses to (but its pretty close). Sorry its kind of hard to hear but there are some sweet lines. Take note as to had bad eminems style is regardless of his rymes. "mother F this Mother F that.." its so sloppy and bad when all MC's can do is swear.
Now, watch MC Juice battle Sueprnatural. Watch Juice just get DESTROYED.
Now this is only the first round. Thats it in a nutshell, but the other two rounds are way sick to and worth watching. however if your not really into the freestyle hip hop or battles just watch that first one but here is part 1 2 and 3. So sick of battles. Its debatable who wins but I think hand down supernatural although he didnt do as well in the 3rd round.
prt 1 skip to like 2:20 if you dont like the inroductions
prt 2 This part the second verse by nat is so sick
here is prt 3 super nat beinga bit of a baby though. granted the beat didnt really fit well at all even i was thinking... meh I wouldnt want that at a time like this but still.
3rd round it bothered me most although juice did this a few times he didnt go all the way up to his time which makes me think (with other reasons) although most of its a freestlye some of the lines were thought up inbetween rounds
So now lets think if if emeinem were to go up against super nat he would get destroyed. Natural even calls out eminem but he wont do anything about it because he knows better.
anyway a little freestlye hip hop for today. fun stuff

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Das EFX" "Slick Rick" "Craig Mac" and others

Lets go back to the roots of hip hop. Das EFX released this album 1992 back when hip hop was pure and wonderful. Now dont be disapointed- if you have never listened to original hip hop its a little werid and childish sounding at first but stick with it and you will realize how sick and how pure it is. In now a days rap its hard to find (at least with certain artists) songs were they just slay it and throw down sick verses. When I started listening to hip hop my friend gave me like 120 songs and at the time and only tow appealed to me really because I was never really a fan of rap. The two songs were "after dark" by Hieroglyphics (who knows how to spell it..) and "hip hop police". I liked these two songs cuz they just had a pure hip hop sound and I remember thinking wow I would love rap if only it sounded like this. As life went on I realized that is what real rap sounded like you just have to get away from most mainstream and pop rap and get into the real hip hop. So I actually stared listening to old school hip hop because I liked it so much better and now I listen to all of it but its weird I guess I started backwards than what most people do. The only reason i liked the song hip hop police was because of the verse slic rick has. Really not that crazy or good but that was all I had so I thought it was so sick. So anyway here is some tracks from Das EFX. these are all from the Dead Serious album. You can get it at the OP.
This one is called "Mic Checka" its the first on the album

I dont know why but the text just got smaller. My next favorie song was "If only". Some stellar rhymes in this one really smart love the way he plays with the rythm and deliveries of the ryhmes. At first I didnt though so give it time. I love the line with chewbaca. SO SICK

This next one is super dope it made it into the top 250 rap songs of all time. Love it when they they talk about bones they have such a unique style which is what I love about hip hop artists-when they are unique.

So yeah there are three from that album "Dead Serious"

Here are a few from slick rick. sorry out of juice so I wont talk about it anymore I will just post it (I know your so sad... ahaha)
you may think this one is a little weird but I like it ha

this one is pretty cool sorry the quality is not the best

this song is just sick and is by neither of the artists but here it is and here is the remix as well. tell me which you like better. I think i like the original but here. Its craig mac "flava in your ear" i used to listen to this one at the skate park
and here is the remix also VERY DOPE
the remix is unreal. Its so sick I didnt know this exsisted for a wile. but its so rad some incredible names on this track love Busta Rymes as always just slayin it. again some unreal names on this track sick they came together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Dj Kicks" "September Sessions" and "Shore Thing"

Ah another lonely day on my blog that no one reads :)

Alright again im chipping away at the large plethora of music I have been aquiring.

As I think I mentioned earlier a song called "non non non" by daddy G and Melaaz. As I was looking for the rest of the album that was called DJ Kicks I stumbled apon and decided to download an album that was by (and or put together by- hard to tell) Thievery corporation (probably one of the biggest names in that modern trip hop sound). So I downloaded it and its turning out to be pretty sweet. The album is not by thievery corporation it has a bunch of names on it but I think thievery corporation compiled it and may have mixed it a little. Some tracks I really like are the first two. SOUND AWESOME when played back to back they did a really good job with the transition.

The first song is called "Tropicando" done by Les Baxter. I have been listening around to him and he is pretty interesting.
What I love most about music and wish people could understand is that Music is all very simmilar regardless of the Genre. Would you have belived me that after listening to this album that the first song "trpoicando" is a piece from a 40's and 50's pop swing band? Yet here it is on a VERY modern sounding cd and style of music. I wish everyone would not label genres so quickly! haha

the 2nd track is called "Rebirth" by a group called "A forest Mighty Black.
This song is obviously way more modern than the first yet they stand side by side so well. I love the brake down at 2:20 in the song. its sick.

I have also been listenign to the september sessions soundtrack. If you like any of the other surf movie soundtracks like Thicker Than Water or The Drifter or A Broke Down Melody than I think you will like this one to. Justin Nickle always seems to have the inside scoop on the good surf movies and the soundtracks always are ballin. The reason I bring this one up (HOLLY BALLS HA CHALI 2NA just popped up on a track im listening to it from that album on a song I skipped the times before!) ha isnt that dope? Ahh I love it when that happens when you love artist and styles of music and then you see that your favorite artists also have that same taste. Espeically in hip hop you will find styles and artists you like and then you will be so stoked to here them featured or do a song with another artist you have also liked and then you realize that they are connected and its a good feeling. For example like with Chali 2na I was listening to an artist called "Tippa Ire" and bam they did a song together and I had also been browsing through some of "Dj Format" and I found one of them together so anyway something to think about. Like with Damian Marley I like a lot of his stuff and so its sweet to find him doing tracks with other more underground artists I like and low and behold I was watching a live vedio and randomly 2na came out and did a song on a live show with them. pretty cool. Anyway this happens a lot and im sure you guys reading have probably found simmilar connections.
So the sound track is "The September Sessions". It is from a surf movie and its pretty legit a bit more instramental and jazzy (if you will) than the others I have heard. some awesome tracks are on the cd like "Pirate Looks At 40" wich im sure I have mentioned previously in the blog again cool to see that pop up on a surf album that has always been a favorite of mine since Jr. High. You can find it on you tube now (it wasnt on there for forever but here is the link)
well i guess they pulled it off of you tube again. anwya the link is the same song but this time i think there is another song after so just listen to the first one.

K so the tracks im stoked about are these. ill just post them in a row they sound good back to back so i would suggest just playing all of them.
this one was the one i was talking about its called super bowl sunday by ozomatli (the band that 2na is in- as well as Jurassic 5 at least when they were together... sniff)
2nd is meaningliss conversation by "princes of babylon" as well as jack johnson
3rd is just a ballin song called "thug style" by "the september sessions band"
4th is also by the same band as the 3rd called "what would you rather do"
5th is a song called "Piglet's Lament" by beat down sound

anyway some good stuff from them.

As for my brother bren who has requested of me and or mentioned he likes some good steal drum music I have picked up an album called"tropical shores steel drum band" and the album is called "shore thing" creative hahaha. but anway bren if you can find that album its pretty solid just super basic chill steel drums.
If you like the steel drum music that just JAMS and will blow your mind its SUPER hard to find I cant find it but look for the new york conventions they have for steel drum groups its insane.

Sorry people to be stuck on this more bassy instramental bit lately but enjoy it and go to sleep with basslines in your head tonight