Thursday, October 20, 2011


"Machito"... yeah this guy is awesome. He is kind of an old school cuban, but he has put out some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet jazz... like probably some of my favorite ever. So I have been listening to the album "Kenya" he did (which is sickk... a must have...) and one of the tracks i think is so cool is "Congo Mulence". First few times wasnt like that big of a fan... but about after three hot dang!! this track is cool. Here it is.

The next one is called "Guaglione". Mark lanham said this was on the movie "get smart"? which i dont think it was... but yeah. Sweeeet track... like SOOO GOOD. well... enough said. What i like so much about these tracks... is how it will like go dead for a second or two, then it will come back in with the sweetest transitions... like on the congo one, the first time it drops back in is so sick. So here is "Guaglione" dont watch the video it just detracts from the song, just open it in a different tab. ENJOY!

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