Thursday, March 3, 2011


A little while back I picked up a song on my satalite radio by "Domino". The song was called "Sweet Potato Pie". It was a really good song I heard it on the way to Idaho to go snowbaord when I was probably a sophmore in high school? I have no idea why that matters but anyway I finally found an album by him and I was SUPER stoked to get it. Horay! Here is the song.
The video is a bit thuggish so heads up if your a youngster.

In the effort to find Domino I was searching on a website that I used to buy music from and I stumbled across some stuff by a "Domino" and im not sure if it is the same one. The song I picked up was called "Tropical Moonlight". Funny story when I first got this song I didnt really like ti but then it grew on me. I remember playing it in my room with Justin and Suzy and they both thought it sucked. I put it on the end of the "Susan" cd (made for suzy...) and it turns out it was one of her favorite tracks. So I guess it has to grow on you so be patient. Again not sure if its the same "Domino".
WOOOOWWWW I really just spent 15 minutes trying to find it online to listen to.
TAKE NOTE the website is in Asian. Yeah thats how hard it was to find... really suprising.

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