Monday, April 25, 2011


Just some songs from the Pharcyde album "Bizzar ride II" Super stoked on this album it is really good.

First song is Officer. Awesome song. Favorite verse of the song starts with "away, to our destination..." you will hear it its sick.

Second is "Otha fish" sick song. Sorry im trying not to talk ot much anymore and just post the music

This song is sick. There are some other really good ones from this album that really are amazing- if you dont have this album (bizzar ride II) get it. but because I got my mission call im trying not to post music that swears.
"On The DL" has some of the sickest flows I have heard in a wile but they are just terrible what they are about but SO SICK.
The album was released 1992 (the same year as Das EFX's "dead serious" album) and its crazy how even for 90's rap how far ahead of there time they were. Solid album easy top 10 albums of the 90's for hip hop.

Hey and does anyone know why it posts just one giant paragraph instead of how I format it?


  1. A lot of things about bloggers formats are messed up. To fix it you have to go to all the html coding stuff in the edit post page. Not worth it.

  2. You should make a Honduras playlist. We like your talking as well as your music. And I have no idea why blogs have started messing up. I have the same problem.