Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Pink Floyd" "Led Zeplin"

So as you all know "Pink Floyd" is a total classic artist. So forgive me if i do not do them justice. I never really listened to them that much, but i have been starting to lately. They reminded me a lot of "Led Zeppelin" so i figured i would do a post of these guys.
forgive me if I am simply repeating music to you that you already know- but yeah it is always good to revive artists anyway so enjoy.

So the album i have been listening to from floyd is "Dark Side of the Moon"- you guys have all probably heard this one and know it. but anyway, some good tracks from my breif listening are...

This one is "Time". This one is sick kind of has a long introduction but stick around it is good.

This next one is one that really stuck out to me and i really like. you may find it kind of repetitave or a "little much", but i thik it is really good. I really like the emotion and power they put into this track. This one is called "The great gig in the sky". The intro and when the vocals come in is amazing.

There are some other classics on that album but i would suggest getting it for sure. Its the last song "the great gig in the sky" that led me to posting led zepplin next to pink floyd. Led zepplin of course is one of the most classic artists of all time. You cant say you know a think about music until you know zepplen at least a little bit.
The reason im going to post the songs by zepplin i will is again to keep the feel of the song you just heard. This one is one of there bigger ones called "Battle for Evermore". Its a good one i remember listening to this one wile driving to and form Logan to my sisters house.

okkk so this one you ALL know but on the tangent we are on it must be posted. "Stairway to heaven"

Anyway there are about a billion more tracks by zeppelin that deserve posting but there oyu go.

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