Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Jurassic 5" "Atmosphere" (repeat)

Im sure at some point i have done a Jurassic 5 post, they are one of my favorite hip hop groups ever probably top 3. But anyway i got home tongith and have been listening to a couple of jams. ITs kind of weird my hole life i have never been a fan of "angry" hip hop (even though it snot really "angry") but as you seen with the new G list i kind of like those happier sounds. But anyway lately this not so happy vibe is starting to make a lot more sense to me. To be honest i have to be in the right mood, 9/10 times i like a good happy jam but sometimes... nah. Sometimes it just doesnt fit for how i feel. Anyway try listenign to some of these jams when your in the right mood which i guess isnt the happiest.

So one song is "little man" by "atmosphere". If you scroll down you will see i have already posted it but i figured i would again since i listened to it probably like three times tongight haha. well there it is. If your a follower sorry for the reapeat.

The next one is a j5 song, called "Thin Line". Really good song. First few times thru tho didnt really like it. But dang if there is one song that has lyrics that jump out at me it would be this jam. So yeah give it a shot the lyrics are pretty sweet.

Yeah anyway ill just leave it at those two songs.

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