Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barbershop Music

My memory has been fired back up due to a video we watched in my English class. Randomly my professor showed us a video of a barbershop music competition he was in. Then I remembered a type of music I have completely forgotten about!
In Jr. High school we had an assembly and one of the opening acts 3 or 4 teachers did a barbershop song and I remember loving it. Strange enough that is what I was into in jr. high but I wasnt really that into music then (or at least I didnt realize it) so I didnt pay much attention and its taken til now to rembemer.
I dont have any of this kind of music in my library and I have no leads really to go off of either to find any so I have just been messing around on you tube. Im finding it a bit hard considering either its a really old crappy recording or its just supposed to humorus. But I have been searching around for about 45 and I have found this one that I think is a pretty good taste of it I think its just 4 high school kids but its really good. The second song is awesome- the bass did a great job!
Horay for my sister teaching me how to "hyperlink" ha no more copy and paste problems.

Barbershop is typically a quartet but I have heard some choirs do it as well. Here is another video I found (not a choir though ha).

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