Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Nikkfurie" "Piero Umiliani" "Ornella Vanoni"

K so these were the songs that led to my last random post. I was just messin around lookin for french funk and brazilian and japanese 'jazz funk' music. French was the only good stuff.

Anyway, this song im going to post by "Nikkfurie" is SO SICK. like so sick. If anyone can tell me what movie this is from... without watching the you tube video.. that would be sick.
the song is "The A La Menthe"

Another great one from the film "Crepuscolo sul mare".. this was the one i was looking for. Great track. I just downloaded (bought :) im a good boy) all three soundtracks from the Oceans films. They are some of my favorite. by "Piero umiliani"

This song is really cool dont wathc the video tho its just some kid who is obsessed with himself. kind of fits this though

This song is amazing. the song is "L'appuntamento". I hope you enjoy this one as much as i do. Also from Oceans 12. All of these have been except for the french funk jazz one. (the one right above this)
I apoogise.. this was the only version i could find. there are random background noises and its not the full version but great song none the less i would suggeset buying it. its is by "Ornella Vanoni"


Here are just some random posts. not much of any reason or ryhme today. wont talk to much either.

... these guys JAM. Grandpa Elliot is his name

"Fooka Mainty Band" this ssong is pretty cool

"Black Monday" doing "Ride your bike"

"Jerry Malekani"

This one might be a bit weird at first. give it a 2nd listen ha its sweet. "Jean Jacques"

I stumbled on this... It just had to be posted... haha. I dont know what the F it is its like some like old school video game theme or something haaha... classic. I love the picture

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Pink Floyd" "Led Zeplin"

So as you all know "Pink Floyd" is a total classic artist. So forgive me if i do not do them justice. I never really listened to them that much, but i have been starting to lately. They reminded me a lot of "Led Zeppelin" so i figured i would do a post of these guys.
forgive me if I am simply repeating music to you that you already know- but yeah it is always good to revive artists anyway so enjoy.

So the album i have been listening to from floyd is "Dark Side of the Moon"- you guys have all probably heard this one and know it. but anyway, some good tracks from my breif listening are...

This one is "Time". This one is sick kind of has a long introduction but stick around it is good.

This next one is one that really stuck out to me and i really like. you may find it kind of repetitave or a "little much", but i thik it is really good. I really like the emotion and power they put into this track. This one is called "The great gig in the sky". The intro and when the vocals come in is amazing.

There are some other classics on that album but i would suggest getting it for sure. Its the last song "the great gig in the sky" that led me to posting led zepplin next to pink floyd. Led zepplin of course is one of the most classic artists of all time. You cant say you know a think about music until you know zepplen at least a little bit.
The reason im going to post the songs by zepplin i will is again to keep the feel of the song you just heard. This one is one of there bigger ones called "Battle for Evermore". Its a good one i remember listening to this one wile driving to and form Logan to my sisters house.

okkk so this one you ALL know but on the tangent we are on it must be posted. "Stairway to heaven"

Anyway there are about a billion more tracks by zeppelin that deserve posting but there oyu go.

Friday, May 13, 2011


So today wile doing my musical ritual- that is i slide the scroller down on my itunes and randomly stop, i stopped in the D's today, and landed on dashboard confessional. These guys were like the ultimate "indy" rock if you will ever for a long time. When i was in like jr high these guys were big. I have a cd with them that had 16 tracks and it was there old stuff, and it was and is an alltime classic album to me. I think it was just a mix my brother made, but it was their older stuff, which in my opinion is WAY better.
Anyway, you all probably know this one, but i have to post it purely because of how much i lvoed this one. It- like all love music- of corse brings back tons of memories and feelings. Ha so yeah. I have to post both the acoustic version and the full version- i honestly cant decide which i like better.
firts, the acoustic, this song is called "Hands Down". Classic in my books.
the full version

well turns out my car has a flat tire. so i got to go ha. enjoy these two.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"B.B. KIng" "The Posse" "Big Daddy Kane" "Biz Markie"

K so i feel bad youtubing music and not posting it on the blog. So in my random tubing i will keep the links coming.

I really like the recorder version of this song its a bit different but here is a cool live version.
its "no one loves me but my mother" by B.B. King

"Paying the cost to be the boss" i would actually suggest wathing the video (usually i dont) on these

I remember listening to this one in high school "The Posse" song "shoot em up"

This one is an artist i hope you know named "Big Daddy Kane". He was is a total classic. I picked up my first track by him (which i will post next) on my satalite radio when i was probably 15.

This was the first song I heard by him, and it was when i was really starting to get into hip hop. Strange that this song I thought was so sick- this kind of hip hop was really what got me into all of the toher kinds, its just funny the old school sound caught my ear first. I used to listen to this song over and over again (i recorded it on my radio)

I have to give a shout out to "Biz Markie", who i aslo first heard on my satalite radio. This song i will post called "Vapors" was when i finally found the sound I liked and it hit me that there was good flowing hip hop out there that appealed to me.. and the rest is history haha.

Dang there is another sweeet track i want to post but in light of the mission it swears to much... :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


are you freakin serious.
i just spent an hour on one post making it super long and some how the tab got deleted. FML

"Zero 7" "Musiq Soulchild" "De la soul" "Atmosphere"

I think i have posted about Zero 7 a few times but never with links. They are pretty sweet and on the modern end of music, i really like them. I would suggest snagging an album or two by them... i think the OP has a few of there albums actually, but when i checked about 2 years ago, they couldnt find them. but they probably have them now ha.

this song is called "Look up". its a solid jam i love it when they go long. this one is from the album "when it falls"

this one is called "Red Dust". both of these tracks have made it onto my acid jazz trip hop list. This one from the ablum "Simple things"

Also on the album "Simple Things" there is antother classic track that i will post- im pretty sure if you happend to snag my "Underwater" cd you will know this one, and i think i may have posted about it before, but for any newcomers (which there seems to be none of) this one is called "In the waiting line"

So kind of a random swithc. but here are a bunch of random rap and hip hop tracks. hahaha do enjoy.

This one is by "Musiq Soulchild" he has done some other stuff and was on the "Susan" cd i made for.. susan. anyway here is a song (this was not the one on the cd) but i like this song. Again i dont ever listen to the radio or follow pop music (at least not on purpose) so please let me know if you have heard this before. Thsi one is called 'Caught up"

That song leads me to another track, this one is by "De la soul". I think this is one of De la's later tracks. SOme info on them, truth is, i dont know them super well, i have a few of there albums, but almost every classic hip hop artist and all of the greats ALWAYS mention de la as an influence. so this one is from the "Stakes is high" album. I really like this track it is called "Sunshine"

this one is also by de la and it is called "Stakes is High". keep in mind this is NOT the original version, but i like this one the best.

The things i do for you guys. this song took me a while to find the right version. This one is called "All good". solid song. Also from "De La soul"

I dont know why im on a random hip hop tangent i found an old playlist so im just pulling random ones off. I dont know why i like this song so much, this is a track by "Atmosphere" called "Little man". I listen to this song on the bus a lot, its pretty sick. i dont know why i like this song so much. I think quite simply its the high quality of this song- the raps really flow and thy lyrics actually mean a lot. He flows with a unique style and quite simply is just pretty good. idk i guess you wouldnt expect such a solid track that no one really knows.

real fast some other tracks from him

"Get fly"
this one was on the cd I made called "Drew Cat" i like the little ending song to

this one is called "pour me another". this is maybe more of one of there well known songs. this one was on the "susan" cd.

by the way atmosphere is white haha

Monday, May 9, 2011

"John Denver" "Joe Bonamassa"

Dont ask me how i ended up in the J's but i started with C's today... ha actually now i know i started with jimmy cliff but it was listed as Cliff, Jimmy in my itunes then i changed it withc brought me to the J's. I have already done a post for "Jimmy Cliff" so yeah get his anthologies they are really good i have been listening to him more. anyway...

K this song is called "Dreamland Express" by John Denver. I got this song off of the album i barrowed from the orem public library.. or the OP. Anyway i think the tune to this song is used in Dumb and Dumber. John devner was a classic artist... haha my mom laughs when i listen to him he is old. by the way this video is super funky i dont know what random youtuber made this so heads up ha

If I am going to talk about John Denver of course I have to post "Leaving on a Jet Plane" you all know this one its a total classic

Im not sure if i have ever metnioned "Joe Bonamassa", but he is certainly worht posting. I think there are like 3 of his ablums at the OP. Go get them for sure. Speaking of the OP if you dont have a library card and you live in orem you are an idiot- there is so much music there. anyway...
yeah so his fav album of mine is "a new day yesterday" he is kind of an artist simmilar to John Mayer, obviously different in so many ways, but like in a sense the Genre is sort of simmilar, like blues with tons of rock influence. he is an outstanidng artist. I turned my brother in law to this artist about 2 years ago and he absolutely loves him- and my brother is super picky about his music. anyway, this son is called "Walk in my shadows" he seems like an artist that would be just bomb to see live

I think i like the album version of this song better but i wanted to snag a live one for yalllll. so yeah. this one is "if heartaches were nickles"

do enjoy please comment and share your musical findings and interests with me PLEASE
i get so excited when people comment
please please please tell me what you dont like and what you want to hear more of.. right now im just kind of covering more known artists but please give me a lead as to what to go off of
as for kaylee, you asked for a honduras playlists.. haha.. i actually have been listening to tons of southern jazz and latin jazz and brazilian jazz and lots of salsa i just kind find the songs online cuz they are in different languages

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Starting line"

oh i forgot to do this artist. They were also in the "S's". so yeah. I dont know them well be there classic main song is "Best of me" so yeah to be quick that is all i will post i like the acoustic versoin this reminds me of a chic i used to dig in jr. high who moved for a while.


SO today i was cruising through the "S's" on my itunes.

Stix- im not sure i ihave done a post on these guys but they are an all time classic as you probably know. I will try not to yap to much and post some solid classic tracks.

This one is called "Babe" the intro to this song is seriously so beautiful i really like it like when it is just the vocals so sweet

This one is called "Renegade" I remember this one from when i was in like elementary school. This was one of there bigger ones but its a classic

This next one everyone knows its called "sail away". total classic reminds me of my younger years

This one is "Grand illusion" i dont know why but i remember listening to this one in the mall parking lot in Orem.

this one is "loreli" man its songs like these that really show off styx abilities they are awesome. Also check out "lady" im to lazy to find the URL.

Please comment!
also these are all from the album "Stix best of" which is a MUST have all classics so many i wanted to post but i did not. Absolutely classic artist, went to see them live, but most of them are dead and i showed up to late. curse my bro and sis.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bob Marley" "Peter Tosh"

K so I have been listening to Marley for like 2 weeks strait and cant get enough. Just when you think you love an artist you can somehow always find an even deeper appreciation.
So what I have been taking a specific liking to is some of versions of his songs where the are mixed to where its like instramental as well as vocals.
There is an album where the took just the instramentals from his regualr album songs he did in the studio- i think the studio version because if you turn it up really loud you can hear him singing really faint in the back ground. The album is "Soul Revolution" I think there are two parts. it has so many of his classic tracks (at least what i think were his classics) but just instramental. Suprisingly an AWESOME album and a must have.

I will post the version of "One Love" from the Songs Of Freedom compilation. BTW if you do not have the songs of freedom disc set this blog is not even worht your time. That is hands down in my opinion the number 1 collection of CD's every breathing soul should own. It is suprising to me when the chorus hits and they kill the vocals you can almost feel it more. REally good stuff. Maybe even my fav version of this song. YOu may have to watch an add before the music starts. It in German by the way hahah.

dang. I couldnt find the other song i was looking for. I was looking for Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown" song remixed by "DJ Spooky". DJ Spooky's album is at the Orem Library I would go get it. The song is pretty cool. Its the one with the brown green cover. Anyway I will just post the original version.

K so here is some "Peter Tosh". If you didnt know he was one of the Wailers and did a lot of the stuff for them and probably wrote a good amount of the songs. This song has always got me i like this one a lot. Its called "Go tell it on the Mountain"

I really like Peter Tosh's acoustic songs he has such a pure sound its nice to find it just in its rawest form on the acoustic. Im not sure what this one is called or made from. but here.

Here are some more acoustic tracks. Simply beautiful.