Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Years Around The Sun" "Jack Johnson"

I would like to thank and give credit to Justin Nickle- AKA the surf music and movie guru, for finding this song. It is a group called "Years around the Sun" Have not given them to much listening but from there other stuff I think im just more of a fan of this song. Really beautiful piece It is on the Surf movie "Castles in the Sky". Really good piece. This is the acoustic version I like this one the best.

You know in light of the fact I live in Hawaii and we just did one surf song, lets do another. This next song is one my all time favorties. Its "Home" by Jack Johnson. For a long time no one really new about this song and im not sure he ever really released it but its a favorite of mine. With this one I would suggest actually watching the video. I found this about my jr. year of high school and it was amazing. Heard it first live by JJ himself at a concert... that blew my mind. He playe this with a siloute of stars in the background. Really like the Lyrics to this one. means a lot to me. I live in Hawaii- but there is no beating home. Its now where you live but who you are with.

This next one is more of a vedio than just a song but it has a good piece. It is from the movie "Thicker Than Water" I would suggest watching thsi its a great movie done by Jack Johnson. In the begining is the song "moonshine" and its really cool. Then it plays some like indian song in the middle but it ends with "My Guru" which is a really cool song. Cool vid check it out if you get bored no biggie.

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  1. I love this post my friend. Years around the sun is really good. And Home is my favorite Jack Johnson song for sure. And Thicker Than Water is an amazing soundtrack. So basically this whole post... is great.