Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Burt Bacharach" "Collie Buddz"

I have been feelin a little more jazzy lately so I cracked into some new soundtracks I figure would give that vibe. Im currently listening to a song for the first time that I like from the "Casino Royale" (James Bond) soundtrack titled the "Look of Love". If you notice there are voices so obviously it needed more than just the film score producer so this one (as it states on the album cover) was done and or helped by a guy named Dusty Springfield. Keep in mind this is the Casion Royale from 1967


Wow I apologise I just got carried away listening to different music for probably an hour haha so yeah im on a bit of a different page now. This next artist has nothing to do with the one before but their a solid group you have probably heard of called the "Collie Buddz." If you guys followed the blog earlier you would have heard these guys on the Kya Bamba mix tapes. Here is a pretty dope song by them it always reminds me of Andrew Harris he liked these guys. They have a bit more of the reggae hip hop fusion deep beat sound. Try em out this one is one of their more famous one called come around.


Here is another one called "Blind to you". Another one of their more pop songs.


This one popped up on the Kya Bamba mix tapes I almost like the Kya Bambas mix sounds better but here is the original.

WOW I cant get the Link to copy does anyone know why it wont let you copy and paste sometimes?!

any way the song is called "Hustle" look it up.

Sorry about the random genre switch haha. But anyway enjoy I cant finish this post sorry but I have just been asked to go play water polo...

Please comment and let me know what you liked and didnt and what you want to hear more of PLEASE


  1. Kenty, I miss you!
    I love your postings.
    I think you should make a mix of songs to fall asleep to. It's for Annie, I'm sick of cheezy little kids singing lullabyes. I think Kiera would like it too for her kids.

    And sometimes you can't copy and paste. You have to hyperlink, which is pretty easy. Look up hyperlinking for blogs in google to learn how.

  2. Um well ok for me trip hop and acid jazz ALWAYS lull me to sleep and I sleep like mad when I listen to it. However seeing as how this is a baby and you more than likely dont enjoy this genre I would need one that you like (classical- chill- what ev). I personally would go with classical but yeah let me know if not I can just come up with a list of relaxed songs that I think would work but if you want something different (like a specific genre) let me know. But yeah I will see if I can start making a playlist