Monday, November 29, 2010

mmm dope!!

as you likely have gathered chali 2na is hands down my fav hip hop artist. today i have had a track in my head all day and now im finally listening to it and im just lovin it. the song is "ghetto diplomat" from the J5 J5 album by chali 2na of course. but yeah the first time i heard it it was catchy and all but not that mind blowing. now as i have had it stuck in my head and have been listening to it lately its simply one of the solid gold tracks that rarely come along. dang the beat is so sick and the lyrics and flow and the way the beat cuts in and out and just smoothly rolls is so sick! anyway give it a few listens and you will love it.

K so because im so behind i need to keep things short as always.
U2. one of my fav bands ever. a track that most dont know is van diemans land i would suggest watching it on the helter skelter dvd that they have on you tube. anyway the how to dimantal an atomic bomb is a great album one of my top 5... maybe. miracle drug awesome song maybe just cuz i used ot listen to it wile i snowboarded.
tom pettys greatest hits. just awesome. he is a suprising consistant artist also if you can catch his barried treasure show its great but i could only find it on my sat radio.
the maytones- brown girl in the ring. that is where J5 got the original from. listen to both.
tanya stephens- great reggae artist chic. pretty good suprised to find that the hole albums typically were good not just specific songs only i cant say it yet cuz i have not listened of all songs. warn dem is a great track.
citizen cope- cool aritst im sure you already know him. call me a fad follower but sons gonna rise is still my fav track.
again i think i already mentioned this slightly stoopid "acoustic live and direct" its and amazing live album you should listen to it maybe it will work its way into my top 5 its awesome. love the guns and roses cover.
rebelution- dont know these guys to well but ordinary girl is a great song its also there most popular.
the roots. great hip hop artists my fav album is game theory but i picked up a few more i have not had much time to listen to but you can get game theory at the OP and 2 other of there albums.
big daddy kane. if you like old school rap this is one of the originals. great stuff really the kind of stuff that got me into hip hop in the first place.
kings of convienince- sorry to do this but havent really listend to them much but pretty cool souunding artist so far check them out
collie buds- i think drew listened to them before he left but they are pretty good. i picked them up cuz i heard a couple of tracks on the kya bamba cds i have (KYA BAMBA A MUST GET-already talked about them) i absolutely love the fusion of reggae and hip hop i think it is so sick hard to find the good end of this though
if you want something just pure gangster listen to "bloods and crips bangin on wax" album. havent listend to it to much cuz im trying to listen to good music but yeah domino is on that album and im having such a hard time getting any of his albums.
lucked out in finding a big "pixar" music package including a bugs life cars monsters inc and toy story and finding nemo and i think thats it. finding nemo soundtrack is solid but the tracks are more specific to the film so they are smaller and not as good independant but still not bad. monsters inc is just a shwanky awesome album i guess its really praised in the music world. kind of dig the jazzy up feeling. but still one of my fav film scores is kung fu panda. its certainly worht getting. cars turned out pretty good. i saw dispicalbe me the other nigh and i need to get that film score it was kind of interesting. good movie.
so as you know i love the song "stop that train" by peter tosh look up the acoustic version on you tube its really amazing.
love kenton
please comment on who you like or dont
and do you like names of artists or specific track titles?

Monday, November 22, 2010

1 quick song

I have had this song for a long time and just love it never gets old. only song that is not actually from a film that has made it onto my film list.. its a pretty big deal. haha but yeah the song name is "Sipho" it is by hennie bekker i have no idea if you will be able to find this piece but it is truely amazing. I found it on a set of african cd's i have. if you get the chance go to the OP and snag some africa cds- african music is unreal and in my opinion arguable some of the most beautiful music ever (black people were made for music.) any way you cant find this cd/song in the OP but you might on you tube. I got the cd's in a 3 pack from costco with some more other great african stuff when i was like 15.
love kenton

Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Quick

just a quick album and song update (sorry im trying to do my math homework)
Peter tosh is an absolutley awesome artist and to be honest when he works with bob marley i like it better when tosh takes the lead of the song and the vocals. Any who they did an album called "wisdom" (2 discs) pretty sure they realeased it but never know with Bob marley, could have been a compilation. Anyway great album (atleast the first disc- thats all i have gotten to) but they do alot of there already realesed songs but they did them so well on this album. Such as keep on moving, and thankyou lord (this one not my fav version tho) stop that train (aslo not my fav version but still great (fav version on catch a fire)) they alos did tracks im not familiar with such as leave my business alone. This song is great has a good ska sound love how they did the vocals. Also a song that really struck me as sick chill and just awesome was "Dreamland". I had never heard this track by bob marley but it was awesome. I hope you can find this version from the wisdom album on youtube.
well back to homework thanks for teh comment carmen!
I swear if you guys comment more i will actuallly feel like people are listening and i will update more!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Must be quick

Goodness im behind.

K not goingt to go into detail (this is probably a good thing) but here are some names and such to look into trust me they are all worth it but i dont have time to say why and other random nosnsenses.

Halo soundtrack. done by martain o donell. yes im a halo nerd, but besides that the soundtrack is great
slightly stoopid. Simply blown away with how consistant and legit they are. Not to mention they are so consistant in a genre that is not that defined which is awesome. they are like sublime on without the suckyness and inconsistancy of sublime.
Mono- this is some more trip hop. listen to "silicone" this song not only made it on my acid jazz playlist but also on the music to make love to (this would take place once the playful foreplay has gone down and its go time.)
311. havent given them to much listening but there dont tread on me album lasted in my cd player in my car for like 2 months.
the maytones. got there boat to zion album and im suprised that an old Ska band like that had such a good sound then and was as consistant with that album as they were.
Neil halstead. I have mentioned him before, but listen to baby i grew you a beard. SICK song absolutely love it took me a few times tho. cant find the chords online but the mighty engine song sounds splended on my uke.
jimmy cliff- great artist. think i have already metnioned him but have been listening to him but got a couple of anthologys.
tarrus riley. think i mentioned him to. but yeah got 2 more albums by him (super hard to find (at least outside of itunes)) listen to loves contagious and shes royal. Ablsolutely awesome. took me a few times thru tho.
taj mahal- goodness i think i have already talked about this sticky note of artists on the blog but the best of album is on its way into my top 5
ottis redding- great stuff. lots of good stuff in the genre from that time period. if you like that stuff listen to tom pettys barried treasure show on the "deep tracks" radio station (via satalite, you might be able to find it elsewhere tho- or atleast the track listings.)
J5 quality control- this album blew my mind. easily my favorite effort that j5 has put forth im sure to mention this a little more later on in the blog. they still had both cut chemist and dj numark on the album which meant the beans were so sick and fresh and the raps were the most artistic and flowing and full of style more than any other album i have ever heard. chali 2na was hands down the best i have seen him in his hole career. sad to know j5 is no longer together.

well class is ending ha later