Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Freestyle: The Art of Ryhme" "Chali 2na"

I recently watched the film "Freestyle: The Art of Ryhme". I would suggest to anyone who likes hip hop or even just wants to like it to watch this film. Its truely an epic film in my eyes because this is the first documentary that covers all areas of freestyle hip hop and really gives you the roots of hip hop and a small taste of the real deal. I guess my favorite part of this movie was it was not just a bunch of random names they wanted to glorify they took the best in the business. Sway and King Tech (the guys who do "The Wake Up Show" I highley suggest you check out their radio show), they cover a lot of the Supernatural vs Juice battle, they do the supernatrual and Craig G (both battles) and they have some of Biggies raps from when he was younger and again just a bunch of great names you even see my fav 2na do a little talking It has a dope scene with both Cut Chemist and DJ Numark at the same time spinning a song. Great documentary its worth getting and watching forsure if you like hip hop.

Afterward I was youtubing around and pulled a bunch of Chali 2na feature tracks. I will just post a few of my favs (of the ones I pulled last night about 3 A.M.)
On this track I really dig the beat- not so much the beat but the sounds that are going on with it. Really cool

This next one is pretty cool to

Here is another! this one moves a little more. This one he does with "Planet Asia"- aslo featured in the documentary.

This one he does with "Fatlip". I havent heard him before but I picked up an album by him ill be sure to check it out. This sounds a LOT like what 2na and Dj Format did together.
This is one he did with Dj Format. This song reminds me alot of work thats when I used to listen to it ha.

Well there is a few if you want more ask that is only the surface. Please let me know which are your favs or if you werent such a fan. Thanks and please watch that movie its pretty cool its a little over an hour.

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