Monday, March 28, 2011

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" "Di Mealo, De Lucia..." "Seis Cuerdas"

So I will do a quick post so I can keep my mind on all of my finals. Been swimmen through some sweet music lately so I will post a few. These ones you probably know, they are from the film "Oh brother where art thou" which is an epic film that you need to see if for some reason you have not. The first song is the typical classic from the film you all know, "In constant sorrow". This next one took a little while to grow on me- at first it was just a simple nice melody but it has been growing on me like mad and im really starting to see more of the value in this song. Its "Fly Away" also from the film. I was playin around with it on my uke today. The vocals are what really make this song Also a good one you know this one to I wasnt going to post it but this song is probably the best know from the film and is epic. My cousin sang this once at a campfire and it was epic. "Down to the river to pray" you just cant leave this one out. This next one is by a few artist you will see them in the title im not going to write them down its hard to spell. This song is like a 15 minute just south of the border Jazz jam and dang its sick. Its called "Mediterainian sundacne" this is the best version I could find I wish I could find the hole 11 min of it its a super sweet song T-Money aka Trevor came into my room while I was listening ot this song and said if you like this than listen to this. He showed me a song by "Seis Cuerdas" that is freakin sweet. He said his aunt found it? anyway here is the link Do enjoy if you like this I have lots more please comment

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  1. O Brother Where Art Thou is one of the best soundtracks ever! And a good movie haha