Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A quick song. i have finals.

First off what the F happened to the comments and the readers?! where you guys at.

Anyway just one quick song cuz i have tons of crap that needs doing. the song is "hayling" by FC Kahuna. Trip hop for sure but awesome song. this was the first song of this genre i ever liked. funny story. This summer i got crazy CRAZY sick (i weighed 29 pounds less than i do now.. i weigh 209 ahem thankyou) with "krypto" something. I was lying on my couch just being crazy sick and it was like the middle of the day when i discovered our new blu ray dvd player can have internet on the tv. so i signed on to pandora via the remote and made a Finley Quaye radio station. Little did i realize that the results of that would be acid jazz. anyway as the first few songs of that genre played i was dissapointed thats what it brouhgt me and did not care for the genre at all. Anyway i then fell asleep. the next series of events cannot not be descirbed in words how crazy it was but i will try. Anyway i woke up - if you can call it that seeing how sick i was- and my head was just like spinning i was super sweaty it was in the mid day sun in like july there was no AC and i had a feever and blankets on me. Anyway the song hayling was playing on the T.V. and i have NEVER experienced music like i did this song- i was so tripped out and strung out i just remember this music litterally inside of me just like pulsing and it was so crazy i have never experienced music on a level like that before. it was really like in me i cant describe like it was all so trippy i cant even describe.
From then on i saw acid jazz and trip hop in a hole new light. If you dont like it i dont blame you cuz you never have seen it like i have. but trust me once it makes sense its swell.

Love Kenton
Sorry to babble on so much not about music.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have been working a lot lately on the "sylvester" cd finding and orginizing all of the music and i am super stoked about this one. I have had a ich to stop listening to hip hop and chill music (what has been dominating my ipod these last 2 months) and finally come back to the deeper more complex end of classical style music.
Im dying to share (its sad how excited i am) the music and the new albums i have been finding thta will appear on this compilation.
but you will have to wait til christmas!! hehe!!
anyway if would like a christmas copy just post a comment and i will gladly make you one!
love kenton
mmm bum bumm be doo mmm!!

How about some boogie?

Albert Ammons ablum titled "the boogie woogie man" can be found at the OP. THIS IS A MUST GET. great album. if you live in orem get it. great cd do bare with me its an older recording but it seems to sound pretty good. really good feeling album, i have been listening to this along with some frank sinatra and it makes you realize how much blues and jazz are just as big and enjoyable as hip hop rock reggae and aything else. anyway for real if you live in orem get this one from the library.
I have been listening to more and more of the frank sinatras "greatest hits" album. Absolutely STELLAR. Im not sure which one the OP has (didnt get it from there) but i know they have a ton of them there. If any of you noticed i used a sinatra quote as a face book status from the song "Something stupid" (AMAZING SON- i think its more on his pop end tho). But who knows im thinking about bagging my facebook. anyway some other good songs are the theme from "new york new york" and "ol man river" i hope to get some more soon. Ol man river is not the best song all the way trhough but some parts such as like 2 minutes is great.
Louis lortie- im pretty sure i have already mentioned him. any way to great tracks by him (found on the "daydreams" anthology found at the op.. under classical piano i think?) anyway the 2 tracks are
Chopin: Etude #1 in A flat, Op. 25/1, CT 26, "Aeolian Harp"
Liszt: Un Sospiro Concert Study, S 144/3
not sure what you should type into you tube to find these but great classical pieces these two are on the cd im making titled "sylvester" which is made up of mostly film scores and classical music. if you would like a copy i hope to have it done by christmas so yeah.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"the yard"

So recently i have started going to the gym. Purely so i can listen to dope music and feel legit in the gym. And because of this i pretend every time im working out im in the pirson yard. it feels really cool. anywho because of this i have made a playlist which is where "ghetto diplomat" turned up. So anyway here are a few more tracks that fit not only this song but the "yard".
Funky 4 U (actuall spelling) on the album "return from mecca" (some good tracks on this album if you like there style) this is again Chali 2na (he is most of this list) wiht X-Clan. This track is a little more.. how to say it... not gangster but deep bass and thugish? anyway you will see what i mean. due keep in mind i did NOT like this song much the first few times so be patient with it. but easily the best part is as always 2na's.

Tippa Ire feat Chali 2na song title "Come on". Again this song is not that simmilar to ghetto diplomat but it fits the list fine and makes me work out harder... in the yard with the boys.

Chali 2nas "international" does this song with beanie man (check out beanie mans heaven on earth song). Suprisingly a lot of people have heard this song. But i havent.. haha anyway this is a great song i have heard it not only on the kya bambas mixtapes (that was the first time) but i personally like the version on the actual chali 2na fish outa water album. the first song leads into it so well.

Anyways i know i sort of neglected the point of finding songs simmilar to ghetto diplomat scott, but those are to far off. i will keep my eye open for other songs with the same rolling bass and lyric style of that song.

So yeah there are a few other songs on the "yard" that i will mention. I have 3 tracks by Kya bamba that you have to play back to back of course (like all of there music) that are and have forever been some of my favs. These turned up on the "drew cat" cd i made. I think suzy V. was the only one who got that cd tho. any way the three songs can be found on there website along with all of there other stuff dont youtube this one cuz you have to hear them together and i doubt they are all on you tube. any way the tracks are as follows. all from mixtape 6
Konshens better life badazz remix
Busy signal- Hustling
Busy signal- Tie & dye face remix
yeah so snag these off of there my space site and last i checked the sixth mix tape is still totally free for download. i suggest you get it. the last of the three songs just jams but dont get greedey listen to all three in a row.

Frontier Psyciatrist by the avalanches. This song is probably going off of the list of the "yard" just cuz its really not that fitting and its somehting not just casually listened to. You sort of have to appreciate pure disc jocky-ing to like this one- its a little less pleasing to the ear but its still sick. I remember skating to this song and the hole album (album is since i left you- its in the OP) and i had just a strange connection and skate sesh to this song maybe thats why i like it. it seems like some music only connects with you at certainn times but when it does oh it does!!

Flava in ya ear by craig mac. this is just an old school rap song (well not that old) but its really good. think i liked this one right off the bat. picked this one up off of my old satalite radio.

hieroglyphics "after dark" one of the first 2 rap songs i had ever liked. dont know how this made it to the list but give it a listen. great underground stuff

anyway tell me what you think. and also if your getting these off of you tube i would suggest not watching the vedio cuz it may detract from the music.

Monday, November 29, 2010

mmm dope!!

as you likely have gathered chali 2na is hands down my fav hip hop artist. today i have had a track in my head all day and now im finally listening to it and im just lovin it. the song is "ghetto diplomat" from the J5 J5 album by chali 2na of course. but yeah the first time i heard it it was catchy and all but not that mind blowing. now as i have had it stuck in my head and have been listening to it lately its simply one of the solid gold tracks that rarely come along. dang the beat is so sick and the lyrics and flow and the way the beat cuts in and out and just smoothly rolls is so sick! anyway give it a few listens and you will love it.

K so because im so behind i need to keep things short as always.
U2. one of my fav bands ever. a track that most dont know is van diemans land i would suggest watching it on the helter skelter dvd that they have on you tube. anyway the how to dimantal an atomic bomb is a great album one of my top 5... maybe. miracle drug awesome song maybe just cuz i used ot listen to it wile i snowboarded.
tom pettys greatest hits. just awesome. he is a suprising consistant artist also if you can catch his barried treasure show its great but i could only find it on my sat radio.
the maytones- brown girl in the ring. that is where J5 got the original from. listen to both.
tanya stephens- great reggae artist chic. pretty good suprised to find that the hole albums typically were good not just specific songs only i cant say it yet cuz i have not listened of all songs. warn dem is a great track.
citizen cope- cool aritst im sure you already know him. call me a fad follower but sons gonna rise is still my fav track.
again i think i already mentioned this slightly stoopid "acoustic live and direct" its and amazing live album you should listen to it maybe it will work its way into my top 5 its awesome. love the guns and roses cover.
rebelution- dont know these guys to well but ordinary girl is a great song its also there most popular.
the roots. great hip hop artists my fav album is game theory but i picked up a few more i have not had much time to listen to but you can get game theory at the OP and 2 other of there albums.
big daddy kane. if you like old school rap this is one of the originals. great stuff really the kind of stuff that got me into hip hop in the first place.
kings of convienince- sorry to do this but havent really listend to them much but pretty cool souunding artist so far check them out
collie buds- i think drew listened to them before he left but they are pretty good. i picked them up cuz i heard a couple of tracks on the kya bamba cds i have (KYA BAMBA A MUST GET-already talked about them) i absolutely love the fusion of reggae and hip hop i think it is so sick hard to find the good end of this though
if you want something just pure gangster listen to "bloods and crips bangin on wax" album. havent listend to it to much cuz im trying to listen to good music but yeah domino is on that album and im having such a hard time getting any of his albums.
lucked out in finding a big "pixar" music package including a bugs life cars monsters inc and toy story and finding nemo and i think thats it. finding nemo soundtrack is solid but the tracks are more specific to the film so they are smaller and not as good independant but still not bad. monsters inc is just a shwanky awesome album i guess its really praised in the music world. kind of dig the jazzy up feeling. but still one of my fav film scores is kung fu panda. its certainly worht getting. cars turned out pretty good. i saw dispicalbe me the other nigh and i need to get that film score it was kind of interesting. good movie.
so as you know i love the song "stop that train" by peter tosh look up the acoustic version on you tube its really amazing.
love kenton
please comment on who you like or dont
and do you like names of artists or specific track titles?

Monday, November 22, 2010

1 quick song

I have had this song for a long time and just love it never gets old. only song that is not actually from a film that has made it onto my film list.. its a pretty big deal. haha but yeah the song name is "Sipho" it is by hennie bekker i have no idea if you will be able to find this piece but it is truely amazing. I found it on a set of african cd's i have. if you get the chance go to the OP and snag some africa cds- african music is unreal and in my opinion arguable some of the most beautiful music ever (black people were made for music.) any way you cant find this cd/song in the OP but you might on you tube. I got the cd's in a 3 pack from costco with some more other great african stuff when i was like 15.
love kenton

Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Quick

just a quick album and song update (sorry im trying to do my math homework)
Peter tosh is an absolutley awesome artist and to be honest when he works with bob marley i like it better when tosh takes the lead of the song and the vocals. Any who they did an album called "wisdom" (2 discs) pretty sure they realeased it but never know with Bob marley, could have been a compilation. Anyway great album (atleast the first disc- thats all i have gotten to) but they do alot of there already realesed songs but they did them so well on this album. Such as keep on moving, and thankyou lord (this one not my fav version tho) stop that train (aslo not my fav version but still great (fav version on catch a fire)) they alos did tracks im not familiar with such as leave my business alone. This song is great has a good ska sound love how they did the vocals. Also a song that really struck me as sick chill and just awesome was "Dreamland". I had never heard this track by bob marley but it was awesome. I hope you can find this version from the wisdom album on youtube.
well back to homework thanks for teh comment carmen!
I swear if you guys comment more i will actuallly feel like people are listening and i will update more!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Must be quick

Goodness im behind.

K not goingt to go into detail (this is probably a good thing) but here are some names and such to look into trust me they are all worth it but i dont have time to say why and other random nosnsenses.

Halo soundtrack. done by martain o donell. yes im a halo nerd, but besides that the soundtrack is great
slightly stoopid. Simply blown away with how consistant and legit they are. Not to mention they are so consistant in a genre that is not that defined which is awesome. they are like sublime on without the suckyness and inconsistancy of sublime.
Mono- this is some more trip hop. listen to "silicone" this song not only made it on my acid jazz playlist but also on the music to make love to (this would take place once the playful foreplay has gone down and its go time.)
311. havent given them to much listening but there dont tread on me album lasted in my cd player in my car for like 2 months.
the maytones. got there boat to zion album and im suprised that an old Ska band like that had such a good sound then and was as consistant with that album as they were.
Neil halstead. I have mentioned him before, but listen to baby i grew you a beard. SICK song absolutely love it took me a few times tho. cant find the chords online but the mighty engine song sounds splended on my uke.
jimmy cliff- great artist. think i have already metnioned him but have been listening to him but got a couple of anthologys.
tarrus riley. think i mentioned him to. but yeah got 2 more albums by him (super hard to find (at least outside of itunes)) listen to loves contagious and shes royal. Ablsolutely awesome. took me a few times thru tho.
taj mahal- goodness i think i have already talked about this sticky note of artists on the blog but the best of album is on its way into my top 5
ottis redding- great stuff. lots of good stuff in the genre from that time period. if you like that stuff listen to tom pettys barried treasure show on the "deep tracks" radio station (via satalite, you might be able to find it elsewhere tho- or atleast the track listings.)
J5 quality control- this album blew my mind. easily my favorite effort that j5 has put forth im sure to mention this a little more later on in the blog. they still had both cut chemist and dj numark on the album which meant the beans were so sick and fresh and the raps were the most artistic and flowing and full of style more than any other album i have ever heard. chali 2na was hands down the best i have seen him in his hole career. sad to know j5 is no longer together.

well class is ending ha later

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey oh! huge list I have been comprising but neglecting to post because im a university man and life is difficult at times. any who, here we go.
March of the penguins soundtrack "the egg arrives" awesome song. Really like this one.
oh and btw im just going off of a list of tracks i have made so sorry if i go into no detail about them (cuz i know you all just love it so much when i just ramble...)

Jimi Hendrix. As you all know he is a legend and he is pretty rad. Sadly enough i have never really listened to him to much but i have had the album "experience hendrix" super steller album i think its just a best of. Anyway solid album i would look into it if you dont know him well. Also i just barely got valleys of neptune i havent had time to listen to it yet but im stocked to.

Speaking of Jimi's- Jimi cliff. for those of you who have never listened to jamaican "ska"... shame on you. This is absolutely excellent music. I would suggest developing a pretty solid love for regular more modern reggae before you can really trip back to ska. Ska is basically (not entirely..) old school reggae. Jimi cliff is probably one of my favs from this old genre, however there are still tons of names that are great (paragons, skatalites- skatalites have an album at the OP). If you like modern reggae and you truely appreciate reggae for more than just the pop music coming from this genre i would suggest getting the in my opinion worlds greatest ska compilation titled "trojan ska" you can get it at the OP and you can find a lot on you tube (heads up tho its just someone filming a reccord player). Anyway- i think the main reason i like ska is how well the vocals harmonize and work with the music. This music is fun to listen to and sing a long but sing a line of harmony or the melody of like the trumpets or something and it sound really cool and almost bluesie. Keep in mind this music is infact very chill and good feeling once you learn to appreciate it. These songs would be so sick to cover or remake.

Eric clapton- "the sky is cryin"- mmmm yeah.

Jimi cliff- "miss jamaica" (this is on trojan ska) listen to this song a few times thru (you may not like it) and sing the lyrics as you go about your day and just grasp just the way the lyrics sound even on there own.. and you will realize how tight this song is along with all ska

Bob marley- my bob collection got wiped out but im finally done getting it all back (my ipod froze.) Talking about bob marley pisses me off in reality. Im so sick of kids wearing rasta colors and repping bob marley T's and in reality like most of his listeners the know close to nothing about who he really is but most of all they know so little of his music and his real stuff not his latest more pop stuff. I would love to wear a bob marley t but i cant because i would feel like one of the many posers. I put a bob marley sticker on my uke and it was the songs of freedom cover becasue the songs of freedom compilation is easily in my top 5 albums but i feel like any REAL bob fan who saw that would just assume me to be a poser which would just piss me off. Any way- these are the albums i have by him. they are all amazing even if you dont like ti the first time.
African Herbsman
Babylon By Bus
The best of the upsetter years
The bob marley collection
Bob marley meets lee scratch perry
the bob marley story
Burn Dem
Catch a fire ( there is a movie about this one- his first major album release.. stop that train is on this album and alot of other peter tosh... awesome)
The complete upsetters collection
Germany 1980 (not the hole thing.. :(
Live in Pittsburg (final concert)
Live! (thats all its called)
Live at santa barbra
Lively up yourself
More of bob marley at his best
Natty Dread
One love- the very best of
Paris theater London
Rastaman Vibration
Rebel Music
Record plant studious
AND OH HOW I LOVE "Songs of freedom" (Disc 1 is in my top 5 albums)
Soul Revolution
Stop that train (single release)
Talkin blues
there are a few more but not of all of them i put into my itunes as much as i listen to bob im still not even close to knowing everything. So next time you see some kid wearing a bob shirt and some rasta bracelets, know that more than likely he is nothing more than a poser. Anyway- in my opinion hands down the best album is songs of freedom disc 1. His old music is so much better than his newer stuff in my opinion but anwya give it a listen.

Kya bamba- just sick. Not sure if i have mentioned them yet i cant imagine i havent but anyway they are so sick great fusion of reggae with hip hop and just sick krunk music. great to listen to while snowboarding

Normon Blake- slow train through Georgia- also, spanish fandaingo ( made it to my "mega chill playlist"

Ottis redding- "shout bannorama" "dreams to remember ( john mayer covered it but ottis did a million times better with the orig)" "You left the water running" you left the water running is an awesome song same with the other two. The vocals in you left the watter running is awesome

Peter tosh- "Stop that train"-one of my favorite songs, and "Go tell it on the mountain" great songs. Tosh was one of marleys best friends from a kid and he is one of the wailers. bob marley is still on the stop this train track. there are a few different releases of stop that train but yeah listen to "equal righs" decent song but i love it when he says father of jesus

Slightly stoopid- these guys are just awesome im sure you have heard them before listen to closer to the sun ablum its on of the few albums in this world that is consistantly good all the way through.

Alright thats it for now. that is about 1/3 of the music i still need to post sorry i will try to find more time. enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So sorry... but i will make up for it... 9-21

Dear listeners (which i have two of thankyou brady and carmen)
sorry i havent posted in forever. i do school from dusk til dawn so lay off.
Any who. I have a ton of music lined up to be posted unfortunently i have not had the time to.
but to make up for it i shall bless you with a piece that is just an absolute all time favorite of mine. Its a piano piece by Scott Joplin (the king of ragtime.. and for good reasons) titled "saint louis blues" you tube this " Scott Joplin - Saint Louis Blues.wmv " its the first one that shows up. I used to listen to this piece everyday in my car inbetween early morning seminary and first period. this one you need to give a listen to like a good 10 times at least if you dont like it. trust me!! its amazing. It bridged me really well into rag time (the OP (orem pulbic library) has a great ragtime selection) If you dont konw much about ragtime its basically the best thing ever i used to listen to it alot scott joplin is basically the king of all ragtime. but anyway check out the library they have a lot. but ragtime is a great bridge to blues as well. this is strait soul music that i hope you realize is soul music. let it out to this song. Once you find yourself just letting it out to this song especially at the climax and the end and you just feel so into it THAT IS YOUR FIRST CLUE THAT YOUR IN LOVE WITH BLUES MUSIC. please dont let this beautiful opertunity pass you by blues is an ubelieveably awesome genre of music that sounds so weird unless you listen to it right but any way i was supposed to only tell you about one song cuz its late and i have homework and i ended up saying more than i would have if i had just posted all of the new music. but anyway if you like this comment and i will give you some blues and ragtime artists that will bridge you further into these genres.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot Damn! 9-2

mmm can anyone say some instramental flavor?! check out the garden by cut chemist on the audience is listening.

Check the hole album out infact but that song is sick. keep listening cut chemist is so smart with when to come in with what beats. If you didnt already know cut chemist does the beats for jurassic 5. he is sick this is an all instramental album he did i think you can get it at the OP (orem public library)

Todays Music 9-2

today not a ton of music stuff goin on.

check the song
The shining path by thievery corporation on radio retaliation

again caught myself listening to michael frantis yell fire album today

listened to my "random chill time" (posted earlier) on my friends new house balcony for like over an our and it made a wonderful bliss along with the ocean.

A friend of mine introduced me to an hip hop artist named "MF doom". i really havent had much time to listen to him but my friend gave me like fifteen of his albums which means it will take a wile before i can go through it all. but the albums i put into itunes (havent put all of them in there yet need to make sure i like him) are as follows.
Born like this
MM food
Vaudeville villain
Venemous villain
take me to your leader
i think the take you to my leader might be an album he did with someone else tho. but yeah ill check him out and pull my favorties.
My buddy said he does a lot of unique things, such as in an instramental cd he did he used nothing but sounds in a 1970's godzilla film. stuff like that is typically cool so check him out.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todays music 9-1

gonna make this quick cuz im effin tired. and yes it is 9-1 my internet is still on utah time so go off of the dates i say not the internet.

First off, more about kung fu panda. fav track, oogway accends. super dramatic cool song especially if you liked the lion king end of hans zimmer.

got the march of the penguins album suprised it worked out and i found it. but its nothing amazing proabably to anyone else but i really like it. probably because i was raised in the snow it really gives that feel. my fav track is "the march" the score was done by alex wurman.

a song called "stakes is high" by "de la soul". de la soul is great a good influencer on a lot of rap like tribe called quest.

next is a song i found on one of my hip hop lists. its by an artist im not to familiar with the artist is "loop troop" check out the song "poor lonesome boy" by him on album "sidewalk headliners"

also found myself listening to phanton of the opera today. gotta love it. the soundtrack from the film

also dont ask me how but listened to a few songs by yellow card. havent heard them FOREVER like since i was like 10. i went and saw them live they were my first concert.

also i was listening to some of jack johnsons kfog archive music. check out and these are some of my fav songs by him ever but check out frankie and albert and pirate looks at forty. youtube didnt have these songs for the longest time but then they finally got them a few months ago.

jj calls out an artist names "taj mahal" on the franki and alber track. i was blown away with how much i liked the song "cake walk into town" on taj mahal. really fun song to harmonize to and just let your blues out.

that is all. farewell

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Music for (8-31)

There is an artist named or calls him self "Bense". he is french i truely have no idea how i stumbled apon him on youtube a few years back but anyway i have three of his songs. Yes, they are all in french (i rarely listen to foreign lang. music) but i really like it actually. its just a chill sound and the musical qualities are great. you tube him and type in "bense angela session acoustic" and it should pop up as a black and white vedio of some guy with a hat playing. check him out the other songs or titles are "buvons" and "Au grand". Justin didnt like this guy if i remember right but give it a few listens and it will grow on you its pretty solid.

Also today i found myself listening to michael franti and spearhead. no im not a hippie or a vegitarian or enviormentalist but there is no denying franti is a great artist. he is pretty anti gov liberal and the hole bit but his music is great. i was listening to his album "yell fire" (debatably in my top 5 albums) and its awesome. What suprises me is how consistant every song is on that album. its not just like one or two good hits and then decent everything else every song is really like a money good treasure on the yell fire album. if i were you i would just strait up buy that album not on itunes tho cuz if you use itunes your wasting money and your a sap. i would list my favorite tracks but that would just take forever cuz like i said they are all money. not sure how consistant his other albums are but the yell fire is MONEY

I got a song today by a band/artist titled "mono" its more of that acid jazz/ trip hop but its a great song even if your not that familiar to the genre. but the song i got is called "silicone" i only have one track but im defenitly going to try and get a few albums. awesome song.

Listened a lot more to thievery corporation today. i continued to listen to the radio retaliation album and its just growing more and more on me its awesome. but the reason i bring them up is i got another song by them today titled heavens gonna burn your eyes on album richest man in babylon. cool song the beat drops in a litttle way into the song and its awesome.

back to the hip hop got a song by outerspace today called american me. check it out its pretty cool thats all there is to it. outerspace is pretty underground to

another song i got today more similar to neil halstead was song "god made the automobile" by iron & wine on around the well. pretty cool song again just check it out.

listenin to some more frank sinatra today. gotta love it dang its been a wile since i have jammed to jazz and blues and such. favorite track of the day by him is "them song of new york new york" great stuff i think he did the soundtrack for oceans eleven thats what justin told me atleast.

Still the number one most played song on my itunes is tonny bennet and billy joel singing "new york sate of mind" on tonny bennets "playing with my friends" album. tonny bennet plus bill joel especially on a song like that is amazing.

Also litened to some howard shore. gotta love the fellowship of the ring soundtrack.

wow you can tell by the way the paragraphs decline how lazy i get about typing aobut artists and music.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music for (8-31)

Finally got the Matt Costa cd's i wanted. i somehow lost the ones i already had on my comp. but anyway i got the albums titled "Songs we sing"(one of my favs the one i know the best) "unfamiliar faces" and "matt costa ep". matt costa is really a great artist, you will really like him if your into people like jack johnson donavin frankenwritter ben harper etc. Matt costa is great but ill be honest he is kind of weird. he has some really good chill talented music and then he has some mega weird stuff so dont let just a few songs turn you away from him. some of my favortites by him are
On Songs we sing:
Yellow taxi
Cold december
sunshine (probably his most famous)
sweet rose
on Unfamiliar Faces
miss magnolia (love this song)
mr. pitiful (like the acoustic version of this way better than the album recording you can find it acoustic on you tube type in matt costa mr. pitiful kfog archives
on Matt costa Ep
movin on
It suprise me how steathily he is "twangy" like i was saying about norman blake a few posts back im tellin you you have no idea how much of this twangy bluegrass stuff is showin up in music and you would be suprised how much you can appreciate it. Not sure i posted this name or track but if you like matt costa you will like the song me and julio down by the school yard by paul simon on negotiations and love songs. great track that just popped into my head but also on the more serious songs like astair matt costa does that is sort of like a beautiful lullaby paul simon aslo has those on the same album try something so right and st. judy's commet. both GREAT songs and they fit really well in the same ball park as matt costas lullaby style songs. again if you want to hear any of these songs just youtube them.

aslo on this same tagent of music i just barley ripped strait from you tube the album oh mighty engine by Neil Halstead. I heard neil halstead at the jack johnson concert like the opening show for the people who were opening for the people who were opening for jack johnson haha so yeah totally small artist pretty sure he is super underground still (could be wrong considering i dont know the radio trends very well) but yeah i was probably the only one listening to him while he played and i remember really likin it he was just him himself playin acoustic and it was really good. anyway i couldnt find any of his albums on my UK websites or even on any "other" websites the only place i could find him was youtube so yeah. i think he is from england. ANYWAY his music is really good i would check out his albums. The thing about him is is he really is the chillest artist i have ever heard.. ever. infact i thought i would never say this but maybe to chill. these songs would be like sick for a bonfire. but MAJOR MELLOW music but yeah here are some of my favorites from the album oh mighty engine
On oh might engine
baby i grew you a beird
oh mihgy engine
and many more but yeah check him out for sure this totally seems like something justin nickle would like so susy if you actually read these tell him or i will when i see him in a week ha

Music for (8-31)

As you may have noticed im getting pretty interested in this trip hop and acid jazz. i got an album by "thievery corporation" and they are a great band in this genre. i got the album radio retailiation. From what i have heard (listening to it right now :) ) its really cool. Really unique like most of this music is however it still sticks to the familiar base of most music... like although its out there it still isnt like so bizzare you cant listen to it which in some other bands of this genre they are good but just so bizzare you really have to listen to enjoy. this album would be great for like homework... or.. tripping on acid.

Music for (8-31)

MMMMM hans zimmer hi. i really love him but i think alot of it has to be credited to the fact i love film scores. In addition to the recent addition (that was cool) of lion king and kung fu panda (both AWESOME) i also got the cod4:2 soundtrack (modern warfare two) and there are like a billion tracks but they are pretty good. i also forgot that i have the black hawk down soundtrack he did as well. i also got the pirates of the caribean at world ends sound track he did. i was trying to get the last samuri to but it didnt work out. Another film score i really want (not hans zimmer) is the march of the penguins soundtrack. i have heard one or two pieces from it and its pretty good i would suggest checking it out. i have never seen the movie tho. and of course we cant forget one of the best film scores of all time... lotr done by howard shore i like the first movies score the best. even if your one of those people with the mind of a two year old and couldnt appreciate the films of lotr, you will still like the soundtrack i promise.

Monday, August 30, 2010

AHHHH (more music for 8/30)

FML i just typed a big effing paragraph and it got erased. here we go again. one of my favorite top 5 albums (top 5 is a huge deal to me) is the thicker than wather soundtrack. its the soundtrack from the film thicker than water that jack johnson did. its really good. one track really sticks out to me and thats rainbow. its the second track i believe. well last time when it all got erased it typed all about how i got into blues music and how artists and songs can be bridges. well screw writing that out again. also i talked about the movie thicker than water and brokedwon melody. youll just have to check them out on your own cuz i aint typin all that again. but a thankyou to justin nickle who owns all those surf movies and got me into them. the reason im not typin all this out again is cuz the soundtrack to kungfu panda just finished downloading!!!! i have wanted this for so long and i finally got it and am loving every moment of this hans zimmer did yet again a more than perfect job. i love it how he can capture the apitimy of what you would think the spirit of a country or land would be like. such as in lion king it just seems to be african (when in reality its pretty far of from african music) but it seems to capture such a beautiful spirt i just love it and cant get enough of it now i have the asian end. yes this is so good mmmm and i have lots more hans zimmer on the way and i new pandora of him.

More music for today 8/30

Was listening to some of my sunday favorites and remembered a really good fav of mine although i only like a few of his songs... but i know its only a matter before it all grows on me and i understand it all. but anyway its norman blake. the orem public library has TONS of his albums and although its like country/blue grass like tenesse style its still shockingly good and you would be amazed at how similar it is to music that you would listen to and consider "chill". anyway my fav album by him is slow train throuhg georgia. you really have to get over the twangy bluegrass style but once you do you will love it. again, i only like a few tracks from this album because its so country and i typically dont listen to country but like i said its really similar to music you would listen to. anyway, check out the tracks called slow train through georgia, and spanish fandango(this one is an instramental) little joe, and there are a few other good ones on here but really if i was to slip an instramental from him on a chill cd i made and gave it to someone i can gurantee it would be a fav track you just have to get over the country vibe. but anyway start with spanish fandango its a really beautiful piece. Also, cant beet motab on the sabbath as well.

todays music

Got a few more albums today. only im finding i need more time to jam!

I got 3 albums from pete rock & c.l. smooth. these guys are really good and i dont know how i havent heard of them before like a month ago. but anway they have some really good tracks my favorite is take you there by pete rock on.. not sure i got it off of a album called the ninth wonder somthin. anyway just youtube it and youll be sure to find it. its a pretty solid track and its my fav by them atleast from what i have heard so far. but i got the albums titled "petestramentals" "soul survivor" "the surviving elements" "mecca & soul brother" "the main ingredient." which i guess is more than three albums my bad haha. but anyway got some others but until i listen to them to bad. but pete rock and cl smooth are sort of a more positive tip hip hop group but yet they have a unique sound in the p-tip world. check em out it will be worth your time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Todays music

Today got some good new music
a bunch of new albums. first, i finally got the album by jack johnson titled en concert. sad i just got it? yes. but F braden lanham who promised to let me barrow it. its a great cd im a HUGE jj fan but it always pisses me off to see songs by him that were underground come up on his albums. i liked them better when people werent always playing them in the cars and stuff. but anyway, good to hear them he did a great job. like the original recordings of home and country road way better tho.

Also, i got 4 different albums from bizmarkie today. havent listened to to many of them yet but i see some of my favorites on there including "vapors" and "throw back". both are super sick and worth you tubing for sure.

Also, got deleirums album titled chimera. SUPER SICK havent listened to the hole thing all the way thru yet but they are a lot like zero 7 and i cant get enough of this acid jazz and trip hop (this cd is a lil more trip hop tho) but it has one of my favorite tracks ever on there called "stopwatch harts" super sick amazing track its on the cd i gave to suzy called underwater only im not sure the full version is on there. you should totally check that song out on you tube tho

Also, got frank sinatras greatest hits cd. need i explain? he is sick and thats all there is to it.

Also, "martina topley bird"s album titled the blue god. havent listened to this album to much but from what i have heard its pretty good. also a song on there that was also on susans album "underwater" that i gave her. the one by these guys is her favortie she told me titled "i still feel" its a pretty good song.

Also, finally got the J5 quality control album long story as to why i havent had it this hole time considering they are favorites. but yeah j5 in generall is bomb.

Anyway, thats today. check them out i hope to get some time to listen to all this all the way thru a few times

Todays music

Got a hole new plethora of music. i got most of Zero 7's albums yesterday and i have been listening to them and they are really good really unique if you havent listened to them i suggest you do. they are sort of acid jazz, but every track is different and bizzare. give them a listen to forsure. i think the OP (orem pulic library) has two of there albums? but last time i went they were lost so good lukc. but zero 7 is tight the song that made me interested in them and got me into getting there albums was in the waiting line by zero 7 on in the waiting line. cool instramental song really unique refreshing to here them. be sure to give them a few listens becuase its weird so the first few time heard you probably wont like them bust trust me. also got like over 500 new rap songs today that i will be picking thru. i will update my favorites from those as i go thru it over the next wile. a cool song i listened to today was directions by psyce origami on the standard. its a sick song that popped up on my p-tip (positive tip) rap station on pandora. i have had it for a wile but it still is super sick.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Origial hip hop

posted this on facebook. its sick.
fuchnickens ft. phife dawg la schmoove look up the old school rap vedio. those cats can jam. wish hip hop like that was still being made.

Ohter things i found this week

check out the lion king deluxe soundtrack.. hanz zimmer did over 3 tracks that really are like the best pieces of music ever especially if you like film scores.
the track names are as follows...
this land
king of pride rock
under the stars

this land is my fav then under the stars then pride rock but they are all super dope and good. found these like four days ago and i added them to my africa playlist however there not that african.. oh well.

Also i got the album distant relatives by damian marley and NAS a few days ago. its prettty solid i really like NAS and any track feat. damian marley i have ever heard was super dope. speaking of tracks feat. him check these out
guns up by chali 2na on fish outta water
ganja bus by cyprus hill on til death do us part ( took a few times before i liked this song but thats how all of cyprus hill songs are for me)
no, no, no, by eve on gangsta lovin - this was the first song on the cd i made for susan. its repeditave at fist but the end gets pretty dope
stand up by guru on jazzmatazz volume 4 - if you have never heard of jazzmatazz he is pretty interesting what he has done with jazz and hip hop look into it
i come prepared by k'naan on troubadour
traffic jam on kay bambas forth mix cd
iwannabe by musiq soulchild on onmyradio
culture reunited by x-clan on return from mecca

All of these tracks of course feature damian marley. there all pretty solid
ha since i mentioned x clan on that last song...
you should check x clan out. there pretty sick its a little more gangster rap but they really do a good job with it check out there return from mecca album.. i dont have the hole album but i have sent the request in a few weeks ago to the website i get alot of the music i listen to. but check out these songs by xclan
why you doin that
speak the truth
funky 4 you.. this track is feat chali 2na :) :) whom i love

speaking of chali 2na... he is seriously so sick and is one of my fav rappers. for those of you who dont know him he is like the super low voice in Jurassic 5 (j5 likely my favorite rap group of all time-but that hasnt been decided yet) listen to his stuff he did with j5 and also check out his self released album fish outta water (mentiond earlier) aslo he has some more harder to find feat tracks as listed

the place by dj format on if you cant join em beat em - this track is sick!
international by beenie man on kya bamba mix cd 4 but this is proabably his most famous track
not afraind to die by tippa ire on talk the truth
come on by tippa ire on talk the truth
all of these songs feat chali 2na of course

now i know i keep getting carried away but i mentioned dj format and there is just one song by him that you should check out
ugly brothers by dj format on if you cant join em beat em...
why do i meniton this song? beacuse this is the story of braden lanhams life and its pretty funny and has a pretty smooth flow.
ANYWAY im going to stop getting carried away beacuse all this post was supposed to be was about the NAS and damian marley album.. haha

Playlist "Random Chill Time"

I made this playlist two days ago to listen to wile i laid in the middle of our hale in the hawaiin sun. its pretty upbeat and happy and i like it alot. kind of a random compilation of random artists but the emotion of the list holds pretty consistant i think. if you want to hear these songs, just listen to them on you tube.

Work it out by jurassic 5 on feedback
Concrete schoolyard by jurassic 5 on J5
Just a friend by biz markie on feel the streets
do it twice by bob marley - old school original version you can find it on the songs of freedom cds
country road by Jack johnson on mango tree
badfish dj by jack johnson on mango tree
orange wip grove by jack johnson on mango tree
good old days by pato banton on life is a miracle
life is a miracle (miracle mix) by pato banton on life is a miracle
legalize it! by pato banton on life is a miracle
diamonds on the inside by ben harper on diamonds on the inside
teach your children by crosby stills and nash on deja vu
your love gets sweeter (abbey road version if you can find it) by finley quaye on best of the epic years
I-76 by glove and the special sauce on best of g love and the special sauce- took me a few times but now i love this song
dubplate (little hero) by kya bamba you may only be able to find this on there mysapce page on the forth mix cd
me and julio down by the school yard by paul simon on negotiations and love song
zeplike by slightly stupid on closer to the sun
bandelero by slightyly stuped on closer to the sun
the joker by steve miller band on the greatest hits cd
frolic room by 311 on dont tread on me
this song called baby blue its probably unfindable i have no idea how i stumbled upon it but its super sick and chill
this i how i feel by finley quaye on the best of the epic years - sick song

yeah anyway listen to this wile lying in the sun. its wonderful
love, kenton!

Kentons musical discoveries

Thats right blogging world im back! But this time im not using a blog to mock young mothers but insead find an outlet to share the music im finding. i no longer can make cds due to the fact i live in a box called a dorm on an island... so thus i can no longer share my kenthologies- my musical collections. thus the blog has been created. ill estimate a 99% chance says this is the only post for the next few years but we will see. hopefully i keep up on posting my new playlists and musical discovery. i will try to keep my updates current to the music im currently listening to, in ohter words the music i will be posting is only the newest i have found and is just a taste of my musical pluthera on my comp