Saturday, May 7, 2011


SO today i was cruising through the "S's" on my itunes.

Stix- im not sure i ihave done a post on these guys but they are an all time classic as you probably know. I will try not to yap to much and post some solid classic tracks.

This one is called "Babe" the intro to this song is seriously so beautiful i really like it like when it is just the vocals so sweet

This one is called "Renegade" I remember this one from when i was in like elementary school. This was one of there bigger ones but its a classic

This next one everyone knows its called "sail away". total classic reminds me of my younger years

This one is "Grand illusion" i dont know why but i remember listening to this one in the mall parking lot in Orem.

this one is "loreli" man its songs like these that really show off styx abilities they are awesome. Also check out "lady" im to lazy to find the URL.

Please comment!
also these are all from the album "Stix best of" which is a MUST have all classics so many i wanted to post but i did not. Absolutely classic artist, went to see them live, but most of them are dead and i showed up to late. curse my bro and sis.

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