Monday, October 10, 2011

"Giant Panda" "Junk Science" "People Under the Stairs"

Alright So i got a sweet new album about 4 days ago. The aritst/group is "Giant Panda". They are pretty sweet. The album is "Fly School Reunion". Super sweet album I would get it. Its cool, kind of that new old school west coast sound with the oldschool drum kicks. there are 3 of them, two are white and one is Japanese hahaha i think its funny. He usualyl goes in jap but on one of the tracks i will put up called "racist" he goes in English and i htink its pretty funny. Not super deep hip hop but im enjoying these guys.
Wowwwwwwwwwwww so gay i cant find the racist song.
Anyway here is another two jams one is called "TKO" that one made it to the New G List and the other is with it. With it i think is one of there bigger tracks... if any are even big.
"With It"
My fav, TKO

OH SHOOTS!!! i forgot you can hit up any song on groove shark haha i just discovered that website a few weeks ago ha im sure they have it.

The other album that you need to get i also got like 4 days ago is "Feeding Einstein" By "Junk Science". Super sweet hip hop very simmilar to Giant Pandas style hence they are in the same post. So yeah here is on of there tracks. This one also made it to the "New G List"

Enjoy keep in mind these are just a few of the songs from the albums.. get the hole thing.

Ok another gropu i actually picked up from the wake up show.. The one that is on "Back spin" on satalite radio if any of you know it... done by sway and tech. Sickest hip hop show ever and they are basically the kings of hip hop. Any artist that is any good has been interviewed on that show as well as tons of underground stuff. Anyway that is where i heard of these guys. Really good stuff 'groove shark them' hahaha.
This one is called acid rain drops

This one is also really good. I think these two are there more known songs (again if you could consider them "well known" but yeah its "San Fransico Knights"

Oh ha and neither of these are on the New G List ha they dont really fit but yeah.

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  1. Good to see you back in the game! Groove shark is pretty cool.