Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bob Marley" "Peter Tosh"

K so I have been listening to Marley for like 2 weeks strait and cant get enough. Just when you think you love an artist you can somehow always find an even deeper appreciation.
So what I have been taking a specific liking to is some of versions of his songs where the are mixed to where its like instramental as well as vocals.
There is an album where the took just the instramentals from his regualr album songs he did in the studio- i think the studio version because if you turn it up really loud you can hear him singing really faint in the back ground. The album is "Soul Revolution" I think there are two parts. it has so many of his classic tracks (at least what i think were his classics) but just instramental. Suprisingly an AWESOME album and a must have.

I will post the version of "One Love" from the Songs Of Freedom compilation. BTW if you do not have the songs of freedom disc set this blog is not even worht your time. That is hands down in my opinion the number 1 collection of CD's every breathing soul should own. It is suprising to me when the chorus hits and they kill the vocals you can almost feel it more. REally good stuff. Maybe even my fav version of this song. YOu may have to watch an add before the music starts. It in German by the way hahah.

dang. I couldnt find the other song i was looking for. I was looking for Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown" song remixed by "DJ Spooky". DJ Spooky's album is at the Orem Library I would go get it. The song is pretty cool. Its the one with the brown green cover. Anyway I will just post the original version.

K so here is some "Peter Tosh". If you didnt know he was one of the Wailers and did a lot of the stuff for them and probably wrote a good amount of the songs. This song has always got me i like this one a lot. Its called "Go tell it on the Mountain"

I really like Peter Tosh's acoustic songs he has such a pure sound its nice to find it just in its rawest form on the acoustic. Im not sure what this one is called or made from. but here.

Here are some more acoustic tracks. Simply beautiful.

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