Thursday, March 24, 2011


The "Fugees" are pretty sweet. There are a few songs that were in the top 500 rap songs of all times as well as top 90's rap songs. Here are a few that are really cool. I havent heard these songs in a wile. I wont lie, I usually dont like it when girls rap but theese ones are throwin down and its sick.
This first one is "Oh La La La". If you are familiar with 90's rap you will know these. Please let me know if this is not the kind of hip hop you like. For the most part I know all of my listeners and im not sure who it is who apreciates good hip hop so please let me know and be honest. And also share the love hit me up with some artists. I listen to different hip hop than most people what I listen to is "Underground" although I hardly would classify it as that but that is what I have heard people call it. This stuff however is certainly not underground (although the style is kind of the same-the fugees were more famous- to my understanding). So please if you like a different style of rap or hip hop let me know and give me some names and I will mathc you with some other names or something.
Anyway here is the song "oh lalala"

Im not sure who the artists are but Im pretty sure Wyclef Jean is one of them cuz he calls it out. He (if its him) obviously had to brake away at some point to persue a single career I would imagine. He has some of his own albums. This next one is "Here I come". You will probably know this one. K so my internet is going super slow so on this video I snagged its probably the same version but it looks like the music video and I havent seen it so who knows what your in for. I always find it best to not watch the video cuz it changes the music and gives it a different feel.

K same goes for this next one. This one is called "Killing me softly" and this is wyclef for sure. I really like the way they did this song- its super unique. Its weird how they start off singing then drop into a simple beat and then kind of do the same singing thing with just a drum beat then the bass comes in really cool how this one is set up. Again you will probably recognize this one.
Also I have not seen the video on this one so heads up.

Also thankyou for the letters! Ill be sure to post about them next time some time soon.

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