Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Tom Petty"


I hope you are all familiar with Tom Petty he is a classic and a legend. His greatest hits alubm is amazing. Rarely do you ever find an album that you can play EVERY track and its as good as the next one. Its like 20 songs to really probably the most consistantly good album of all time. Anyway here is one that I was listening to today because it was stuck in my head for some reasong. Used to listen to Tom Petty growing up (as in like age 9) thanks to my older sister Kiera. This one is called "Into the great wide open"

This one "American Girl". Really good song. Seriously some of the first music I started listening to ever and still amazing to me even now.

"Dont Do me like that"

Love the lyrics to this song. "Even the loosers"

"I wont back down"

"Free Falling". Of course you know this song. And shame on you if you dont know the real version. This is the best. John Mayer did and awesome cover but doesnt even come close. This song is forever a classic and a favortie. Take a special note to the background vocals in this song. There is some really cool stuff right around 2:30 ish.

"Mary Janes Last Dance". Only my mom honestly thought Mary Jane was a girl that he was singing about. This song is a classic. I remeber my brother Jake would sing this song the part about her in her underwear and my mom would get really mad. Granted he was in elementary school.

"Something in the Air" I remember singing this one on the blacktop and Northridge Elementary school. Go nighthawks. Being a youngter I though they were saying "bring out the instant gator."

Anyway a lot of songs but I seriously tried not to post that many. Just so many greats I couldnt help it.


  1. kenton. have you heard his song "wildflowers"?? it is my favorite of his.

  2. I loved this post. I almost spit out my oatmeal from laughing when I read instant gator. You brought back many memories…especially of Jakey in his undies. I am also reminded of car trips. This CD was a favorite and liked by all. It brought a fun chill mood to the car… until you threw up. Everytime.


    Mckenzie- Yes I have heard wildflowers (recently however) and its indeed a good song. Ha kind of cute. But I must say it doesnt touch his classics (ha MY classics of him) but im glad you like him and im glad he has more than one sound for all to enjoy!

    Kaylee- haha I can see this cd is a mcrae family classic. And as for your sleepie cd... how am I supposed to get that to you? I guess i could post all of the links but can do you have a youtube- to mp3 converter? if not I can get you a sweet one for free that I know of. Im sure scott already has a way though. anyway yeah. haha good times