Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Brett Dennen"

Im not sure how famous he is last I remember he as picking up fame pretty quick. The fist time I heard Brett Dennen he was opeing for Colbie Callet who was opening for John Mayer. I was with 2 of my brothers and neither of them liked him but I really did. They later ate there words when the music began to grow on them. I knew a few friends in high school who knew him and I think he is pretty popular now. Anyway here are a few of his songs. This one is "Shes Mine" - one of his more popular ones but I really like this one.

K keep in mind he is kind of a weird looking chubby redhead with really long hair ha so heads up. Ha this one I actually posted the music video. This is probably he most famous song called "Aint no reason"

This next one he played at his concert and it was pretty good I liked the way he did it at the concert better but here is the recorded version.

This one is called "heaven" its prett cool.
Here is the acoustic version I found next to it its pretty cool

THis one we used to listen to wile we hot tubbed and made it onto me and Justins "Chill Tunes" you tube playlist. ITs called "Blessed"


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brett Dennon and Ain't No Reason. Such good lyrics. He is rather odd looking though haha... good post. :D

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