Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So sorry... but i will make up for it... 9-21

Dear listeners (which i have two of thankyou brady and carmen)
sorry i havent posted in forever. i do school from dusk til dawn so lay off.
Any who. I have a ton of music lined up to be posted unfortunently i have not had the time to.
but to make up for it i shall bless you with a piece that is just an absolute all time favorite of mine. Its a piano piece by Scott Joplin (the king of ragtime.. and for good reasons) titled "saint louis blues" you tube this " Scott Joplin - Saint Louis Blues.wmv " its the first one that shows up. I used to listen to this piece everyday in my car inbetween early morning seminary and first period. this one you need to give a listen to like a good 10 times at least if you dont like it. trust me!! its amazing. It bridged me really well into rag time (the OP (orem pulbic library) has a great ragtime selection) If you dont konw much about ragtime its basically the best thing ever i used to listen to it alot scott joplin is basically the king of all ragtime. but anyway check out the library they have a lot. but ragtime is a great bridge to blues as well. this is strait soul music that i hope you realize is soul music. let it out to this song. Once you find yourself just letting it out to this song especially at the climax and the end and you just feel so into it THAT IS YOUR FIRST CLUE THAT YOUR IN LOVE WITH BLUES MUSIC. please dont let this beautiful opertunity pass you by blues is an ubelieveably awesome genre of music that sounds so weird unless you listen to it right but any way i was supposed to only tell you about one song cuz its late and i have homework and i ended up saying more than i would have if i had just posted all of the new music. but anyway if you like this comment and i will give you some blues and ragtime artists that will bridge you further into these genres.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hot Damn! 9-2

mmm can anyone say some instramental flavor?! check out the garden by cut chemist on the audience is listening.

Check the hole album out infact but that song is sick. keep listening cut chemist is so smart with when to come in with what beats. If you didnt already know cut chemist does the beats for jurassic 5. he is sick this is an all instramental album he did i think you can get it at the OP (orem public library)

Todays Music 9-2

today not a ton of music stuff goin on.

check the song
The shining path by thievery corporation on radio retaliation

again caught myself listening to michael frantis yell fire album today

listened to my "random chill time" (posted earlier) on my friends new house balcony for like over an our and it made a wonderful bliss along with the ocean.

A friend of mine introduced me to an hip hop artist named "MF doom". i really havent had much time to listen to him but my friend gave me like fifteen of his albums which means it will take a wile before i can go through it all. but the albums i put into itunes (havent put all of them in there yet need to make sure i like him) are as follows.
Born like this
MM food
Vaudeville villain
Venemous villain
take me to your leader
i think the take you to my leader might be an album he did with someone else tho. but yeah ill check him out and pull my favorties.
My buddy said he does a lot of unique things, such as in an instramental cd he did he used nothing but sounds in a 1970's godzilla film. stuff like that is typically cool so check him out.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Todays music 9-1

gonna make this quick cuz im effin tired. and yes it is 9-1 my internet is still on utah time so go off of the dates i say not the internet.

First off, more about kung fu panda. fav track, oogway accends. super dramatic cool song especially if you liked the lion king end of hans zimmer.

got the march of the penguins album suprised it worked out and i found it. but its nothing amazing proabably to anyone else but i really like it. probably because i was raised in the snow it really gives that feel. my fav track is "the march" the score was done by alex wurman.

a song called "stakes is high" by "de la soul". de la soul is great a good influencer on a lot of rap like tribe called quest.

next is a song i found on one of my hip hop lists. its by an artist im not to familiar with the artist is "loop troop" check out the song "poor lonesome boy" by him on album "sidewalk headliners"

also found myself listening to phanton of the opera today. gotta love it. the soundtrack from the film

also dont ask me how but listened to a few songs by yellow card. havent heard them FOREVER like since i was like 10. i went and saw them live they were my first concert.

also i was listening to some of jack johnsons kfog archive music. check out and these are some of my fav songs by him ever but check out frankie and albert and pirate looks at forty. youtube didnt have these songs for the longest time but then they finally got them a few months ago.

jj calls out an artist names "taj mahal" on the franki and alber track. i was blown away with how much i liked the song "cake walk into town" on taj mahal. really fun song to harmonize to and just let your blues out.

that is all. farewell

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Music for (8-31)

There is an artist named or calls him self "Bense". he is french i truely have no idea how i stumbled apon him on youtube a few years back but anyway i have three of his songs. Yes, they are all in french (i rarely listen to foreign lang. music) but i really like it actually. its just a chill sound and the musical qualities are great. you tube him and type in "bense angela session acoustic" and it should pop up as a black and white vedio of some guy with a hat playing. check him out the other songs or titles are "buvons" and "Au grand". Justin didnt like this guy if i remember right but give it a few listens and it will grow on you its pretty solid.

Also today i found myself listening to michael franti and spearhead. no im not a hippie or a vegitarian or enviormentalist but there is no denying franti is a great artist. he is pretty anti gov liberal and the hole bit but his music is great. i was listening to his album "yell fire" (debatably in my top 5 albums) and its awesome. What suprises me is how consistant every song is on that album. its not just like one or two good hits and then decent everything else every song is really like a money good treasure on the yell fire album. if i were you i would just strait up buy that album not on itunes tho cuz if you use itunes your wasting money and your a sap. i would list my favorite tracks but that would just take forever cuz like i said they are all money. not sure how consistant his other albums are but the yell fire is MONEY

I got a song today by a band/artist titled "mono" its more of that acid jazz/ trip hop but its a great song even if your not that familiar to the genre. but the song i got is called "silicone" i only have one track but im defenitly going to try and get a few albums. awesome song.

Listened a lot more to thievery corporation today. i continued to listen to the radio retaliation album and its just growing more and more on me its awesome. but the reason i bring them up is i got another song by them today titled heavens gonna burn your eyes on album richest man in babylon. cool song the beat drops in a litttle way into the song and its awesome.

back to the hip hop got a song by outerspace today called american me. check it out its pretty cool thats all there is to it. outerspace is pretty underground to

another song i got today more similar to neil halstead was song "god made the automobile" by iron & wine on around the well. pretty cool song again just check it out.

listenin to some more frank sinatra today. gotta love it dang its been a wile since i have jammed to jazz and blues and such. favorite track of the day by him is "them song of new york new york" great stuff i think he did the soundtrack for oceans eleven thats what justin told me atleast.

Still the number one most played song on my itunes is tonny bennet and billy joel singing "new york sate of mind" on tonny bennets "playing with my friends" album. tonny bennet plus bill joel especially on a song like that is amazing.

Also litened to some howard shore. gotta love the fellowship of the ring soundtrack.

wow you can tell by the way the paragraphs decline how lazy i get about typing aobut artists and music.