Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Zero 7" "Musiq Soulchild" "De la soul" "Atmosphere"

I think i have posted about Zero 7 a few times but never with links. They are pretty sweet and on the modern end of music, i really like them. I would suggest snagging an album or two by them... i think the OP has a few of there albums actually, but when i checked about 2 years ago, they couldnt find them. but they probably have them now ha.

this song is called "Look up". its a solid jam i love it when they go long. this one is from the album "when it falls"


this one is called "Red Dust". both of these tracks have made it onto my acid jazz trip hop list. This one from the ablum "Simple things"


Also on the album "Simple Things" there is antother classic track that i will post- im pretty sure if you happend to snag my "Underwater" cd you will know this one, and i think i may have posted about it before, but for any newcomers (which there seems to be none of) this one is called "In the waiting line"


So kind of a random swithc. but here are a bunch of random rap and hip hop tracks. hahaha do enjoy.

This one is by "Musiq Soulchild" he has done some other stuff and was on the "Susan" cd i made for.. susan. anyway here is a song (this was not the one on the cd) but i like this song. Again i dont ever listen to the radio or follow pop music (at least not on purpose) so please let me know if you have heard this before. Thsi one is called 'Caught up"


That song leads me to another track, this one is by "De la soul". I think this is one of De la's later tracks. SOme info on them, truth is, i dont know them super well, i have a few of there albums, but almost every classic hip hop artist and all of the greats ALWAYS mention de la as an influence. so this one is from the "Stakes is high" album. I really like this track it is called "Sunshine"


this one is also by de la and it is called "Stakes is High". keep in mind this is NOT the original version, but i like this one the best.


The things i do for you guys. this song took me a while to find the right version. This one is called "All good". solid song. Also from "De La soul"


I dont know why im on a random hip hop tangent i found an old playlist so im just pulling random ones off. I dont know why i like this song so much, this is a track by "Atmosphere" called "Little man". I listen to this song on the bus a lot, its pretty sick. i dont know why i like this song so much. I think quite simply its the high quality of this song- the raps really flow and thy lyrics actually mean a lot. He flows with a unique style and quite simply is just pretty good. idk i guess you wouldnt expect such a solid track that no one really knows.


real fast some other tracks from him

"Get fly"
this one was on the cd I made called "Drew Cat" i like the little ending song to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--WsoQt6U4o

this one is called "pour me another". this is maybe more of one of there well known songs. this one was on the "susan" cd.


by the way atmosphere is white haha

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