Friday, February 11, 2011

"Tony Bennnett" "Frank Sinatra" "John Mayer-where the light is"

As I turned on my pod today and wondered what to listen to I went on my most played playlist and number 1 on the list is still "New York State Of Mind" by Billy Joel done by him and Tony Bennett. I found this on the Tony Bennett "Playing with my friends" album. I suggest you get this one you can get it at the OP. AWESOME ALBUM some really great names on that cd with Tony Bennett. Anyway here is the song. I hope you chose to get on my blog right as I post this because it will be later at night and when batter to enjoy some bluesie jazzy style music?
WOW Im so sorry but I cant find the recording of the song on youtube.
Here is the album version but its on a different website. Just pus play!

Yeah this one was a little difficult to find to so dont mind the video just listen to the music like I said before just open it in a different tab and it will automatically start playing. This one I got from a different ablum I did not rip into my computer wich was a mistake because it was great. This was the first track and it truely is amazing.

Here of course a classic from Frank Sinatra. Just figured we would I would throw it in here in the mood! A more popular track from him nonetheless wonderful. Me and Justin sing this song together probably like 3 times a day. We sang this in the bathroom wile taking a team crap and someone else was in there to. It was epic.

So lets move a little bit away from the jazzy end and hit up a little more blues and rock sound. Lets jump to some John Mayer. Now let me just say now seeing as how I usually hate pop artists John Mayer is AMAZING. He is very talented and has a LOT of good music. The stuff on the radio is a little dry I will give you that but when you get into his real stuff especially with the trio its unreal (steve jordan and Pino Palideno). Here are some from his "Where the Light Is" Video. An amazing concert video I would suggest getting if you like John Mayer at all. Even if you dont- still get it. Do actually watch the vedio of this one. This one is a Ray Charles cover of "I dont need no doctor". Get a load of the solos and brakedowns!

Here is another good one one of my favorites

MMM and enjoy some sweet smooth lovin.

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