Monday, March 28, 2011

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" "Di Mealo, De Lucia..." "Seis Cuerdas"

So I will do a quick post so I can keep my mind on all of my finals. Been swimmen through some sweet music lately so I will post a few. These ones you probably know, they are from the film "Oh brother where art thou" which is an epic film that you need to see if for some reason you have not. The first song is the typical classic from the film you all know, "In constant sorrow". This next one took a little while to grow on me- at first it was just a simple nice melody but it has been growing on me like mad and im really starting to see more of the value in this song. Its "Fly Away" also from the film. I was playin around with it on my uke today. The vocals are what really make this song Also a good one you know this one to I wasnt going to post it but this song is probably the best know from the film and is epic. My cousin sang this once at a campfire and it was epic. "Down to the river to pray" you just cant leave this one out. This next one is by a few artist you will see them in the title im not going to write them down its hard to spell. This song is like a 15 minute just south of the border Jazz jam and dang its sick. Its called "Mediterainian sundacne" this is the best version I could find I wish I could find the hole 11 min of it its a super sweet song T-Money aka Trevor came into my room while I was listening ot this song and said if you like this than listen to this. He showed me a song by "Seis Cuerdas" that is freakin sweet. He said his aunt found it? anyway here is the link Do enjoy if you like this I have lots more please comment

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The "Fugees" are pretty sweet. There are a few songs that were in the top 500 rap songs of all times as well as top 90's rap songs. Here are a few that are really cool. I havent heard these songs in a wile. I wont lie, I usually dont like it when girls rap but theese ones are throwin down and its sick.
This first one is "Oh La La La". If you are familiar with 90's rap you will know these. Please let me know if this is not the kind of hip hop you like. For the most part I know all of my listeners and im not sure who it is who apreciates good hip hop so please let me know and be honest. And also share the love hit me up with some artists. I listen to different hip hop than most people what I listen to is "Underground" although I hardly would classify it as that but that is what I have heard people call it. This stuff however is certainly not underground (although the style is kind of the same-the fugees were more famous- to my understanding). So please if you like a different style of rap or hip hop let me know and give me some names and I will mathc you with some other names or something.
Anyway here is the song "oh lalala"

Im not sure who the artists are but Im pretty sure Wyclef Jean is one of them cuz he calls it out. He (if its him) obviously had to brake away at some point to persue a single career I would imagine. He has some of his own albums. This next one is "Here I come". You will probably know this one. K so my internet is going super slow so on this video I snagged its probably the same version but it looks like the music video and I havent seen it so who knows what your in for. I always find it best to not watch the video cuz it changes the music and gives it a different feel.

K same goes for this next one. This one is called "Killing me softly" and this is wyclef for sure. I really like the way they did this song- its super unique. Its weird how they start off singing then drop into a simple beat and then kind of do the same singing thing with just a drum beat then the bass comes in really cool how this one is set up. Again you will probably recognize this one.
Also I have not seen the video on this one so heads up.

Also thankyou for the letters! Ill be sure to post about them next time some time soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give me a letter!

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Im sure you all know Coldplay they are pretty big and got even bigger when they released the "Viva La Vida" album. Anyway Im just going to post a few of my favs they are all really good though so yeah. My favorite album by Coldplay is "A Rush of Blood to the Head". This is in my opinion hands down there most honest and legit work they have ever done. If you dont have that album its really a must for any music collection. Also another album I dig is "A Piano Tribute to Coldplay" which is just a piano instramental to quite a few of there songs. Also really cool. Anyway I will try to post a song for each album.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
Because this is my favorite album I get to post 3 for it.
the song is the album title "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
This next one I know is a bit trendy but I absolutely love this song. You know it- its the "Scientist" Love it when the bass line comes in.
This one is called "Warning Sign" I really like the ending to this one.

From Viva La Vida
Sadly with all of the hype Viva La Vida was probably my least favortie coldplay album. But one song (well its kinda two songs) is "Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love" I really like this song and the one that follows it. Im not sure why they have the tracks like that on the album but it is what it is. I remember I was in new york when this came out and there was a huge sign in time square.

From "X & Y"
There are two I will post from this one. One is in honor of my brother Jake who used to listen to this song all the time. The song is "Swallowed in the Sea".
Also this song which is my personal favorite from the album its called "Kingdom Come". You have probably heard this one before.

From Parachutes
I will aslo do two for this one cuz I have a funny story about one of them. So my friend Mike Rife who is leaving on a mission this wendsday told me when he was reading the last harry potter- or at least I think- it was either the last one or the one that dumbledor dies- and said he would listen to this song and it was all sad and intense. So I had to post it. Its called "Spies". Just imagine pore dumbledore when you listen to this one.
Anyway this one is my favorite on the ablum its called "Everythings not lost". Coolio song.

From "A Piano Tribute to Coldplay"
This one is called "In my Place" originally from a Rush of Blood to the Head." You have to listen to the regualr song to its great.

Please comment! Let me know what your fav one is (it does not have to be one I posted)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Brett Dennen"

Im not sure how famous he is last I remember he as picking up fame pretty quick. The fist time I heard Brett Dennen he was opeing for Colbie Callet who was opening for John Mayer. I was with 2 of my brothers and neither of them liked him but I really did. They later ate there words when the music began to grow on them. I knew a few friends in high school who knew him and I think he is pretty popular now. Anyway here are a few of his songs. This one is "Shes Mine" - one of his more popular ones but I really like this one.

K keep in mind he is kind of a weird looking chubby redhead with really long hair ha so heads up. Ha this one I actually posted the music video. This is probably he most famous song called "Aint no reason"

This next one he played at his concert and it was pretty good I liked the way he did it at the concert better but here is the recorded version.

This one is called "heaven" its prett cool.
Here is the acoustic version I found next to it its pretty cool

THis one we used to listen to wile we hot tubbed and made it onto me and Justins "Chill Tunes" you tube playlist. ITs called "Blessed"

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I found the edited version of this song online. The group is the "Beatnuts" I used to listen to them as one of my first hip hop groups ever. I think it was Mike Rife who I got some of the songs from. Im in a huge rush so I will post just three links. The fist one is so sick I love the lyrics and the flow and the way they hit the ryhmes. I used to listen to this driving to Milo's every night for work.

Well turns out justin has to poo so I have a little more time. This one is "Watch out now" this one has a sweet beat. I pulled this video because the other one is a bunch of girls dancing and them just being G's. This one is a cool song

This one is "No escapin this". Again pretty cool beat cool song. Thankyou Mike Rife.

Anyway these songs are best if you have a car with a hecka loud sondsystem and subs. You need to get your friends and get into your car crank up the subs and just go cruisen fast to these songs. Thats when I found them best and most fitting at least ha

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Puccini" "B.B. King" "U2"

This one is an opera piece from "Puccinie's" "Johnny sciki". I have no idea how to spell ha so you may want to double check that one ha. Anyway we watched this opera in a music class I took a little while back and we watched this opera. Im pretty sure if you know opera at all you will know this one I think this one is on the pop end in the opera world. Please im not huge into opera if you know some good names please comment.

Speaking of poster child songs for all you blues fans out there this one is a classic and im sure you know it. Done by "B.B. King" of course its the "Thrill is gone". Awesome song. Listened to this one when I woke up in honor of my new harmonica's arrival. This one is a solid! The guitar is so simple yet mind blowing. BB king had a live concert when I was in Utah but I missed it and I was so bummed. Picked up my first King album when I was in Jr. High. I saw it at borders book store and grabbed it on a whim- and thats when I started to listen to the blues.

Here is "3 o clock". This one is a live version- and its really goood watch the video on this one. MMM and just let it out.

I was in one of my classes and I realized I dont think I have ever done a U2 post. Anyway U2 is one of my all time favorite band and they truely are a musically amazing group. I have a hard time just listening to them because I always used to listen to them when I went snowboarding so its super hard to live on an an Island and listen to them. But anyway this song is from there "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" (debatably in my top 5 albums) WHICH IS AN AWESOME album and you should all own- if not go get one. Truely amazing stuff. Anyway the song is "Miracle Drug" I really like the dreamyness of this one. Just imagine your in the snow and the mountains...

This next one was one of my favorite songs ever (at the time) and is from the same album. The song is called "Crumbs from your table"

Gosh its so hard to swift through these songs I want to post them all by U2... but that would be a lot of links and I need to get going on my papers. PLEASE if you want more u2 classics I will post them here are a few others im just going to do the links quick
and so many more

ok this one is from there rattle and hum movie they did. You can get it at the OP the song is Van Diemens land. truely beautiful watch the video on this one

ANYWAY now that we have talked about B.B. king and u2 we will play one of my all time favorite songs they did together- you probably know this one its "When love comes to town" just a classic

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Peter Tosh" "Bob Marley"

Just thought I would post some of these. This morning I woke up to this song it is by "Peter Tosh" and its a pretty cool song. I found it on an album at the OP. I like the part when he says "Father of jesus". Really cool song listened to this while I got dressed. If you didnt know Peter Tosh was one of the original 3 wailers (bunny is the only one alive now.. I think). The song is called "Equal rights" Cool song cool lyrics

This next song is done by Bob Marley like all of his songs there is quite a few versions. The song is "Keep on moving". Cool song I remember listening to this walking home from Michael Rifes house at night when I was a youngster and started listening to Bob Marley when I got my first brick Ipod (rest in piece old Ipod).

To the beach!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Buju Banton"

In honor of Mike Rife.. A departing homie to Korea...
I think I have already mentioned this artist but it was before anyone actually read my blog and it didnt have the links. Buju Banton is a very unique artist and has some sweet stuff. For the most part he is suprisingly consistant with his music... At least on some of his albums ha. Any way here are a few favs I remember Mike Rife had his cd in high school and that was the first time I heard him back when I was like 15. My friend Justin just said on the news he just barely went to prison for drug trafficing which isnt to much of a suprise.
This one is murderer. Cool song really like the intro.

This one is champion. It has fallen out of fashon in my eyes nonetheless I liked it in high school so ill post it.

This one is one of my favs from him and was one of Mikes to. Really cool song called "Untold Stories".

This one is "Not any easy Road" another favoriet of his.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Years Around The Sun" "Jack Johnson"

I would like to thank and give credit to Justin Nickle- AKA the surf music and movie guru, for finding this song. It is a group called "Years around the Sun" Have not given them to much listening but from there other stuff I think im just more of a fan of this song. Really beautiful piece It is on the Surf movie "Castles in the Sky". Really good piece. This is the acoustic version I like this one the best.

You know in light of the fact I live in Hawaii and we just did one surf song, lets do another. This next song is one my all time favorties. Its "Home" by Jack Johnson. For a long time no one really new about this song and im not sure he ever really released it but its a favorite of mine. With this one I would suggest actually watching the video. I found this about my jr. year of high school and it was amazing. Heard it first live by JJ himself at a concert... that blew my mind. He playe this with a siloute of stars in the background. Really like the Lyrics to this one. means a lot to me. I live in Hawaii- but there is no beating home. Its now where you live but who you are with.

This next one is more of a vedio than just a song but it has a good piece. It is from the movie "Thicker Than Water" I would suggest watching thsi its a great movie done by Jack Johnson. In the begining is the song "moonshine" and its really cool. Then it plays some like indian song in the middle but it ends with "My Guru" which is a really cool song. Cool vid check it out if you get bored no biggie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Jazz "Billy Taylor" "Ella Fitzgerald" "Stan Getz"

Im doing a Jazz post in light of the requests of the readers.

This piece is a really cool one done by "Billy Taylor". Take not of the name- "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free". I really like the name because once I heard the name it actually shed some light on the song even though there are no words. It really captures that though or daydream really well. I really like in this song when he brakes free and just starts jammin. Its at about 32 seconds in my itunes not sure when it will be on the video but you will see. Great piece really jams. Just let the piano talk to you on this one.

This one has some vocals. Not really sure this is pure jazz none the less a solid track and it came from a "smooth jazz" album (although like half the songs arent really jazz.) This one is by "Ella Fitzgerald". I couldnt find the version i wanted but here is one

This song is AWESOME. You will know this one but its debatably a favorite of mine. Super sweet song with vocals. The song is done by Stan Getz (and obviously some other features).
You know this one :)

I have to go but I will post some more jazz for sure!
Thanks and please comment

Quick post- some Latin Jazz

Here is the post I mentioned in my comment. I listened to this today and its a jazz track with some obvious Latin influence but I really liked it. Here it is I will do a more full jazz post soon enough.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This post will contain no such music just quesitions! Please comment on what you think.

Im just wondering what you guys are liking and want more of. Am I posting to much of just one genre?
What Genre are you guys wishing I would post more of?
Do you have any music that would be new to me?

Its time for the readers to give back! haha but please tell me about what your fav music is and what you want more of and/or less of.
Please comment!

HOT DANG! (edited) "Chuck Berry"

On the topic of Tom Petty im scrounging up downloads of his "buried treasure show" and its hard to find. But A song he played on his show was this one and its really good. About my jr. year in high school I had a feddish for old songs like these with just a jamming piano and the "Deep Tracks" radio station which hosts the "Buried Treasure Show" done by Tom Petty was just the place to get it. Here it is

If you would like the Buried Treasure show please comment and I will post the link! Believe me it is well worth downloading (not illegaly...) and listening to.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Tom Petty"


I hope you are all familiar with Tom Petty he is a classic and a legend. His greatest hits alubm is amazing. Rarely do you ever find an album that you can play EVERY track and its as good as the next one. Its like 20 songs to really probably the most consistantly good album of all time. Anyway here is one that I was listening to today because it was stuck in my head for some reasong. Used to listen to Tom Petty growing up (as in like age 9) thanks to my older sister Kiera. This one is called "Into the great wide open"

This one "American Girl". Really good song. Seriously some of the first music I started listening to ever and still amazing to me even now.

"Dont Do me like that"

Love the lyrics to this song. "Even the loosers"

"I wont back down"

"Free Falling". Of course you know this song. And shame on you if you dont know the real version. This is the best. John Mayer did and awesome cover but doesnt even come close. This song is forever a classic and a favortie. Take a special note to the background vocals in this song. There is some really cool stuff right around 2:30 ish.

"Mary Janes Last Dance". Only my mom honestly thought Mary Jane was a girl that he was singing about. This song is a classic. I remeber my brother Jake would sing this song the part about her in her underwear and my mom would get really mad. Granted he was in elementary school.

"Something in the Air" I remember singing this one on the blacktop and Northridge Elementary school. Go nighthawks. Being a youngter I though they were saying "bring out the instant gator."

Anyway a lot of songs but I seriously tried not to post that many. Just so many greats I couldnt help it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


A little while back I picked up a song on my satalite radio by "Domino". The song was called "Sweet Potato Pie". It was a really good song I heard it on the way to Idaho to go snowbaord when I was probably a sophmore in high school? I have no idea why that matters but anyway I finally found an album by him and I was SUPER stoked to get it. Horay! Here is the song.
The video is a bit thuggish so heads up if your a youngster.

In the effort to find Domino I was searching on a website that I used to buy music from and I stumbled across some stuff by a "Domino" and im not sure if it is the same one. The song I picked up was called "Tropical Moonlight". Funny story when I first got this song I didnt really like ti but then it grew on me. I remember playing it in my room with Justin and Suzy and they both thought it sucked. I put it on the end of the "Susan" cd (made for suzy...) and it turns out it was one of her favorite tracks. So I guess it has to grow on you so be patient. Again not sure if its the same "Domino".
WOOOOWWWW I really just spent 15 minutes trying to find it online to listen to.
TAKE NOTE the website is in Asian. Yeah thats how hard it was to find... really suprising.