Monday, October 10, 2011

New G List

Well got sent home from the mission!! so im back!!! I have found some new jams lately. For a while this summer i was getting really bored with the music I had been listening to and its frustrating cuz im getting to where I can listen to an album once thru and if i hear it again in the next few months im already sick of it. But im starting to kick back up in my musical listening to passion ha. Anyway, here are some jams.

Im going to give you a new cd im putting together named "New G List" and I making an effort to use only new more chill just strait sick hip hop. If you want a copy hit me up with a comment. So yeah here are a few from that.

This one took me a bit of searching to find it with the (what i think...) the original beet. I like this one way better than the one that is the one you may have heard. The song is "Back in the day" Its by "Ahmad". Super solid jam didnt really appreciate it til about the 6th time thru. stick with this one its so sick. Love the flow as well as the beat and the lyrics are cool love reminissent jams.

This one is one i have known for a while but i like the jam and it fits on the CD. You may have heard this one, its "Hey young world" by "Slick rick" (got to love slick rick... one of the first hip hop artists i ever liked). From his album "the great adventrues of slick rick". Sweet.

This one is by "public enemy" another classic name from original hip hop. The song is "he got game". I put the music video for this one because its edited... it drops the eff bomb a couple times in the real version.

This one by RZA ( or released by them) its called Grits.

Wow another song i have on here i cant find anywhere...

Well anyway there is a few i have like 13 songs on the list its coming along nicely. Those are like the first 5.

Enjoy and plz comment

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