Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Les Baxter"

So i have been going thru another Les Baxter album today. This one is called "Around the world with Les Baxter". prettty solid album (thus far atleast). Ill post one from that album as well as another album by him called "African Jazz". So yeah solid, kind of older but like i mentioned in my last post about him when he was on the "Thievery Corporation" mix tape "DJ kicks" he is strangely applicable to alot of music you hear these days. He has a unique almost disonate sound.
"Venezuela" from "Around the world with Les Baxter"
This album is pretty cool i think what he did was travel around or at least try to "capture" each country in a song. You will see what i mean if you snag the album.
"Rain" on "African Jazz"
Ok im finding a hard time finding this song. Dang youtube!!!! but anyway i foundt he first like minute and a half of it on some weird video. Groove shark it for the rest it gets goooood.

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