Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Zee Avi" "Sophie Madeleine" "Ingrid Michaelson"

So lately I have had a hunch for just girls playing beautiful love jams with beautiful voices. Damnit you mark my words one day even I kenton will find a lover!!! anyway, on that note, here are some jams that shall show you what i mean.

So for the first artist "Zee Avi" i have to give the credit to my friend justin chirstopher nickle for the splended fine. He would listen to her all the time in hawaii and I always loved it, so yeah. This video was debatabley the best 11 minutes of my life. All 4 songs are SICKKKK. the last one me and justin heard for the first time today whilest sitting in my room listening to music (like i said.... we dont really get a lot of girls...). So here it is, "Zee Avi" I think justin said she was from micronesia? i dont know. I guess she recorded on brushfire reccords which alone makes her sick... and one day my future wife. I wont post the songs names it mentions them in little thought bubbles on the corner. The third song i love and would always get justin to play. Wow this video is truely so amazing... wow.

Ok so this next one is a girl i stumbled apon named "Sophie Madeleine". She did a '30 days 30 covers' thing where she covered one song a day for thirty days... super solid on all of them (i have listened to almost all of them... :) she is so cute and sings so well!!!) anyway give here a few tries on any of the cover songs she did... im sure you will know a few. The few that caught me were "Moon river"- how cool is a chic who covered sinatra?? and "A kiss to build a dream on". A kiss to build a dream on... i sang this the entire day at work today... no joke.
"A kiss to build a dream on"
"Moon River"

Ok so this next girl is not a rare gem, she is famous i think ( i dont listen to the radio much so im super out of the loop) but the reason i post this one was because i met a girl at BYU who had her ukulele on her and played this for me and sung it so well and it was awesome... so i snagged her number, and of course, she hits me with the "im with my boyfriend" text... classic. well on the bright side im sure hes probaly a happy dude :) haha. The artist is "Ingrid Michaelson"
"You and I"

This last one is random and doesent fit but on the tagent of justin here is another gem he showed me. "Noah and the whale" with "Five years time"

Gotta love me some good happy love jams :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


"Machito"... yeah this guy is awesome. He is kind of an old school cuban, but he has put out some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet jazz... like probably some of my favorite ever. So I have been listening to the album "Kenya" he did (which is sickk... a must have...) and one of the tracks i think is so cool is "Congo Mulence". First few times wasnt like that big of a fan... but about after three hot dang!! this track is cool. Here it is.

The next one is called "Guaglione". Mark lanham said this was on the movie "get smart"? which i dont think it was... but yeah. Sweeeet track... like SOOO GOOD. well... enough said. What i like so much about these tracks... is how it will like go dead for a second or two, then it will come back in with the sweetest transitions... like on the congo one, the first time it drops back in is so sick. So here is "Guaglione" dont watch the video it just detracts from the song, just open it in a different tab. ENJOY!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Jurassic 5" "Atmosphere" (repeat)

Im sure at some point i have done a Jurassic 5 post, they are one of my favorite hip hop groups ever probably top 3. But anyway i got home tongith and have been listening to a couple of jams. ITs kind of weird my hole life i have never been a fan of "angry" hip hop (even though it snot really "angry") but as you seen with the new G list i kind of like those happier sounds. But anyway lately this not so happy vibe is starting to make a lot more sense to me. To be honest i have to be in the right mood, 9/10 times i like a good happy jam but sometimes... nah. Sometimes it just doesnt fit for how i feel. Anyway try listenign to some of these jams when your in the right mood which i guess isnt the happiest.

So one song is "little man" by "atmosphere". If you scroll down you will see i have already posted it but i figured i would again since i listened to it probably like three times tongight haha. well there it is. If your a follower sorry for the reapeat.

The next one is a j5 song, called "Thin Line". Really good song. First few times thru tho didnt really like it. But dang if there is one song that has lyrics that jump out at me it would be this jam. So yeah give it a shot the lyrics are pretty sweet.

Yeah anyway ill just leave it at those two songs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Les Baxter"

So i have been going thru another Les Baxter album today. This one is called "Around the world with Les Baxter". prettty solid album (thus far atleast). Ill post one from that album as well as another album by him called "African Jazz". So yeah solid, kind of older but like i mentioned in my last post about him when he was on the "Thievery Corporation" mix tape "DJ kicks" he is strangely applicable to alot of music you hear these days. He has a unique almost disonate sound.
"Venezuela" from "Around the world with Les Baxter"
This album is pretty cool i think what he did was travel around or at least try to "capture" each country in a song. You will see what i mean if you snag the album.
"Rain" on "African Jazz"
Ok im finding a hard time finding this song. Dang youtube!!!! but anyway i foundt he first like minute and a half of it on some weird video. Groove shark it for the rest it gets goooood.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Mr. Scruff" "FC Kahuna"

So today i will just do a quick post. I have been getting more and more into "trip hop"/ acid jazz / elctric style music. Its pretty sweet and there is a ton of it out there. Anyway, here is a track from a mix tape i picked up done by "Fila Brazil" called "Another Late Night". the song is done by "Mr. Scruff" and its pretty cool. Keep in mind the first few times thru i didnt really care for this track and i thougth it was boringa and repetitave. Make sure you give this kind of music a fair chance at first i thought it was so gay and repetitave. I think thats the biggest battle with this style is figuring its very changing. The song is "Get a move on"
Here is the original version
Here is the mixed version i have
and crap i cant find it. anyway both sweet versions the original not as cool but yeah groove shark it!! groove shark the album "another late night" by "Flia Brazil"

Im sure i have already posted these songs at some point but i just have to again especially since we have a new follower!! wooooooooo. Its "FC Kahuna" the songs are "Machine says yes" and "Hayling". I wrote a hole post about teh song hayling. Yeah that song introduced me to a hole bunch of good tunes! They are both from the album "Machine says yes". (also the name of one of the songs... someone told me this song was on the twilight vampire movie? please confirm if so... cuz that would ruin it).

"Machine Says Yes"

These songs may sound familiar to some I put them on my "Under Water" Cd. Again if you want one just comment.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Giant Panda" "Junk Science" "People Under the Stairs"

Alright So i got a sweet new album about 4 days ago. The aritst/group is "Giant Panda". They are pretty sweet. The album is "Fly School Reunion". Super sweet album I would get it. Its cool, kind of that new old school west coast sound with the oldschool drum kicks. there are 3 of them, two are white and one is Japanese hahaha i think its funny. He usualyl goes in jap but on one of the tracks i will put up called "racist" he goes in English and i htink its pretty funny. Not super deep hip hop but im enjoying these guys.
Wowwwwwwwwwwww so gay i cant find the racist song.
Anyway here is another two jams one is called "TKO" that one made it to the New G List and the other is with it. With it i think is one of there bigger tracks... if any are even big.
"With It"
My fav, TKO

OH SHOOTS!!! i forgot you can hit up any song on groove shark haha i just discovered that website a few weeks ago ha im sure they have it.

The other album that you need to get i also got like 4 days ago is "Feeding Einstein" By "Junk Science". Super sweet hip hop very simmilar to Giant Pandas style hence they are in the same post. So yeah here is on of there tracks. This one also made it to the "New G List"

Enjoy keep in mind these are just a few of the songs from the albums.. get the hole thing.

Ok another gropu i actually picked up from the wake up show.. The one that is on "Back spin" on satalite radio if any of you know it... done by sway and tech. Sickest hip hop show ever and they are basically the kings of hip hop. Any artist that is any good has been interviewed on that show as well as tons of underground stuff. Anyway that is where i heard of these guys. Really good stuff 'groove shark them' hahaha.
This one is called acid rain drops

This one is also really good. I think these two are there more known songs (again if you could consider them "well known" but yeah its "San Fransico Knights"

Oh ha and neither of these are on the New G List ha they dont really fit but yeah.

New G List

Well got sent home from the mission!! so im back!!! I have found some new jams lately. For a while this summer i was getting really bored with the music I had been listening to and its frustrating cuz im getting to where I can listen to an album once thru and if i hear it again in the next few months im already sick of it. But im starting to kick back up in my musical listening to passion ha. Anyway, here are some jams.

Im going to give you a new cd im putting together named "New G List" and I making an effort to use only new more chill just strait sick hip hop. If you want a copy hit me up with a comment. So yeah here are a few from that.

This one took me a bit of searching to find it with the (what i think...) the original beet. I like this one way better than the one that is the one you may have heard. The song is "Back in the day" Its by "Ahmad". Super solid jam didnt really appreciate it til about the 6th time thru. stick with this one its so sick. Love the flow as well as the beat and the lyrics are cool love reminissent jams.

This one is one i have known for a while but i like the jam and it fits on the CD. You may have heard this one, its "Hey young world" by "Slick rick" (got to love slick rick... one of the first hip hop artists i ever liked). From his album "the great adventrues of slick rick". Sweet.

This one is by "public enemy" another classic name from original hip hop. The song is "he got game". I put the music video for this one because its edited... it drops the eff bomb a couple times in the real version.

This one by RZA ( or released by them) its called Grits.

Wow another song i have on here i cant find anywhere...

Well anyway there is a few i have like 13 songs on the list its coming along nicely. Those are like the first 5.

Enjoy and plz comment