Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Zee Avi" "Sophie Madeleine" "Ingrid Michaelson"

So lately I have had a hunch for just girls playing beautiful love jams with beautiful voices. Damnit you mark my words one day even I kenton will find a lover!!! anyway, on that note, here are some jams that shall show you what i mean.

So for the first artist "Zee Avi" i have to give the credit to my friend justin chirstopher nickle for the splended fine. He would listen to her all the time in hawaii and I always loved it, so yeah. This video was debatabley the best 11 minutes of my life. All 4 songs are SICKKKK. the last one me and justin heard for the first time today whilest sitting in my room listening to music (like i said.... we dont really get a lot of girls...). So here it is, "Zee Avi" I think justin said she was from micronesia? i dont know. I guess she recorded on brushfire reccords which alone makes her sick... and one day my future wife. I wont post the songs names it mentions them in little thought bubbles on the corner. The third song i love and would always get justin to play. Wow this video is truely so amazing... wow.

Ok so this next one is a girl i stumbled apon named "Sophie Madeleine". She did a '30 days 30 covers' thing where she covered one song a day for thirty days... super solid on all of them (i have listened to almost all of them... :) she is so cute and sings so well!!!) anyway give here a few tries on any of the cover songs she did... im sure you will know a few. The few that caught me were "Moon river"- how cool is a chic who covered sinatra?? and "A kiss to build a dream on". A kiss to build a dream on... i sang this the entire day at work today... no joke.
"A kiss to build a dream on"
"Moon River"

Ok so this next girl is not a rare gem, she is famous i think ( i dont listen to the radio much so im super out of the loop) but the reason i post this one was because i met a girl at BYU who had her ukulele on her and played this for me and sung it so well and it was awesome... so i snagged her number, and of course, she hits me with the "im with my boyfriend" text... classic. well on the bright side im sure hes probaly a happy dude :) haha. The artist is "Ingrid Michaelson"
"You and I"

This last one is random and doesent fit but on the tagent of justin here is another gem he showed me. "Noah and the whale" with "Five years time"

Gotta love me some good happy love jams :)


  1. Love this music Kenty! I thought the Sophie M. song Pumped up Kicks was cool that she did all the music. Annie liked all the music too.

  2. I am crazy about that Moon River cover! And I have to say Ingrid is one of my all time favorites - call me cliche, but I just love her "jams!" Thanks for sharing :)