Monday, March 14, 2011

"Peter Tosh" "Bob Marley"

Just thought I would post some of these. This morning I woke up to this song it is by "Peter Tosh" and its a pretty cool song. I found it on an album at the OP. I like the part when he says "Father of jesus". Really cool song listened to this while I got dressed. If you didnt know Peter Tosh was one of the original 3 wailers (bunny is the only one alive now.. I think). The song is called "Equal rights" Cool song cool lyrics

This next song is done by Bob Marley like all of his songs there is quite a few versions. The song is "Keep on moving". Cool song I remember listening to this walking home from Michael Rifes house at night when I was a youngster and started listening to Bob Marley when I got my first brick Ipod (rest in piece old Ipod).

To the beach!

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