Saturday, March 19, 2011


I found the edited version of this song online. The group is the "Beatnuts" I used to listen to them as one of my first hip hop groups ever. I think it was Mike Rife who I got some of the songs from. Im in a huge rush so I will post just three links. The fist one is so sick I love the lyrics and the flow and the way they hit the ryhmes. I used to listen to this driving to Milo's every night for work.

Well turns out justin has to poo so I have a little more time. This one is "Watch out now" this one has a sweet beat. I pulled this video because the other one is a bunch of girls dancing and them just being G's. This one is a cool song

This one is "No escapin this". Again pretty cool beat cool song. Thankyou Mike Rife.

Anyway these songs are best if you have a car with a hecka loud sondsystem and subs. You need to get your friends and get into your car crank up the subs and just go cruisen fast to these songs. Thats when I found them best and most fitting at least ha


  1. listen to the song "ooh girl" by wooster.
    good tunes there boy.
    tell me what you think.

  2. Thanks for the commen oh kenzie king.
    I am listening to the song right now and I do enjoy it thanks! I really like the girl vocals especially when she comes in for the fist time. Althouhg she is kind of weird looking so I dont watch the video and pretend she is a hot black chic haha. Thanks for sharing music with me! please if you ever have anything else post it please!