Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok so I heard this live on my satalite radio and was blown away and at first I didnt believe this was a free style rap (they make it up as they go). This is seriously the sickest freestly rap I have ever heard I havent heard anything that comes close to this yet. Notice through the hole thing he does not swear once that is incredible that would be so hard a solid 99% of hip hop artists could not go this long without accidentaly swearing once.
My favorite lines are "I command the crowd..." that line
The neanderthal verse and the Pythagorean theorem are both unreal. Its crazy on such a hard topic as neandrethals he could come up with so much especially that relates to him and then when he hits the Pytag therom he had no idea what that even was but still made the SICKEST verse ever. I have listened to this rap so many times and im so lucky I found this. When you say freestyle rap these days the first name that comes to peoples minds is "eminem". Oh please. Sure he came out with the movie 8 mile and everyone thinks he is just so sick but watch some of his battles and you will realize hes not anywhere near that and not even CLOSE to this. Ill post a video of him battleing MC juice (super sick rapper) that is pretty good that eminen looses to (but its pretty close). Sorry its kind of hard to hear but there are some sweet lines. Take note as to had bad eminems style is regardless of his rymes. "mother F this Mother F that.." its so sloppy and bad when all MC's can do is swear.
Now, watch MC Juice battle Sueprnatural. Watch Juice just get DESTROYED.
Now this is only the first round. Thats it in a nutshell, but the other two rounds are way sick to and worth watching. however if your not really into the freestyle hip hop or battles just watch that first one but here is part 1 2 and 3. So sick of battles. Its debatable who wins but I think hand down supernatural although he didnt do as well in the 3rd round.
prt 1 skip to like 2:20 if you dont like the inroductions
prt 2 This part the second verse by nat is so sick
here is prt 3 super nat beinga bit of a baby though. granted the beat didnt really fit well at all even i was thinking... meh I wouldnt want that at a time like this but still.
3rd round it bothered me most although juice did this a few times he didnt go all the way up to his time which makes me think (with other reasons) although most of its a freestlye some of the lines were thought up inbetween rounds
So now lets think if if emeinem were to go up against super nat he would get destroyed. Natural even calls out eminem but he wont do anything about it because he knows better.
anyway a little freestlye hip hop for today. fun stuff

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