Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Alan Silverstri" and Amazing Grace

Im not sure if I have posted this one I dont think I have its a really good piece a bit slower than most and kind of a sad nastalgic feeling one its a piece done by "Alan Silverstri" from the film "Cast Away." (awesome movie). The video I found also has another track done by Silverstri from the "Forest Gump" soundtrack. Both of which are really cool. I really like the Cast Away piece though but I chose this video with the other one on it because it has the good part of the Cast Away score. (Kaylee the Forest Gump piece at the end I see fitting for your "sleeping" cd request tell me if that sound about right? or do you want more music with words)

Lately I have been studying up and learning about my family roots and name. So in the spirit of Scotland here is a absolutely beautiful song that im sure you are all familiar with. My favorite version I have on a cd but here is a version I found on line. "Amazing Grace" played on the bagpipes.

Hey my mom just called so im going to talk to her enjoy!


  1. mmm alan silvestri. good stuff.

  2. Kenty, that song is beautiful I must say! Just perfect.