Friday, May 13, 2011


So today wile doing my musical ritual- that is i slide the scroller down on my itunes and randomly stop, i stopped in the D's today, and landed on dashboard confessional. These guys were like the ultimate "indy" rock if you will ever for a long time. When i was in like jr high these guys were big. I have a cd with them that had 16 tracks and it was there old stuff, and it was and is an alltime classic album to me. I think it was just a mix my brother made, but it was their older stuff, which in my opinion is WAY better.
Anyway, you all probably know this one, but i have to post it purely because of how much i lvoed this one. It- like all love music- of corse brings back tons of memories and feelings. Ha so yeah. I have to post both the acoustic version and the full version- i honestly cant decide which i like better.
firts, the acoustic, this song is called "Hands Down". Classic in my books.
the full version

well turns out my car has a flat tire. so i got to go ha. enjoy these two.


  1. their song "stolen" is also amazing. keep the posts coming kenton!

  2. I believe their old stuff is way better too... probably up to Dusk and Summer where that does have a few good ones. But I pretty much love all the songs on their old albums. Especially Swiss Army Romance!