Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Puccini" "B.B. King" "U2"

This one is an opera piece from "Puccinie's" "Johnny sciki". I have no idea how to spell ha so you may want to double check that one ha. Anyway we watched this opera in a music class I took a little while back and we watched this opera. Im pretty sure if you know opera at all you will know this one I think this one is on the pop end in the opera world. Please im not huge into opera if you know some good names please comment.

Speaking of poster child songs for all you blues fans out there this one is a classic and im sure you know it. Done by "B.B. King" of course its the "Thrill is gone". Awesome song. Listened to this one when I woke up in honor of my new harmonica's arrival. This one is a solid! The guitar is so simple yet mind blowing. BB king had a live concert when I was in Utah but I missed it and I was so bummed. Picked up my first King album when I was in Jr. High. I saw it at borders book store and grabbed it on a whim- and thats when I started to listen to the blues.

Here is "3 o clock". This one is a live version- and its really goood watch the video on this one. MMM and just let it out.

I was in one of my classes and I realized I dont think I have ever done a U2 post. Anyway U2 is one of my all time favorite band and they truely are a musically amazing group. I have a hard time just listening to them because I always used to listen to them when I went snowboarding so its super hard to live on an an Island and listen to them. But anyway this song is from there "How to dismantle an atomic bomb" (debatably in my top 5 albums) WHICH IS AN AWESOME album and you should all own- if not go get one. Truely amazing stuff. Anyway the song is "Miracle Drug" I really like the dreamyness of this one. Just imagine your in the snow and the mountains...

This next one was one of my favorite songs ever (at the time) and is from the same album. The song is called "Crumbs from your table"

Gosh its so hard to swift through these songs I want to post them all by U2... but that would be a lot of links and I need to get going on my papers. PLEASE if you want more u2 classics I will post them here are a few others im just going to do the links quick
and so many more

ok this one is from there rattle and hum movie they did. You can get it at the OP the song is Van Diemens land. truely beautiful watch the video on this one

ANYWAY now that we have talked about B.B. king and u2 we will play one of my all time favorite songs they did together- you probably know this one its "When love comes to town" just a classic

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