Monday, February 7, 2011

"Dj Kicks" "September Sessions" and "Shore Thing"

Ah another lonely day on my blog that no one reads :)

Alright again im chipping away at the large plethora of music I have been aquiring.

As I think I mentioned earlier a song called "non non non" by daddy G and Melaaz. As I was looking for the rest of the album that was called DJ Kicks I stumbled apon and decided to download an album that was by (and or put together by- hard to tell) Thievery corporation (probably one of the biggest names in that modern trip hop sound). So I downloaded it and its turning out to be pretty sweet. The album is not by thievery corporation it has a bunch of names on it but I think thievery corporation compiled it and may have mixed it a little. Some tracks I really like are the first two. SOUND AWESOME when played back to back they did a really good job with the transition.

The first song is called "Tropicando" done by Les Baxter. I have been listening around to him and he is pretty interesting.
What I love most about music and wish people could understand is that Music is all very simmilar regardless of the Genre. Would you have belived me that after listening to this album that the first song "trpoicando" is a piece from a 40's and 50's pop swing band? Yet here it is on a VERY modern sounding cd and style of music. I wish everyone would not label genres so quickly! haha

the 2nd track is called "Rebirth" by a group called "A forest Mighty Black.
This song is obviously way more modern than the first yet they stand side by side so well. I love the brake down at 2:20 in the song. its sick.

I have also been listenign to the september sessions soundtrack. If you like any of the other surf movie soundtracks like Thicker Than Water or The Drifter or A Broke Down Melody than I think you will like this one to. Justin Nickle always seems to have the inside scoop on the good surf movies and the soundtracks always are ballin. The reason I bring this one up (HOLLY BALLS HA CHALI 2NA just popped up on a track im listening to it from that album on a song I skipped the times before!) ha isnt that dope? Ahh I love it when that happens when you love artist and styles of music and then you see that your favorite artists also have that same taste. Espeically in hip hop you will find styles and artists you like and then you will be so stoked to here them featured or do a song with another artist you have also liked and then you realize that they are connected and its a good feeling. For example like with Chali 2na I was listening to an artist called "Tippa Ire" and bam they did a song together and I had also been browsing through some of "Dj Format" and I found one of them together so anyway something to think about. Like with Damian Marley I like a lot of his stuff and so its sweet to find him doing tracks with other more underground artists I like and low and behold I was watching a live vedio and randomly 2na came out and did a song on a live show with them. pretty cool. Anyway this happens a lot and im sure you guys reading have probably found simmilar connections.
So the sound track is "The September Sessions". It is from a surf movie and its pretty legit a bit more instramental and jazzy (if you will) than the others I have heard. some awesome tracks are on the cd like "Pirate Looks At 40" wich im sure I have mentioned previously in the blog again cool to see that pop up on a surf album that has always been a favorite of mine since Jr. High. You can find it on you tube now (it wasnt on there for forever but here is the link)
well i guess they pulled it off of you tube again. anwya the link is the same song but this time i think there is another song after so just listen to the first one.

K so the tracks im stoked about are these. ill just post them in a row they sound good back to back so i would suggest just playing all of them.
this one was the one i was talking about its called super bowl sunday by ozomatli (the band that 2na is in- as well as Jurassic 5 at least when they were together... sniff)
2nd is meaningliss conversation by "princes of babylon" as well as jack johnson
3rd is just a ballin song called "thug style" by "the september sessions band"
4th is also by the same band as the 3rd called "what would you rather do"
5th is a song called "Piglet's Lament" by beat down sound

anyway some good stuff from them.

As for my brother bren who has requested of me and or mentioned he likes some good steal drum music I have picked up an album called"tropical shores steel drum band" and the album is called "shore thing" creative hahaha. but anway bren if you can find that album its pretty solid just super basic chill steel drums.
If you like the steel drum music that just JAMS and will blow your mind its SUPER hard to find I cant find it but look for the new york conventions they have for steel drum groups its insane.

Sorry people to be stuck on this more bassy instramental bit lately but enjoy it and go to sleep with basslines in your head tonight

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  1. I read your blog you foolish boy.
    I love September Sessions. Especially Grey's Groove.