Monday, May 9, 2011

"John Denver" "Joe Bonamassa"

Dont ask me how i ended up in the J's but i started with C's today... ha actually now i know i started with jimmy cliff but it was listed as Cliff, Jimmy in my itunes then i changed it withc brought me to the J's. I have already done a post for "Jimmy Cliff" so yeah get his anthologies they are really good i have been listening to him more. anyway...

K this song is called "Dreamland Express" by John Denver. I got this song off of the album i barrowed from the orem public library.. or the OP. Anyway i think the tune to this song is used in Dumb and Dumber. John devner was a classic artist... haha my mom laughs when i listen to him he is old. by the way this video is super funky i dont know what random youtuber made this so heads up ha

If I am going to talk about John Denver of course I have to post "Leaving on a Jet Plane" you all know this one its a total classic

Im not sure if i have ever metnioned "Joe Bonamassa", but he is certainly worht posting. I think there are like 3 of his ablums at the OP. Go get them for sure. Speaking of the OP if you dont have a library card and you live in orem you are an idiot- there is so much music there. anyway...
yeah so his fav album of mine is "a new day yesterday" he is kind of an artist simmilar to John Mayer, obviously different in so many ways, but like in a sense the Genre is sort of simmilar, like blues with tons of rock influence. he is an outstanidng artist. I turned my brother in law to this artist about 2 years ago and he absolutely loves him- and my brother is super picky about his music. anyway, this son is called "Walk in my shadows" he seems like an artist that would be just bomb to see live

I think i like the album version of this song better but i wanted to snag a live one for yalllll. so yeah. this one is "if heartaches were nickles"

do enjoy please comment and share your musical findings and interests with me PLEASE
i get so excited when people comment
please please please tell me what you dont like and what you want to hear more of.. right now im just kind of covering more known artists but please give me a lead as to what to go off of
as for kaylee, you asked for a honduras playlists.. haha.. i actually have been listening to tons of southern jazz and latin jazz and brazilian jazz and lots of salsa i just kind find the songs online cuz they are in different languages

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  1. I'm not a big fan of music in general, but I do love your blog. A lot. I read it all the time. Keep it up! You never know, you might convince me to listen to something other than K-Love or Talk Radio in my car... :)