Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Jazz "Billy Taylor" "Ella Fitzgerald" "Stan Getz"

Im doing a Jazz post in light of the requests of the readers.

This piece is a really cool one done by "Billy Taylor". Take not of the name- "I wish I knew how it would feel to be free". I really like the name because once I heard the name it actually shed some light on the song even though there are no words. It really captures that though or daydream really well. I really like in this song when he brakes free and just starts jammin. Its at about 32 seconds in my itunes not sure when it will be on the video but you will see. Great piece really jams. Just let the piano talk to you on this one.

This one has some vocals. Not really sure this is pure jazz none the less a solid track and it came from a "smooth jazz" album (although like half the songs arent really jazz.) This one is by "Ella Fitzgerald". I couldnt find the version i wanted but here is one

This song is AWESOME. You will know this one but its debatably a favorite of mine. Super sweet song with vocals. The song is done by Stan Getz (and obviously some other features).
You know this one :)

I have to go but I will post some more jazz for sure!
Thanks and please comment

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  1. Thanks for the jazz post Kenton! You're right, the piano does a good job at illustrating the "lyrics" to "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free." Loved the Ella Fitzgerald! As for the Girl from Ipanema... what a classic. I didn't recognize it right away, but the language twist was nice and the sax was amazing. That's some good stuff!