Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"David Porter" "Beck" "Bob Marley" "John Mayer" "B.B. King"

Heard this one last night on KRCL, sweet jam. Kinda long tho
"I cant see you when I want to"

In fact today lets do a few jams from KRCL. This one is from the Artist "Beck".  It has 3 million views so it has to be decently popular.  Wish I could find the long version, way sicker. I could only find the music video, so I would suggest not watching it- it always ruins the music.
"Where its at"

This one... what a Jam.  Its "Lively up yourself" by Bob Marley.  Usually my favorite go to version of this Jam is the one he did with Lee Scratch Perry, but this one is live and its soooo sick.  Seriously just gets it out of ya.  This one is from the "Babylon by Bus" album.
"Lively Up Yourself"

After posting that last one I thought to myself some of my favorite live songs, this one I have to do because I love it and the ENTIRE CONCERT and video (certainly suggest getting it) but its "John Mayer"s "where the light is" concert video... so sick.  My brother Scott got it for me.  Heres on that is way good- really like the lyrics.  I would watch the video on this one.
"In your Atmosphere"

And of course you cant be on a live tangent and not post up a B.B. King track.  Wish I could find the version from the concert video I got from the OP (orem public library) but this one of course is still great.  
"Im  a bluesman"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Etta James" "Mungo Jerry" "Nicola Conte" "Little People"

This one is such a jam.  I remember when I was working in some ladies yard when this song popped on for the first time.  Pretty sure me and Justin Nickle and Chad Hammilton all dropped our shovels and just danced instead of working for this one.  Best line "but loves sure gone and put a hurtin on me" when she sings all low...  Ill also post two other Jams from her, both solid gold.
"Somethings got a hold on me"
"At last"
"Id rather go blind"

Had to post another Jam from Mungo Jerry this ones a good one.  I will have you all know I went out and bought a metal Kazoo after hearing this one and play it with my Uke.
"You better leave that Whiskey Alone"

Sick little instrumental groove.  Try plugging in a jam like this and going longboarding or just cruise around town.  This one makes my "skate" play list.
"Jet Sounds"

This next one you may or may not like- I'm not really sure how it fits in the context of when you will listen to it.  I like to listen to this kind of music when I'm doing things I consider "epic"... haha like when I write things down that are on my mind or write business stuff... Im really cool.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Nostalgia 77" "Zero 7" "Brother Ali" Atmosphere"

 "Nostalgia 77"
I picked up this Jam from 90.9 KRCL the radio station.  By the way I think this station is hands down the best at least in Utah Valley.  The first time I heard this song/cover I was in love and then every time it would come on I would get so stoked, found out they post all their playlists and I have snagged quite a few gems from there website.  The soul and just the "mmm oh my goodness" in this song is thru the roof.
"7 Nation Army"

"Zero 7"
I know I have posted this artist before but I have been listening to them like crazy and digging up a few more tracks from them. AWESOME ARTIST- definitely suggest at least snaggin the albums "when it falls" and I think the other is called "Simple things".  But anyway here are a few tracks that are swweeet.  Not one you probably will love right off the bat, but add it to your collection and it will grow on you for sure I freakin love em.
"Speed Dial No. 2"
And many more from this artist but I wont get post crazy!

"Brother Ali"
Just a fun hip hop jam.  Oh shout out to Christian Turley and Trevor Thomas for there "im so fly" song they made in high school haha.  Any ways pay attention to the artist I post after, they sound pretty similar- I have posted atmosphere a few times I think.  
"Forest Whitaker"

I have posted Atmosphere a few times but I don't thin I have done this track.   This jam fits the easy going style of the first one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gavin Fridlund & Antia Decastro

So found the hip hop remix of the track I posted earlier today.  You may or may not like the remixed version but this is still pretty sick... the best is when they scratch right before the chorus .

Some newww freaakkin tunes :) "The Marketts" "Dick Dale" "Melanie" "Mungo Jerry"

Just a quick post.  Been gathering the new tunes lately just had to share a couple! hopefully I can start posting more.  Not so much even for you but for me (and by you I mean the 2 people that stumble upon my blog like once a year).

"The Marketts"
Pretty sure Ive posted for these guys a few time (tracks like Balboa Blue... if I didnt you def have to check it out) but here is another jam that has been just jammin for me the past 3 weeks.
- Surfers Stomp -

"Dick Dale"
I dont know If ive posted this one, but give it a listen if you liked the first.  This has made it on to more than 1 cd I've made.
- Lets go Trippin -

Found this jam about 5 minutes ago on a rollerskate in the waterpark video- it was remixed with a sick hip hop beat, wish I could find a clean quality version of the remix but no luck.  Here is the original, still wayyyy gooood track where has this one been hiding.
- Brand new Key -

"Mungo Jerry"
So as I would also suggest to you, when you find a track on youtube with an album cover like the track "brand new key" I would suggest clicking on the other suggested videos with the same album cover.  I came across this track, I have heard it quite a few times before but I'm so stoked I found it.

hahaha just couldnt go without posting... .this would actually be a DOPE track to cover

Friday, March 23, 2012

For Marissa! "Otis Redding" "Edith Piaf" "Gliberto" "Henri Salvador" "Vanoni"

Por me amigo marissa...
"Otis Redding" "Shout Bamalama"

"These arms of mine"

"Thats what my heart needs"

These were the first three tracks from "Dreams to remeber- otis redding anthology" (solid gold album.... two cd's). And Ill throw this last one in just cuz i love it (there are so many classics on this album!)

"You left the water running"

This next artist is "Edith Piaf" song "La Vie En Rose"

This one is from that "Getz Y Gilberto" album I was telling you about.. here is one of those tracks called "Crocovado"

I remember telling you about "Henri Salvador", heres a few.
"jardin d'hiver"... this isnt the original album version but its what i could find.
I cant find the other track i wanted to post.

This one is Ornella Vanoni... Ive already posted it, but i finally found a clean version without all the background sounds. "L'appuntamento"

Please hit me back with some other good tunes in this arean scout camp!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Zee Avi" "Sophie Madeleine" "Ingrid Michaelson"

So lately I have had a hunch for just girls playing beautiful love jams with beautiful voices. Damnit you mark my words one day even I kenton will find a lover!!! anyway, on that note, here are some jams that shall show you what i mean.

So for the first artist "Zee Avi" i have to give the credit to my friend justin chirstopher nickle for the splended fine. He would listen to her all the time in hawaii and I always loved it, so yeah. This video was debatabley the best 11 minutes of my life. All 4 songs are SICKKKK. the last one me and justin heard for the first time today whilest sitting in my room listening to music (like i said.... we dont really get a lot of girls...). So here it is, "Zee Avi" I think justin said she was from micronesia? i dont know. I guess she recorded on brushfire reccords which alone makes her sick... and one day my future wife. I wont post the songs names it mentions them in little thought bubbles on the corner. The third song i love and would always get justin to play. Wow this video is truely so amazing... wow.

Ok so this next one is a girl i stumbled apon named "Sophie Madeleine". She did a '30 days 30 covers' thing where she covered one song a day for thirty days... super solid on all of them (i have listened to almost all of them... :) she is so cute and sings so well!!!) anyway give here a few tries on any of the cover songs she did... im sure you will know a few. The few that caught me were "Moon river"- how cool is a chic who covered sinatra?? and "A kiss to build a dream on". A kiss to build a dream on... i sang this the entire day at work today... no joke.
"A kiss to build a dream on"
"Moon River"

Ok so this next girl is not a rare gem, she is famous i think ( i dont listen to the radio much so im super out of the loop) but the reason i post this one was because i met a girl at BYU who had her ukulele on her and played this for me and sung it so well and it was awesome... so i snagged her number, and of course, she hits me with the "im with my boyfriend" text... classic. well on the bright side im sure hes probaly a happy dude :) haha. The artist is "Ingrid Michaelson"
"You and I"

This last one is random and doesent fit but on the tagent of justin here is another gem he showed me. "Noah and the whale" with "Five years time"

Gotta love me some good happy love jams :)