Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A quick song. i have finals.

First off what the F happened to the comments and the readers?! where you guys at.

Anyway just one quick song cuz i have tons of crap that needs doing. the song is "hayling" by FC Kahuna. Trip hop for sure but awesome song. this was the first song of this genre i ever liked. funny story. This summer i got crazy CRAZY sick (i weighed 29 pounds less than i do now.. i weigh 209 ahem thankyou) with "krypto" something. I was lying on my couch just being crazy sick and it was like the middle of the day when i discovered our new blu ray dvd player can have internet on the tv. so i signed on to pandora via the remote and made a Finley Quaye radio station. Little did i realize that the results of that would be acid jazz. anyway as the first few songs of that genre played i was dissapointed thats what it brouhgt me and did not care for the genre at all. Anyway i then fell asleep. the next series of events cannot not be descirbed in words how crazy it was but i will try. Anyway i woke up - if you can call it that seeing how sick i was- and my head was just like spinning i was super sweaty it was in the mid day sun in like july there was no AC and i had a feever and blankets on me. Anyway the song hayling was playing on the T.V. and i have NEVER experienced music like i did this song- i was so tripped out and strung out i just remember this music litterally inside of me just like pulsing and it was so crazy i have never experienced music on a level like that before. it was really like in me i cant describe like it was all so trippy i cant even describe.
From then on i saw acid jazz and trip hop in a hole new light. If you dont like it i dont blame you cuz you never have seen it like i have. but trust me once it makes sense its swell.

Love Kenton
Sorry to babble on so much not about music.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have been working a lot lately on the "sylvester" cd finding and orginizing all of the music and i am super stoked about this one. I have had a ich to stop listening to hip hop and chill music (what has been dominating my ipod these last 2 months) and finally come back to the deeper more complex end of classical style music.
Im dying to share (its sad how excited i am) the music and the new albums i have been finding thta will appear on this compilation.
but you will have to wait til christmas!! hehe!!
anyway if would like a christmas copy just post a comment and i will gladly make you one!
love kenton
mmm bum bumm be doo mmm!!

How about some boogie?

Albert Ammons ablum titled "the boogie woogie man" can be found at the OP. THIS IS A MUST GET. great album. if you live in orem get it. great cd do bare with me its an older recording but it seems to sound pretty good. really good feeling album, i have been listening to this along with some frank sinatra and it makes you realize how much blues and jazz are just as big and enjoyable as hip hop rock reggae and aything else. anyway for real if you live in orem get this one from the library.
I have been listening to more and more of the frank sinatras "greatest hits" album. Absolutely STELLAR. Im not sure which one the OP has (didnt get it from there) but i know they have a ton of them there. If any of you noticed i used a sinatra quote as a face book status from the song "Something stupid" (AMAZING SON- i think its more on his pop end tho). But who knows im thinking about bagging my facebook. anyway some other good songs are the theme from "new york new york" and "ol man river" i hope to get some more soon. Ol man river is not the best song all the way trhough but some parts such as like 2 minutes is great.
Louis lortie- im pretty sure i have already mentioned him. any way to great tracks by him (found on the "daydreams" anthology found at the op.. under classical piano i think?) anyway the 2 tracks are
Chopin: Etude #1 in A flat, Op. 25/1, CT 26, "Aeolian Harp"
Liszt: Un Sospiro Concert Study, S 144/3
not sure what you should type into you tube to find these but great classical pieces these two are on the cd im making titled "sylvester" which is made up of mostly film scores and classical music. if you would like a copy i hope to have it done by christmas so yeah.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"the yard"

So recently i have started going to the gym. Purely so i can listen to dope music and feel legit in the gym. And because of this i pretend every time im working out im in the pirson yard. it feels really cool. anywho because of this i have made a playlist which is where "ghetto diplomat" turned up. So anyway here are a few more tracks that fit not only this song but the "yard".
Funky 4 U (actuall spelling) on the album "return from mecca" (some good tracks on this album if you like there style) this is again Chali 2na (he is most of this list) wiht X-Clan. This track is a little more.. how to say it... not gangster but deep bass and thugish? anyway you will see what i mean. due keep in mind i did NOT like this song much the first few times so be patient with it. but easily the best part is as always 2na's.

Tippa Ire feat Chali 2na song title "Come on". Again this song is not that simmilar to ghetto diplomat but it fits the list fine and makes me work out harder... in the yard with the boys.

Chali 2nas "international" does this song with beanie man (check out beanie mans heaven on earth song). Suprisingly a lot of people have heard this song. But i havent.. haha anyway this is a great song i have heard it not only on the kya bambas mixtapes (that was the first time) but i personally like the version on the actual chali 2na fish outa water album. the first song leads into it so well.

Anyways i know i sort of neglected the point of finding songs simmilar to ghetto diplomat scott, but those are to far off. i will keep my eye open for other songs with the same rolling bass and lyric style of that song.

So yeah there are a few other songs on the "yard" that i will mention. I have 3 tracks by Kya bamba that you have to play back to back of course (like all of there music) that are and have forever been some of my favs. These turned up on the "drew cat" cd i made. I think suzy V. was the only one who got that cd tho. any way the three songs can be found on there website along with all of there other stuff dont youtube this one cuz you have to hear them together and i doubt they are all on you tube. any way the tracks are as follows. all from mixtape 6
Konshens better life badazz remix
Busy signal- Hustling
Busy signal- Tie & dye face remix
yeah so snag these off of there my space site and last i checked the sixth mix tape is still totally free for download. i suggest you get it. the last of the three songs just jams but dont get greedey listen to all three in a row.

Frontier Psyciatrist by the avalanches. This song is probably going off of the list of the "yard" just cuz its really not that fitting and its somehting not just casually listened to. You sort of have to appreciate pure disc jocky-ing to like this one- its a little less pleasing to the ear but its still sick. I remember skating to this song and the hole album (album is since i left you- its in the OP) and i had just a strange connection and skate sesh to this song maybe thats why i like it. it seems like some music only connects with you at certainn times but when it does oh it does!!

Flava in ya ear by craig mac. this is just an old school rap song (well not that old) but its really good. think i liked this one right off the bat. picked this one up off of my old satalite radio.

hieroglyphics "after dark" one of the first 2 rap songs i had ever liked. dont know how this made it to the list but give it a listen. great underground stuff

anyway tell me what you think. and also if your getting these off of you tube i would suggest not watching the vedio cuz it may detract from the music.