Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Buju Banton"

In honor of Mike Rife.. A departing homie to Korea...
I think I have already mentioned this artist but it was before anyone actually read my blog and it didnt have the links. Buju Banton is a very unique artist and has some sweet stuff. For the most part he is suprisingly consistant with his music... At least on some of his albums ha. Any way here are a few favs I remember Mike Rife had his cd in high school and that was the first time I heard him back when I was like 15. My friend Justin just said on the news he just barely went to prison for drug trafficing which isnt to much of a suprise.
This one is murderer. Cool song really like the intro.

This one is champion. It has fallen out of fashon in my eyes nonetheless I liked it in high school so ill post it.

This one is one of my favs from him and was one of Mikes to. Really cool song called "Untold Stories".

This one is "Not any easy Road" another favoriet of his.

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