Friday, February 18, 2011

"Dennis Kamakani"- Wile im at it

I have to present tommorrow morning in my slack key guitar (a Hawaiin style of guitar playing) class a presentation on "Dennis Kamakani" so I figured wile I was at it I would post up some of his songs. I youtubed him and the first one that popped up is one he did for the Lilo and Stitch movie. This is simpley beautiful piece not super slack key style but nonetheless a nice pleasent song that reminds me of Hawaii... where I live :)

This one is the typical Hawaiin jam sesh done by the pros really cool sorry the quality is not the best

I think this next one is the one I will use in my presentation tommorrow.

I would strongly suggest you look into slack key guitar a little more its Hawaiis clame to fame in the guitar world. I really think this would mix extremely well with Folk music, I would love to see Kamakani do a few tracks with Normon Blake.

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