Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Mr. Scruff" "FC Kahuna"

So today i will just do a quick post. I have been getting more and more into "trip hop"/ acid jazz / elctric style music. Its pretty sweet and there is a ton of it out there. Anyway, here is a track from a mix tape i picked up done by "Fila Brazil" called "Another Late Night". the song is done by "Mr. Scruff" and its pretty cool. Keep in mind the first few times thru i didnt really care for this track and i thougth it was boringa and repetitave. Make sure you give this kind of music a fair chance at first i thought it was so gay and repetitave. I think thats the biggest battle with this style is figuring its very changing. The song is "Get a move on"
Here is the original version
Here is the mixed version i have
and crap i cant find it. anyway both sweet versions the original not as cool but yeah groove shark it!! groove shark the album "another late night" by "Flia Brazil"

Im sure i have already posted these songs at some point but i just have to again especially since we have a new follower!! wooooooooo. Its "FC Kahuna" the songs are "Machine says yes" and "Hayling". I wrote a hole post about teh song hayling. Yeah that song introduced me to a hole bunch of good tunes! They are both from the album "Machine says yes". (also the name of one of the songs... someone told me this song was on the twilight vampire movie? please confirm if so... cuz that would ruin it).

"Machine Says Yes"

These songs may sound familiar to some I put them on my "Under Water" Cd. Again if you want one just comment.

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