Monday, March 7, 2011


This post will contain no such music just quesitions! Please comment on what you think.

Im just wondering what you guys are liking and want more of. Am I posting to much of just one genre?
What Genre are you guys wishing I would post more of?
Do you have any music that would be new to me?

Its time for the readers to give back! haha but please tell me about what your fav music is and what you want more of and/or less of.
Please comment!


  1. Your blog ad popped up on my FB home page, and as I've been checking it out I admit you have some good stuff. I especially liked the barbershop post; I've sung one of the pieces before. Anyway, do you have any good suggestions for jazz music? Also, have you heard of jonsi? If not you should check him out. My favorite songs of his are Go Do, Around Us, and Sinking Friendships.

  2. kenton. i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. i like that every post sounds exactly like you. i like your range of style in songs. i love getting new music ideas and your blog is always an inspiration.


  3. I like the song that Amy sent me on you tube "only just a dream" by Nelly but sung by a couple other kids. This is the address:
    I was looking at Kaylee's blog and found the link to yours today - hope you don't mind if I participate.
    ps Mary Jane is a GIRL!!!!

  4. Thank you all very much for the comments!

    "When we grow up" thankyou for the comment and checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy the music and dont get bored with it (there are a lot of posts..) some more useless than others but.. haha. Anyway as for jazz. I will post a link on a post real quick for you to listen to. if you could be a little more specific as to which kind of Jazz you are into that would be great.
    I am not failiar with "Jonsi" but I will be sure to check him out. Please follow my blog! thanks

    Mckenzie- thanks for bein thankful. Saw you in the calf like 15 times today.

    Kaylee- not sure who this is talking but yeah... ha. Please follow with whatever account! But as for the song you sent me im afraid noting comes to the top of mind. To be honest im not to familiar with that style of music which might sound strange because stuff like that is dominating the radio right now. But im sure ill think of something and I will let you know. As for you.. ha I have no idea who you are ha no worries.
    As for Mary Jane... Tom petty said it is about whatever you want it to be about. But to me its pretty obvious. Mary Jane= weed. One last time to kill the pain ha.

  5. I suppose the sub-genre I'm interested in is vocal jazz, because that's how I've become interested in jazz. I've been listening to Jamie Cullum, Ella Fitgerald sings the George and Ira Gershwin songbook, and a little Louis and Frank. This is not to say that I wouldn't be interested in other styles such as soul, classic, or dixieland jazz. I have simply been exposed to mainly vocal, which I like and want to hear more artists along with any other style I'm missing out on. Hopefully that helps clarify my request. Ps. I liked the latin jazz number!