Monday, February 28, 2011

My Top 3 Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Now this isnt official so dont like quote me on this but debatably my favorite 3 rap songs of all times are as follows.

No. 1 "Get up Get out" by Outkast
I heard this for the first time on my satalite radio a few years back. This song has always been a classic to me and although I like Outkast he isnt like my favorite artist so its weird he (and the features on the track) take first place. This song to me just has such a pure sound with pure flows and raps. Just unreal the sound and flow and the style they pulled off on this track.
Favorite lines- Cuz every job I get is cruel and deminin', sick of taking trash out and toliet bowl cleanin'. "But im also sick and tired of struggilin, never ever thought I would resort to drug smuggilin."
"But in the middle school, I was a bigger fool, I wore a tanktop to show off my tatoo thought it was cool"
"Graduation rolled around like rolly pollies, da** thats ****** up I should have listened when my mama told me"
And so many more

No. 2 "Drop" by the Pharcyde
This song was a little more popular (in its time obviously) and is fairly new to me (probably about half a year?) none the less its still so sick. Again its the style and flow that make this song so sick. My only complain is at the end they have a hole bunch of the beat playing with some useless voice talking. Sick song.. again kind of new to me but thats why I said this is not my official top 3.
Fav lines "...wonderin why, why man? It was the fame that they tried to get now they walkin around talkin about represent, and keep it real"
"Got them mad and trembiln, cuz ive been up in my lab assemblin"
really weird yet rad how the beat comes in on this one.

No. 3 "Ghetto Diplomat" by Chali 2na
Not sure if this makes no 3 but yeah. This song im suer I have mentioned before sick song great beat done by Numark and just a sick song love the way they set up the verses and drop back in when you think he is done.
fav line "Yo, Tuna the smoke jumper, packin' my oral cannon, bustin from Okinawa Japan to Laurel Canyon" I love this its the first line but I love how it shows how the beat matches the lyrics and how the beat slowly climbs down towards the end really solid entry
also I love the "Im tuna fish nigga..." when he drops in for the last verse.

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