Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Nikkfurie" "Piero Umiliani" "Ornella Vanoni"

K so these were the songs that led to my last random post. I was just messin around lookin for french funk and brazilian and japanese 'jazz funk' music. French was the only good stuff.

Anyway, this song im going to post by "Nikkfurie" is SO SICK. like so sick. If anyone can tell me what movie this is from... without watching the you tube video.. that would be sick.
the song is "The A La Menthe"

Another great one from the film "Crepuscolo sul mare".. this was the one i was looking for. Great track. I just downloaded (bought :) im a good boy) all three soundtracks from the Oceans films. They are some of my favorite. by "Piero umiliani"

This song is really cool dont wathc the video tho its just some kid who is obsessed with himself. kind of fits this though

This song is amazing. the song is "L'appuntamento". I hope you enjoy this one as much as i do. Also from Oceans 12. All of these have been except for the french funk jazz one. (the one right above this)
I apoogise.. this was the only version i could find. there are random background noises and its not the full version but great song none the less i would suggeset buying it. its is by "Ornella Vanoni"

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  1. Love your music, but I love you more…can't wait for you to come home!!