Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Das EFX" "Slick Rick" "Craig Mac" and others

Lets go back to the roots of hip hop. Das EFX released this album 1992 back when hip hop was pure and wonderful. Now dont be disapointed- if you have never listened to original hip hop its a little werid and childish sounding at first but stick with it and you will realize how sick and how pure it is. In now a days rap its hard to find (at least with certain artists) songs were they just slay it and throw down sick verses. When I started listening to hip hop my friend gave me like 120 songs and at the time and only tow appealed to me really because I was never really a fan of rap. The two songs were "after dark" by Hieroglyphics (who knows how to spell it..) and "hip hop police". I liked these two songs cuz they just had a pure hip hop sound and I remember thinking wow I would love rap if only it sounded like this. As life went on I realized that is what real rap sounded like you just have to get away from most mainstream and pop rap and get into the real hip hop. So I actually stared listening to old school hip hop because I liked it so much better and now I listen to all of it but its weird I guess I started backwards than what most people do. The only reason i liked the song hip hop police was because of the verse slic rick has. Really not that crazy or good but that was all I had so I thought it was so sick. So anyway here is some tracks from Das EFX. these are all from the Dead Serious album. You can get it at the OP.
This one is called "Mic Checka" its the first on the album

I dont know why but the text just got smaller. My next favorie song was "If only". Some stellar rhymes in this one really smart love the way he plays with the rythm and deliveries of the ryhmes. At first I didnt though so give it time. I love the line with chewbaca. SO SICK

This next one is super dope it made it into the top 250 rap songs of all time. Love it when they they talk about bones they have such a unique style which is what I love about hip hop artists-when they are unique.

So yeah there are three from that album "Dead Serious"

Here are a few from slick rick. sorry out of juice so I wont talk about it anymore I will just post it (I know your so sad... ahaha)
you may think this one is a little weird but I like it ha

this one is pretty cool sorry the quality is not the best

this song is just sick and is by neither of the artists but here it is and here is the remix as well. tell me which you like better. I think i like the original but here. Its craig mac "flava in your ear" i used to listen to this one at the skate park
and here is the remix also VERY DOPE
the remix is unreal. Its so sick I didnt know this exsisted for a wile. but its so rad some incredible names on this track love Busta Rymes as always just slayin it. again some unreal names on this track sick they came together.

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