Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music for (8-31)

Finally got the Matt Costa cd's i wanted. i somehow lost the ones i already had on my comp. but anyway i got the albums titled "Songs we sing"(one of my favs the one i know the best) "unfamiliar faces" and "matt costa ep". matt costa is really a great artist, you will really like him if your into people like jack johnson donavin frankenwritter ben harper etc. Matt costa is great but ill be honest he is kind of weird. he has some really good chill talented music and then he has some mega weird stuff so dont let just a few songs turn you away from him. some of my favortites by him are
On Songs we sing:
Yellow taxi
Cold december
sunshine (probably his most famous)
sweet rose
on Unfamiliar Faces
miss magnolia (love this song)
mr. pitiful (like the acoustic version of this way better than the album recording you can find it acoustic on you tube type in matt costa mr. pitiful kfog archives
on Matt costa Ep
movin on
It suprise me how steathily he is "twangy" like i was saying about norman blake a few posts back im tellin you you have no idea how much of this twangy bluegrass stuff is showin up in music and you would be suprised how much you can appreciate it. Not sure i posted this name or track but if you like matt costa you will like the song me and julio down by the school yard by paul simon on negotiations and love songs. great track that just popped into my head but also on the more serious songs like astair matt costa does that is sort of like a beautiful lullaby paul simon aslo has those on the same album try something so right and st. judy's commet. both GREAT songs and they fit really well in the same ball park as matt costas lullaby style songs. again if you want to hear any of these songs just youtube them.

aslo on this same tagent of music i just barley ripped strait from you tube the album oh mighty engine by Neil Halstead. I heard neil halstead at the jack johnson concert like the opening show for the people who were opening for the people who were opening for jack johnson haha so yeah totally small artist pretty sure he is super underground still (could be wrong considering i dont know the radio trends very well) but yeah i was probably the only one listening to him while he played and i remember really likin it he was just him himself playin acoustic and it was really good. anyway i couldnt find any of his albums on my UK websites or even on any "other" websites the only place i could find him was youtube so yeah. i think he is from england. ANYWAY his music is really good i would check out his albums. The thing about him is is he really is the chillest artist i have ever heard.. ever. infact i thought i would never say this but maybe to chill. these songs would be like sick for a bonfire. but MAJOR MELLOW music but yeah here are some of my favorites from the album oh mighty engine
On oh might engine
baby i grew you a beird
oh mihgy engine
and many more but yeah check him out for sure this totally seems like something justin nickle would like so susy if you actually read these tell him or i will when i see him in a week ha

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