Sunday, December 5, 2010

"the yard"

So recently i have started going to the gym. Purely so i can listen to dope music and feel legit in the gym. And because of this i pretend every time im working out im in the pirson yard. it feels really cool. anywho because of this i have made a playlist which is where "ghetto diplomat" turned up. So anyway here are a few more tracks that fit not only this song but the "yard".
Funky 4 U (actuall spelling) on the album "return from mecca" (some good tracks on this album if you like there style) this is again Chali 2na (he is most of this list) wiht X-Clan. This track is a little more.. how to say it... not gangster but deep bass and thugish? anyway you will see what i mean. due keep in mind i did NOT like this song much the first few times so be patient with it. but easily the best part is as always 2na's.

Tippa Ire feat Chali 2na song title "Come on". Again this song is not that simmilar to ghetto diplomat but it fits the list fine and makes me work out harder... in the yard with the boys.

Chali 2nas "international" does this song with beanie man (check out beanie mans heaven on earth song). Suprisingly a lot of people have heard this song. But i havent.. haha anyway this is a great song i have heard it not only on the kya bambas mixtapes (that was the first time) but i personally like the version on the actual chali 2na fish outa water album. the first song leads into it so well.

Anyways i know i sort of neglected the point of finding songs simmilar to ghetto diplomat scott, but those are to far off. i will keep my eye open for other songs with the same rolling bass and lyric style of that song.

So yeah there are a few other songs on the "yard" that i will mention. I have 3 tracks by Kya bamba that you have to play back to back of course (like all of there music) that are and have forever been some of my favs. These turned up on the "drew cat" cd i made. I think suzy V. was the only one who got that cd tho. any way the three songs can be found on there website along with all of there other stuff dont youtube this one cuz you have to hear them together and i doubt they are all on you tube. any way the tracks are as follows. all from mixtape 6
Konshens better life badazz remix
Busy signal- Hustling
Busy signal- Tie & dye face remix
yeah so snag these off of there my space site and last i checked the sixth mix tape is still totally free for download. i suggest you get it. the last of the three songs just jams but dont get greedey listen to all three in a row.

Frontier Psyciatrist by the avalanches. This song is probably going off of the list of the "yard" just cuz its really not that fitting and its somehting not just casually listened to. You sort of have to appreciate pure disc jocky-ing to like this one- its a little less pleasing to the ear but its still sick. I remember skating to this song and the hole album (album is since i left you- its in the OP) and i had just a strange connection and skate sesh to this song maybe thats why i like it. it seems like some music only connects with you at certainn times but when it does oh it does!!

Flava in ya ear by craig mac. this is just an old school rap song (well not that old) but its really good. think i liked this one right off the bat. picked this one up off of my old satalite radio.

hieroglyphics "after dark" one of the first 2 rap songs i had ever liked. dont know how this made it to the list but give it a listen. great underground stuff

anyway tell me what you think. and also if your getting these off of you tube i would suggest not watching the vedio cuz it may detract from the music.

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