Monday, August 30, 2010

todays music

Got a few more albums today. only im finding i need more time to jam!

I got 3 albums from pete rock & c.l. smooth. these guys are really good and i dont know how i havent heard of them before like a month ago. but anway they have some really good tracks my favorite is take you there by pete rock on.. not sure i got it off of a album called the ninth wonder somthin. anyway just youtube it and youll be sure to find it. its a pretty solid track and its my fav by them atleast from what i have heard so far. but i got the albums titled "petestramentals" "soul survivor" "the surviving elements" "mecca & soul brother" "the main ingredient." which i guess is more than three albums my bad haha. but anyway got some others but until i listen to them to bad. but pete rock and cl smooth are sort of a more positive tip hip hop group but yet they have a unique sound in the p-tip world. check em out it will be worth your time.

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