Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey oh! huge list I have been comprising but neglecting to post because im a university man and life is difficult at times. any who, here we go.
March of the penguins soundtrack "the egg arrives" awesome song. Really like this one.
oh and btw im just going off of a list of tracks i have made so sorry if i go into no detail about them (cuz i know you all just love it so much when i just ramble...)

Jimi Hendrix. As you all know he is a legend and he is pretty rad. Sadly enough i have never really listened to him to much but i have had the album "experience hendrix" super steller album i think its just a best of. Anyway solid album i would look into it if you dont know him well. Also i just barely got valleys of neptune i havent had time to listen to it yet but im stocked to.

Speaking of Jimi's- Jimi cliff. for those of you who have never listened to jamaican "ska"... shame on you. This is absolutely excellent music. I would suggest developing a pretty solid love for regular more modern reggae before you can really trip back to ska. Ska is basically (not entirely..) old school reggae. Jimi cliff is probably one of my favs from this old genre, however there are still tons of names that are great (paragons, skatalites- skatalites have an album at the OP). If you like modern reggae and you truely appreciate reggae for more than just the pop music coming from this genre i would suggest getting the in my opinion worlds greatest ska compilation titled "trojan ska" you can get it at the OP and you can find a lot on you tube (heads up tho its just someone filming a reccord player). Anyway- i think the main reason i like ska is how well the vocals harmonize and work with the music. This music is fun to listen to and sing a long but sing a line of harmony or the melody of like the trumpets or something and it sound really cool and almost bluesie. Keep in mind this music is infact very chill and good feeling once you learn to appreciate it. These songs would be so sick to cover or remake.

Eric clapton- "the sky is cryin"- mmmm yeah.

Jimi cliff- "miss jamaica" (this is on trojan ska) listen to this song a few times thru (you may not like it) and sing the lyrics as you go about your day and just grasp just the way the lyrics sound even on there own.. and you will realize how tight this song is along with all ska

Bob marley- my bob collection got wiped out but im finally done getting it all back (my ipod froze.) Talking about bob marley pisses me off in reality. Im so sick of kids wearing rasta colors and repping bob marley T's and in reality like most of his listeners the know close to nothing about who he really is but most of all they know so little of his music and his real stuff not his latest more pop stuff. I would love to wear a bob marley t but i cant because i would feel like one of the many posers. I put a bob marley sticker on my uke and it was the songs of freedom cover becasue the songs of freedom compilation is easily in my top 5 albums but i feel like any REAL bob fan who saw that would just assume me to be a poser which would just piss me off. Any way- these are the albums i have by him. they are all amazing even if you dont like ti the first time.
African Herbsman
Babylon By Bus
The best of the upsetter years
The bob marley collection
Bob marley meets lee scratch perry
the bob marley story
Burn Dem
Catch a fire ( there is a movie about this one- his first major album release.. stop that train is on this album and alot of other peter tosh... awesome)
The complete upsetters collection
Germany 1980 (not the hole thing.. :(
Live in Pittsburg (final concert)
Live! (thats all its called)
Live at santa barbra
Lively up yourself
More of bob marley at his best
Natty Dread
One love- the very best of
Paris theater London
Rastaman Vibration
Rebel Music
Record plant studious
AND OH HOW I LOVE "Songs of freedom" (Disc 1 is in my top 5 albums)
Soul Revolution
Stop that train (single release)
Talkin blues
there are a few more but not of all of them i put into my itunes as much as i listen to bob im still not even close to knowing everything. So next time you see some kid wearing a bob shirt and some rasta bracelets, know that more than likely he is nothing more than a poser. Anyway- in my opinion hands down the best album is songs of freedom disc 1. His old music is so much better than his newer stuff in my opinion but anwya give it a listen.

Kya bamba- just sick. Not sure if i have mentioned them yet i cant imagine i havent but anyway they are so sick great fusion of reggae with hip hop and just sick krunk music. great to listen to while snowboarding

Normon Blake- slow train through Georgia- also, spanish fandaingo ( made it to my "mega chill playlist"

Ottis redding- "shout bannorama" "dreams to remember ( john mayer covered it but ottis did a million times better with the orig)" "You left the water running" you left the water running is an awesome song same with the other two. The vocals in you left the watter running is awesome

Peter tosh- "Stop that train"-one of my favorite songs, and "Go tell it on the mountain" great songs. Tosh was one of marleys best friends from a kid and he is one of the wailers. bob marley is still on the stop this train track. there are a few different releases of stop that train but yeah listen to "equal righs" decent song but i love it when he says father of jesus

Slightly stoopid- these guys are just awesome im sure you have heard them before listen to closer to the sun ablum its on of the few albums in this world that is consistantly good all the way through.

Alright thats it for now. that is about 1/3 of the music i still need to post sorry i will try to find more time. enjoy!

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